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  1. I find that hard to believe, that will never happen at hockey life.
  2. Hate that site, sell it for 125 and accept something within 100 to 120 becaus they will take 10 or 12% from your sale... anything I sold there I got the guys to go off site and we dealt with it. You have better options to sell like Facebook groups, kijiji if in Canada.
  3. Agree, they are the worst! They should start making a simple knee guard like the older model. Due to my bruises I had to sell it off.
  4. Once you go light you never go back 😉
  5. Such a big upgrade from the P1, it was my first custom set and I hated them! P2s are freaking incredible!
  6. And guess what, all those goalies continued wearing a cat eye, cat eye all day!
  7. I wouldn't go by these charts, sadly you need to try these pads before buying if you can and if not you better get a good return policy free of charge.
  8. The premier chesty will give you those bruises yes, I got them... I'd say the shield will too but can't confirm unless someone does here. I'd recommend the beefed up version from goalie crease which I'm using with no issues. Big fan of it, the Premier line.
  9. Get a pro level chesty. if you're into the ccm I recommend the beefy version of the premier tgc has which I use.
  10. I wonder how many pros will make the change.
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