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  1. mr_shifty1982

    CCM EF4

    Really? Ccm were a solid 8 weeks no more.
  2. Hmmm break it in yourself 🤔🤔 like I have and many others.
  3. I'd say that the P1 ran taller not the P2...I have both...33 in P1 and 34 in P2. That's because the boot is like a brick on the P1s.
  4. https://twitter.com/amandacstein/status/1115239529164738560
  5. From a video I saw the EFlex stick is much more flexible, I can't see the weight being a huge difference between the 2. Wait till the end of the month and go into the store.
  6. mr_shifty1982

    2X Pro

    Does retail charge more for custom orders? Ccm? Bauer? If so what's the total cost?
  7. All these coaches all of a sudden are making goalies keep their feet together like come on... didn't Price start doing that too and it didn't work out too well? I'm going cowingless very soon when the 2x comes out so I will let you know how it goes. I like a wide stance, I don't think I will have a big issue.
  8. I mix of weights and cardio for sure. I do steps on Mon/Tur weights on Wed or The, run on Fridays and more weights on the weekends. I slso suggest hitting the sauna....it's good for you and yoy will only feel better. Watch your diet.
  9. Ps2 all day a mix of stiff and flex.
  10. Bating gloves, gold gloves aren't meant to be washed...after a while ot will lose it's grip and become useless.
  11. I wouldn't want to be any of these gloves after 5 skates.
  12. Stay away from True, my Premier stick is in one piece twice a week on ice 9 months of use. Light as well. Go to a store try sticks out.
  13. Like you I started late, and the skating part came with player skates HOWEVER if I were in your shoes now go with a goalie skate 4mm blade, it will be easier for you. Find yourself a Reebok skate and start there.
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