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  1. It's Brian's version of the 90 deg. It does not really feel perfectly like a 580, but it's fantastic. contact @TGC Devin and ask for my glove. They have the order and can help with it. Here's more info on the glove:
  2. 90% of the gear that I purchase comes TGC. Can't recommend these guys enough
  3. Okay, I am glad you understand where I am coming from. I talk with CCM much more than I talk to Vaughn. But I have had similar conversations with both companies. When you are as popular as they, combined 80% of the NHL, it's tough to do anything too crazy. You always need to walk the line of making a better product and not losing your core user in the process. When your goalie market share is small or your not viewed as a goalie brand, Bauer pre-OD1N or Brian's pre-SZ1, it's much easier to try something crazy and outside the box
  4. Agreed on the R&D, but I would say it's more tied to player gear. Warrior is the only brand left tied to a shoe company, New Balance. Bauer is part of a group that owns Easton Baseball, Mission Roller Hockey, Cascade Lacrosse, and Maverick Lacrosse. Peak Achievement Athletics is the name of the group. CCM is owned the PE firm Birch Hill True is part of True Temper sports who is in golf shafts (True Temper, Project X, and Graffaloy), True Baseball, and True Lacrosse. Brands that make player sticks and skates have the largest revenues. They also have more testing equipmen
  5. a tight knot should hold them in place and I don't think your pad will fall apart
  6. Ultra Sonic - Yes, the softer boot, knee block, and strapping make it feel like a new pad. Quite frankly, I don't think US feels like anything I have tested before. With that said, the next closest would be 1S/2S. So it's new, but it's Bauer Supreme. That's why I used 1S users will jump into it easily, but will appreciate how much it's changed Yes, Vaughn developed and commercialized the Professor strap... and every brand, but Warrior 😉, has copied them! That was a great a development and I love it on all my pads. If I want to get knit picky... that didn't come from R&D. That was comm
  7. It's more like someone could jump from a V7 to a V9 easier than someone could jump from 1S to Ultra Sonic. Both should be fairly routine changes, but over a couple release cycles, Bauer has changed their gear more than Vaughn This is NOT meant to be a knock on Vaughn. Vaughn a different strategy than Bauer. Being at the bleeding edge of innovation is not what Vaughn is trying to do. As I said above not bashing Vaughn, but this is a great example. Vaughn was last to market with their sliding material. Bauer, Brian's, and CCM did it first. Vaughn may have done it the best, bu
  8. Brian's announcement to make... but an update on their plans is probably coming soon.
  9. It's the most 1 because CCM and Lefevre split. CCM by Lefevre was at around 50%. Secondly, most Vaughn guys have some dated specs. Pros like their gear because it doesn't change too dramatically... hence not innovative
  10. Agreed, I don't think it's the entire marketing campaign... but I personally feel they would be silly not play that card. They paid a lot of money to buy Lefevew, they should do everything possible to leverage the brand. Roy, the number of cups over last 30 years a starter in Lefevre wore, the number of Vezinas, etc. "Lefevre's unmatched legacy and True's commitment to R&D" should be the pitch.
  11. I don't disagree that it would be hard, but I think people appreciate nostalgia. Look how well retro air jordan's sell and he retired before a 20 yr old was born... This is the image they'd have to use though, can't be koho
  12. Speaking to brand names, I bet the kids do not know of "Mike Vaughn" they know Vaughn. I look True buying Lefevre as an opportunity to revamp interest in the Lefevre history. Use some old images of Roy, Broduer in their mask, etc
  13. Yes, that's exactly correct. See my post a couple pages back. Lefevre only having "pro gear" and made in canada is a really tough business. It does not match what consumers buy.
  14. Doubt that. If anything True pushes to keep the pro gear made in Canada, like their skates, and the prices stay the same or rise. Lefevre is probably a 20 person company? There's not much efficiency or cost savings that True can share with Lefevre
  15. My comments pertain to gloves and pads. I agree that Vaughn chest, pant, etc are staples and it's probably awhile before they are much effected Here's how I see the issue... Retail: 1 more brand to stock now Retails will probably not want to stock more inventory To keep inventory the same and accommodate another brand, that means smaller orders to other suppliers Full line hockey brands, like Bauer, CCM, etc, can make "bundling" deals with retailers. Buy 1,000 player sticks and we will give you a 10% discount on goalie gear True can play these pricing st
  16. I love how it catches, there's something unique and great about it. It's probably the most unusual glove I have ever tried to shoot with though. I don't know if that's the carpenter or the tool... but I agree it's unique
  17. You answered your own question. There is more strong competition than ever. Vaughn has the least compelling product. It's a game of musical chairs and Vaughn could end up without anywhere to sit.
  18. I have a feeling Vaughn could be the big loser in all of this
  19. True is absolutely paying the NHL licensing fee... That is sort of the point Lefevre Solo: No NHL Licensing fee No budget to endorse goalies like Carter Hart No Sr or Jr line - This is what sells at retail and makes the most stable sales for everyone Summary: Lefevre solo is very cool, but it's a very tough business True Solo: Starting a goalie line from scratch No brand recognition as a manufacturer of pads, gloves, blocker Summary: Anyone remember Warrior pre-Smith? True Acquires Lefevre: Pays the NHL licensing fee Endorses
  20. Hi All, I know this thread is probably a ton of fun for you... but it seems that some of the discussions have gotten nasty. This is a hockey website, we don't really need a political thread. I am all for buddies talking about their Subaru's and or beer or their favorite Hollywood muse's... but let's just keep it light?
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