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  1. Step steel will already give you height, the extreme may only give you grief. I'd think twice about it or maybe 10 times.
  2. I believe shootouts are a joke in beer league heck the nhl too but we do 5 minutes continues 3 vs 3 and trust me it finishes things off.
  3. 8 years in Bauer none certified and no issues, go get one.
  4. mr_shifty1982


    Incredible? I don't know how incredible he is... sure he makes remarkable saves but did you see the team infront of him? Domingue got 21 easy wins.
  5. That's so strange the outside should be plastic 🤔
  6. Too bad, could have saved you money if it's a size 7!
  7. How does the rubber rip if it's inside and a plastic shell on the outside? What do you do to your phone 😂😂
  8. For me the outbox defender is the way to go. Not too thin and not too bulky. Phones are expensive take care of it.
  9. What size blade you need? I got fresh carbons new blade used once!
  10. I'm confused...pads are coming but in the wrong color? Why not return them... why order in those colors. What's happening here?
  11. Yes it happens...superglue that's what I did.
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