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  1. mr_shifty1982

    2021 Playoffs

    Knights are a HEAVY team which the Habs won't be able handle I don't think, not against the boards or infront of the net. Price wasn't tested enough I don't think. They barley had a cycle game vs the Leafs or the Jets, Leafs just handed pucks on dumb turnovers. Was sad to see. I don't think Perry has the physical capacity to play 15 minutes and the players they brought to score will disappear like they have. But we'll see.
  2. mr_shifty1982

    2021 Playoffs

    They will be eaten alive, not only by the fans but the Knights.
  3. I like to look bigger lol my Premier is also beefed up, I actually ended up putting the hyperlite on. It wasn't bad, felt light compare to my Premier. Not sure how the protection will be. It's a nice unit overall. I'll need to go measure in store how much coverage I lose up top. My floaters have saved me a lot.
  4. From what I remember the last few years they were always late in doing custom sticks. Not sure why. I also wanted a few but then good thing I didn't because they don't break on me so easily so every season I'll buy a new stick. How is the eflex5 stick? I was impressed by the 4.
  5. The Bauer Supreme like (pro) look like an upgrade from years past, looks beefy, different materials, and $130 Canadian near my house yay lol. The Elite Vapor like, look alot smaller vompare with a more round and bigger knee protection. The materials on the outside look a like from both.
  6. Anyone had the chance to try on the chesty? It looks promising from videos. Just wondering if I will get the same coverage from my premiers.
  7. I guess so, all I'm saying is that Bauer never priced there guards over 100 🤷‍♂️
  8. I only liked the yellow Supremes and was lucky enough to find another pair. Over the years I didn't like the updated versions, gave me issues. But cost seemed to go up almost 50% now, it's ridiculous.
  9. I just sort of noticed this, and I believe that I have the bump on my left foot and got it from my Bauers 2x. The left skate though fitted better than the right one. This might be Haglunds though and not the bauer bump, it's at the back. Not a big noticeable bump, just pain when running, and can feel it at times. Anyone else treating? What are you doing? I can usually feel it more when I'm running, discomfort and pain. I just didn't think it was a big deal. Now it's pissing me off.
  10. $150? Are they nuts? Plus tax 170 here. What in the F! I was thinking of paw customs and it's basically in this price point. Bauer is just something else these days.
  11. It was a joke lol but hey, it's not new to him. The Habs can't score either
  12. Carey Price coming soon to the rescue haha
  13. Aleve is the best thing ever made for back pain, pop 2 pills and you're 👍 have a bottle at home.
  14. Good advise, taking some of my notes I see lol just kidding!
  15. I think it's called paying attention to detail, the guy wants reviews on people who used the gear. Not, buy my gear blah blah blah. Your McDonald's is your choice since you ate plenty 🤦‍♂️ so it's irrelevant. Stick to the topic 👍
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