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  1. Should be same sizing yes. In stores it will be. I'm at 20 and take 34, you should be good at 36+1
  2. Your foot isn't getting in lol neither is mine. So 2x EE it is!
  3. Are you able to try some in store? I'd say stick to 36+1. How many inches from the ground to mid knee?
  4. I had the P1 and now P2...the P2 by far are so much better than the P1. Trust me, you will love it. The P1s are so much heavier and stiffer....I didn't mind it but the difference just wow. They did ride too high the P1s, plus 2 was way too much on my end. Give the P2s a try if you can.
  5. I got the P2 as a stiff boot but to be honest it's not that much stiffer but still a great pad. Compare to the P1 it's not even close. That was a rock! To the original post go with the P2s, stock would be good for you believe, I wear mine loose as well.
  6. It's a great deal, I mean essentially there hasn't been much change in the CCM pants, they just remaking them with really minor tweaks like colour lol
  7. Here is your answer, this model is the one from before the 2017 model, the front I believe is a different material than the current one, its more like a nylon feel. I'm not sure how much you paid but the last model is on sale on goalie monkey now. Here is a video of the pants from Tommy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8YZt7_lRrU
  8. No thanks on the $500 as well... that's ridiculous.
  9. These pants haven't changed since 2017...just different colors. Mine is all yellow. But post a pic of yours we will be able to tell you maybe what you got. Are they the SE model on goalie monkey? Pants just have a line on the side of the pants. But they are all the same.
  10. Have you given a thought to do any on ice videos?
  11. I was never a fan of them for goalie skates. Felt way too tight but maybe it's time for a change it's been a while.
  12. mr_shifty1982

    CCM EF4

    I'm actually shocked how long it's taking. Was a solid 8 weeks!
  13. mr_shifty1982

    CCM EF4

    I like the last one.
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