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  1. Also intrigued by bauers, they seem really nice but questions of durability are a minor concern. Bigger issue I have is I think even an XXL might be a skosh small based on their size chart. Almost took the plunge on the used bishop pads on SLS but I already had my SLR4s ordered.
  2. Wasn't that thing old 20 years ago? I bought a T2000 in like 1996? And it wasn't even a new line; the vision line came out about that time to supplement the legacy line.
  3. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    With my V9s I struggled to slide at first, even with quickslide. I dialed in my blade ROH down to 1/2", and with practice I was able to move around a bit. I said to hell with it and put vinyl film on my knee block just for shit n gigs, and the sliding was much improved. The SLR4s I took out on the ice and no joke they slid light years better than even the V9s with the film. Pretty incredible. The V9s quickslide is smooth and glossy; the SLR4 is slightly more textured. But the difference is noticeable.
  4. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    Those are gorgeous!
  5. You get a chance to put them on the ice? How the rebounds compare to the SLR4?
  6. Is it safe to assume my current chesty has the same treatment? It's a pro-stock V8 with the K.
  7. I'll try and post more on my SLR4s to compare to yours. The thigh rise flexes maybe an inch or two and combined with the knee block/calf wrap they're very solid on the ice. Theyre not quite surfboards like I mentioned previously but they're very stiff.
  8. You spec the beefed up arms in your order? What you do to add that?
  9. Starting to get stingers in my V8 that a lot of folks talked about. Got one on the bicep last week and took one off the shoulder last night that a guy punched off my shoulder and in. Granted on that one I wasn't really square so not sure if it's a me problem or not. Mobility on the V8 is great but not sure if I should look at more like the SLR line or go to a different brand.
  10. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    Ok so what I thought was an EBUG situation was more like a private pickup game that went for a full 1.5 hours, no breaks. Unreal and inwas WRECKED. On ice impressions: ok the quickslide I don't know what to make of it. My V9s have quickslide and I don't know if it's a different setup (the SLR4s supposedly have plastic built in to improve sliding even more?) But the finish feels a bit different; the V9s feel slick while the SLR4s feel slightly more textured? When I got the V9s I struggled to slide, and after some tweaking with my skate hollow and practicing technique I could move ok. I put vinyl film on them and I was flying. I swear the SLR4s make even the film feel like sandpaper. I think I could launch into low earth orbit, even on roughed up ice I was still flying. Incredible. Knee block and calf wing feel really good, I like the stability. Seal was great. My technique was sloppy as all hell after about 10 min but I was able to get a bunch of kick-out saves and the seal was awesome. Rebounds: these things have great pop. I've never worn bauers or brians and my V9s aren't pro carbon, so obviously they were pretty soft. I had a bunch of low shots that popped rebounds out past the dot without me moving my leg. One low angle shot hit my right pad and careened off to the far boards and out past the dot. Overall im impressed but not sure how they stack up (pun intended) against other, hotter brands.
  11. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    Got my first EBUG call tonight, stoked to get them on the ice, especially since I have to miss stick time next week.
  12. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    The overall height is only about an inch higher on the first pic but not sure I had them squared up equally. I was hoping the total height would be the same but looks like the SLR4s are a skosh higher. I don't find that impedes movement at all but I haven't put them on with pants or on the ice yet so I'll wait to give feedback. Dropping into my butterfly the seal seems good and the thigh rises square up pretty much perfectly against each other. Won't be able to tell how the integrated block helps with dropping, rotation and closure until I get them on the ice. On carpet at least they seem more stable so I hope it helps my movement. Being on the knee block I think will help immensely I was at a stick n puck yesterday morning before they got here and practicing slides back and forth. The V9s tend to under rotate and I was falling off the top if the block do I was all over the place. Overall I thought the knee block would be higher. When I tried them on with skates I was worried they still weren't tall enough I think I dialed it in with strapping but I'll need to play around more.
  13. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    My V9s don't even have the ankle strap, just a professor, knee strap, and calf wrap. I'll try it as is on the ice first but I may just remove it.
  14. UCLALabrat

    Vaughn SLR 4

    Theyre heeeeeeeeeeeere.... First impressions out of the box: theyre gorgeous. I'll post more pics later but the knee block looks to be perfect for my sasquatch legs. The RRC straps came mounted inside the calf wrap, and I tried them on and found them uncomfortable (mostly the ankle being awkward). I moved them to outside the calf wrap and it seems much better. Unfortunately I won't be able to get them on the ice for a bit since I have work obligations next week. I love the feel of them and the 5 hole closure is great. Knee block feels quite a bit better also compared to my V9s.
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