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  1. Love the expansion draft, such a cool process Disappointing the NHL wasn't able to keep the insiders silent for 24 hours Also, disappointed by their goalie selection
  2. Love the Marty and Potvin vibes, without being a shameless copy
  3. Hyperlite comparison with 2X Pro
  4. I have Hyperlite’s I have noticed they play small compared to the Ultra Sonic. Both are L (35+1) I attributed it to the boot, but maybe they are shorter I’ll take some comparison pics
  5. Call a goalie specialty shop like @TGC Devin / @TGC Devin - They do custom Bauer C&As and will know your options
  6. Spring 22 is what I have been told And yes, don't be surprised if looks similar to the CCM pro stock Premier
  7. Wait... you're a 75?
  8. TF9 is 5.21 launch, is bake in store (not full custom), $600~, and made off shore Based on price, will complete with 2nd price point skates. Might be the lightest on the market...
  9. Agree with this
  10. I don't know if this is down for Covid, but this used to be a great resource too... https://www.meetup.com/chicagorathockey/
  11. Heard there’s a new chest protector coming?
  12. Hope the skin goes back on cleanly!
  13. I think it's basically a feel and tradition thing, like wanting knee rolls on a EFlex.
  14. jealous of this! That is a stiff dream
  15. fair enough! I love topics like this Just wanted to make sure we didn't mess with something too much when you're trying for college or what not
  16. I know you are looking at Axis. If you saw my recent IG post, it's coming in Axis 2. Given you are younger and playing very competitive hockey, any chance you are better off waiting for a more commercial solution to come on online?
  17. While you are in there, you could put some thin sheet plastic in the face? Might stiffen up an old pad Assuming this works, then what? are you going to wear these?
  18. This has NOTHING to do with the original Louisville. Someone is using the name. Wilcox is NOT part of it. With that said, someone please order the gear and let us know if it’s any good 😂
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