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CCM (CHL) Masks?

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Just wanted some advice on these masks. 


This is a listing from EBay. A CHL pro return.

Its a CCM pro 5 and he has a pro 4 as well. He says the difference is just in the foams and that they are both large.

Foams looked the same on the pictures they had up.

I was under the understanding that the 4 and 5 had something to do with sizing on these.

Can you confirm the differences for me on a fit 4 or 5?

Also, any differences between the retail version of these and the ones the CHL were using.



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I have one. 

My basic understanding is that these are the same build as the Made in China retail masks. The sizes are different to hit more fits.

Mine is a fit 3. As you can see, there 2 sizes between retail M&L.

GFPROL Fit 1: 54-58 cm (Same as small)

GFPROL Fit 2: 56-60 cm (Same as medium)

GFRPOL Fit 3: Officially 56-60 cm but will fit slightly bigger than Fit 2

GFPROL Fit 4: Officially 57-61 cm but will fit slightly smaller than Fit 5

GFPROL Fit 5: 57-61 cm (Same as Large)

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