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Non Goalie Skate fit


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Hi guys!

So as i unfourtunetly had to stop being a goalie, and i'm slowly trying to gather some player gear, but living far from an actual hockey store with gear in-stock i'm a bit lost concerning what skate i should get... If this is non relevant as it isn't a goalie  skate i'm searching for then please remove the topic :)

I'm wearing a size 11 CCM RBZ skate right now, and really like it. I tried the supreme 170 skate and it hurt beneath my feet... 

Additional information : Feet lenght : about 29 cms, width is around 10 cm at widest point.


So do you have any good tips on what player skate i should get, would it be a nexus fit or what would it be?

Thanks for the help.

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