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  1. Unreal, he even wore it to the first game v
  2. This is not a secret about True skates, these type of things happen.
  3. The P2s are not the stiffest pad on the market, the P1s were way worse. First consider your flexibility, athleticism etc before ordering these, I love mine. But everyone is in a different level, get the right npad for you.
  4. Over a year and my P2s are holding up great. I'm mostly surprised by the sticks as well.
  5. CCM screws up once again on the skates, 3 or 4 years too late on the cowingless. I was also interested and like you waaay too narrow it's a shame. My 2x in EE have enough width though and I'm happy with it, got rid of the 3mm blade though.
  6. My advice is list them high, if its 600 or 700, price will always go down once someone is interested...but don't price them too high or else you're in trouble. There is alot of used gear out there it could take you a long time to sell. Or just list if for 400 if you desperately want to get rid of them.
  7. I'm a ccm guy, went from P2 to Eflex4 and I love it. My P2 was used for almost a year and no chips still in one piece. My Eflex used for about 3 months and so fsr it's great. Very light, ccm worked on durability a great deal. I went from Crawford P2 to Price...it has a bit of a curve but not too much. I like it alot better.
  8. Step steel will already give you height, the extreme may only give you grief. I'd think twice about it or maybe 10 times.
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