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  1. @TheGoalNet @BadAngle41 need some input on the strapping for the Axis as I find my 5hole closure not being 100%, how did you strap these on? I'm coming from the P2 and just loved the seal on those, I find the pad to move a little too much. Is it that my strapping isn't tight enough? I do like to strap below the knee, should that portion be tighter? I have stock pad. Any input is helpful thanks, nice review.
  2. I hope it will work, are they older pairs of Bauers? Because fit might be a little different from experience with the newer Bauer skates for me.
  3. No, don't do it. And if you are try the skates on. If you need the extra width stick with EE.
  4. Good question, I really don't know. I think that I was able to close it better with my strapping being loose vs being tighter on the Axis, I think it's hugging my legs too much. I tried looser strapping on the Axis but it's a no go.
  5. I feel like my P2s seal a lot better than the Axis to be honest.
  6. Materials might have been better 5 years ago but also heavier. Technology has changed, things won't last forever. Personally I haven't had issues with ccm gear.
  7. Should have got the pro model it will last longer. I store here sells them for 200 cdn
  8. A VERY wide butterfly, and mine is wide but it's so straight that the 5hole wouldn't close. It performed like any other P2, which are my favorite pad by the way. Mine are precured external and internal. I don't recommend, any reason your interested?
  9. I have demoed such pads, and unless you're a ballerina that has an amazing flex and stretch don't order it. Pics for reference.
  10. You want to move from them why? Just go ccm? You will need to shell a grand if you want top of the line.
  11. My CCM P2, and EF4 stick lasted over a year and that's twice a week all year long. Had no issues with CCM.
  12. I went from Vapors 2x to custom CCM AS3, the feel is different to be honest. I liked the Vapors but didn't fit right. You have to go more into detail from what Vapor skate you're coming from and what type of CCM skate you're looking at. Best thing to do is try skates on.
  13. Hey man, I hit the ice with mine in the summer, I just got the regular spec, no extra jell, and didn't get extra height in the neck area, I hate the feeling like I'm going to choke or something. It's a nice piece, very well put together. Shipping was pretty fast, and I don't wear it very tight.
  14. Premier 2 is a good mix of stiff and medium, and you can probably find good deals on them.
  15. Couldn't stand the 3mm blades, gave it 2 trys and got my Bauers 4mm steep, I have moved on from those skates but never again on the 3mm.
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