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Player Skates

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So. I have a pretty low budget and can't afford cowlingless skates (can't even afford the runners). Luckily, I have a pair of player skates. Can I put a goalie edge/radius on my player skates and use those? In theory the attack angle should be better (better than actual cowlingless if I'm lucky) because player skates are tall and cowlingless. Has anyone else purposely tried this? Is it as dumb as it sounds?

Thank you, 

- T

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In theory it makes some sense. I think where it probably falls short is:

- blade/holder length - even with a flat/flatter radius you're probably losing power/stability with the shorter holder/blade.

 - protection - just look how players respond to blocking a shot with their skate. much less protection from pucks in a player skate.

 - pitch of the boot - most goalie skates promote a forward pitch/lean. not sure you can replicate this easily with most player setups. Maybe they're more similar than I think but this could be another difference.

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Posted (edited)

Bauer Vertexx runners are way cheaper than I remember. 

I never actually considered the factor of the pitch, interesting. Maybe I could do backwards of what people were doing to (I think) graf skates a while back. Maybe I could have there be less steel on the front of the blade and more on the back. I rarely receive shots to the side of the boot and these are older Reebok pump skates. Any idea how to maybe reinforce the toe?

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