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 Me: The Goalie Guild is launching a new program that has potential to help people. As someone who has PTSD, anything that raises awareness or leads those who need it to get help, I'm all for it. Help is out there but a lot of people don't know how to get it. Any way, read below.

1f6a8.png?UPDATE!1f6a8.png?Our new #LiftTheMask mental health awareness program is getting close to launching. Below are the basic details on the initiative for the new season. We’d love your help in spreading the word so that we can support as many goalies as possible, so please reach out with any questions or feedback!

1. For goalies seeking support through #LiftTheMask, we will not only connect you with a licensed and professional mental health provider through the ADAA, but our foundation will also cover the cost of your first consultation, call, or meeting, up to $100 USD.

2. We’ve created an online platform for goalies that want to share their own stories related to fighting and overcoming mental illness. Ideas and stories can be submitted via a simple form on our website.

3. We are now seeking #LiftTheMask Ambassadors. This program is all-inclusive, so you don’t need to be a pro or college goalie to join. Ambassadors will help raise awareness for #LiftTheMask and get opportunities to attend our future events.

4. Our first social media campaign will take place at some point during the season. It will include a #LiftTheMask photo and video contest with some great prizes up for grabs. More details will be announced at a later date.

5. We’re excited to say that DEL goalie Ben Meisner is our first official Ambassador! Ben’s story was recently shared on @playerstribune and he has graciously taken time to shoot some videos to help promote the program. We’ve also partnered with Scott from @icehockeysystems to create promo videos as well. We’re so grateful for their support and hope it helps more goalies reach out to get the help they need!
@ The Goalie Guild

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