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  1. I got a shinny pure gold cage, you think I'd go blind! But it doesn't interfere with my vision.
  2. I can't vote either but I been following what's going on. From what I see the left wing is pushing this propaganda BS on Americans and it'ssad, Biden is Obamas puppet and the guy is just incompetent to run a country, Trump should run with this.
  3. Let me know when that's happening I got 3mm step steel if you're interested.
  4. My ccm sticks held up great still. The p2 and eflex4, over a year twice a week. No problems, some paint chips but nothing crazy.
  5. Well, I could have BUT I like the square toe and found this for 250 Canadian. My team colours going navy too so it was a win win, plus remember I just got a gold set? Few days ago sold my used P2 and Eflex4 so I needed a stick lol
  6. I wouldn't even play mask on mask, no thanks. Idiotic it is.
  7. I thought they would right, a pro goalie shop lol and went for fixing at another ahhhh I think with regular steel you're fine, or at least I hope. These are black.
  8. Pure pure gold, pics do no justice it looks unreal. They have antique gold as well but went with these and glad I did. The other gold looks more bronze to me. I had a few ice sessions, definitely feel stiffer than the P2, will take time getting used too, just loved those P2s so much. Rebounds are harder. Love the game ready glove it's a first vs the pro, and pucks fly off the blocker. Slides better too. Pad seems to sit a little higher, going to try loose everything as much as I can. They are 33 plus 1.5. Funny thing is that I got my new skates on the ice with these for the
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