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  1. The P1s were just horrible, stiff as a rock. The P2s are a big upgrade, my favorite ccm pad. They are not as stiff as ppl make it to be, mine got softer after some use.
  2. That's most important. I had the nxg and felt very protected but after 4 years and a bruise I had to change. These units didn't feel protective to me and playing all year I needed to be sure. Went Premier beefed up.
  3. My source for sports in Toronto has it. Maybe it's easier to ship to me to see if I can exchange it for you and send to you. Whatever is easier of course, Goodluck.
  4. Do you remember taking any off the 2x? I remember 2, and they were some what painful 🤨😬
  5. We sadly can't pick anything for you, you need to take a day trip to a store and put on skates. It comes down to fit, we sometimes think that one skate is better than the other while going a half size or one bigger and it's not. You need to get fitted, those scans in some cases mean nothing.
  6. Solid brother!! How is the fit? Did you skate? Since me and you came from 2x what made you change?
  7. I got my cage plated gold but not sure if they can do it on plastic.
  8. Once you find out let me know! Maybe you should get in contact with that team.
  9. I'd imagine prices coming down now with True taking over and pads being more accessible in retail. Should be interesting.
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