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  1. Tight it, and tight it over again, I been doing it for years.
  2. The materials are very very questionable in the new one. I felt very protective in my nxg. After that I wanted to look bigger and went premier beefed.
  3. Looking at the chesty they just release, I wouldn't trust it. My last Bauer chesty was an NXG and I loved it. If you're also facing grade A shooters I'd recommend a chesty that's also beefed up
  4. I went with CCM, we will see what happens. I went away with painting the mask this time, and going with a vinyl wrap design, that will save at least $500, hopefully the finishing product will be nice.
  5. Ah okay, 6 years ago was a good day haha it's like another 50%
  6. @Snowman30 what was the charge on those customs from Bauer with tax?
  7. Honestly, it seems that there is so much info about players custom vs goalie skates and it's frustrating. We hear everything about True as well, and the disappointments. Not enough info on Bauer, or CCM which would be nice. Maybe the @TheGoalNet can share his experience at CCM and how the skate turnned out.
  8. @coopaloop1234 love them Toyotas's, I think some of them will out live us
  9. @GriffD31 @kudot my feet are messed right up! I have a small foot, and wide, not to mention my bunion on the right foot. I had 11k skates for maybe 6 or 7 years (side too big probably) until I said to my self it's time to go new and cowlingless skate. So, I put up a grand for 2x pros. Went with the 6.5 EE because it fit, but I had issues, pain at the bottom of the left foot, and my right foot numb after I took off the skates, not enough volume for my sausage foot, it just didn't close good enough, I also had superfeet insoles which helped a bit but not enough. After reading reviews on Trues like you both mentioned, no thanks, the durability issue looks huge, I want skates for the next 3-5 years, I play twice a week all year. Even though the 2X was a nice skate, and yes I can go custom I went with CCM custom program. I was lucky to have a rep in the store to help out, and it was time to go custom. First, I put on some pairs in store to make sure that some skates can be molded to my foot, BUT, no luck. I have to go full custom for my feet. I was excited for AS3s skate (it even recommended it on the scan) BUT after talking to CCM, they suggested I go with the FT2 boot because they can raise the eyeleds up more vs the AS3s, so my foot has more volume for closure and comfort. I was disappointment, but, they know what they are talking about (I hope), they gave the store a call and suggested this for my foot type. So, I had to go with it, another thing, I'm a fan of the 4MM blade and CCM only provides this with step black steel. There is an up charge on it. I will let you know how this goes when I get the skate, should take 1-2 weeks I suspect or a little more. The cost is HUGE here in Toronto for this. But, keeping my fingers crossed. We may think that we have the right size, the bigger we go and it fits, but it can give you issues in other areas. If your foot is messed like mine, go custom, and to a good store that know their stuff.
  10. 👍 for steep steel, some hockey shops may have some left for the Vertexx holder but may be difficult to find.
  11. mr_shifty1982

    Warrior G5

    Anything custom is built either way. It takes as much time to build if you have 2 or 3 colors vs 5 or 6. When your order comes up they build and ship. At this time, who knows how many ppl work at the factory and how many orders are there.
  12. That's great! Too bad he ended up being the laughing stock if the Maple Leafs. Disappointed me for sure.
  13. I was coming from an 11k skate and bought the 2x pro skate, it's an incredible skate, but doesn't fit me properly as my feet are messed up. Small, chunky and wide. I'm selling them now. From reading all sorts of stories I'm going with CCM total custom skates, I'm not sure if anyone has more experience with CCM custom and can go into detail I know @TheGoalNet got them, I just need to hear back from them on step steel black blade upcharge for 4mm blade. It's alot of money to drop on skates, so it better be worth it!
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