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  1. This is ridiculous, I always knew that they were not too concerned or gave a F about the regular beer league goalie ordering pads. My P2s and Axis 8 weeks, thanks CCM.
  2. I can't stand that store. Unless I get a significant discount on gear I will never buy there. They still have stock from 2-3 years ago and wait for the last minute to mark down items where other stores did it a year before. They also get so much stock, and do a poor job in moving it.
  3. My most protective chesty is the ccm premier beefed up from the goalie crease in Toronto which is on sale now, think they have some units.
  4. I think someone posted something about this on reddit, not sure. My take, if you're going to spend that type of money go buy Bauer Pro top level mask first, or any other top level mask. You can have the option after of getting it wrapped for a lot cheaper. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Yes, that's right. At least you get it unlike other people. I love what Campbell did as well, but I'm still very worried. Not only with the goaltending but the lineup.
  6. As a Leaf fan no Fn thanks. Campbell isn't playing 40 plus or 50 plus, I can't see it, if he is, he will struggle. I have seen Mrazek at the best of times with D and the worst without, even though the Leafs looks good defensively last year it was for a short season vs most teams who wouldn't be making the payoffs. We are taking steps back, thanks to Dubas moronic signings of 3 players over 10 million and another just under 7. Can't build a team like that. It will be a long season.
  7. Stay home, it's better 👍👍😁
  8. Same with me, had to go 1/2 but, not for moi. You sticking with it?
  9. Are they black? Apparently I had the first steel for my custom ccms last year. Maybe they have regular steel now.
  10. I got those too when they were available for my 2x but sadly moved from them and went custom ccms. Not sure how many you will find in the market now. They provided me with black steel 4mm.
  11. Is it me or has he gotten overly aggressive vs years past?
  12. 2 ice sessions on the 3mm was enough to go back to 4mm.
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