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CCM Pro Tacks skates


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Hey all! Currently skating a pair of U+ Pro from like 10 years ago. Pretty nice skates, fit well. I play several nights in upper level beer league.

I have some GM points saved up and noticed that with the sale they are running on clearance, the pre-AS1 CCM pro tacks become pretty affordable. I've been eyeballing the AS1 this past year but haven't really done anything about it yet since they are around 700$. Looks like there are slight differences between these and the AS1. They look like they'd be a good modern upgrade to the U+ pro I have (which don't have any real issues, I could hold off and wait for something else. This seems like a deal though).

Anyone currently skating the previous year Tacks and/or have any strong feelings about these at all? I don't really want to go with Bauer or True and are more interested in the barely there cowling style skates that CCM is currently doing.

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