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  1. Calling all graphic designers!! @mgraphx (designer for new 12.2 True/Lefevre graphic) dropped a post with the pad template and graphic. Can someone please build a customizer for TGN members? 😂
  2. Received a full gear bag from a buddy of mine who’s dad passed. His dad was a longtime goalie and gear head apparently given how meticulous his stuff is. I can’t sell it or give it away but can’t use most of it since his pops was 6’4” and a monster of a human. will try to get some pics up soon at least as they’re pretty sweet retros.
  3. dstew29

    True AX9 Sr

    Has anyone used this stick yet? I put one on hold with a black friday discount, but having second thoughts that I should have just went with another CMM (Axis). Currently in the EF4 and it's been good experience. Also, any opinions out there on playability of square heel (True) vs rounded (CCM)?
  4. Brutal, would have been a perfect time to get an order in by yearend. You think they're still fine tuning the stock retail design or is it probably final given they've started producing/shipping out pro sets already?
  5. Anyone have an inside track on when retailers might start taking pre-orders for 12.2 line? I keep hearing retail production in Spring 2021, but pre-orders should typically be sooner, right?
  6. I think I found the perfect split outer roll to convert all the haters 😂
  7. Give Dennis and Cayden a call at GoalieParts.com. If they can’t do it I bet they’d point you to someone reputable who can (I’d venture to guess they can though). They’ve been awesome to deal with sharpening/profiling so worth a call I’d say.
  8. Do you mean ‘blade matching’ right? Probably good to ask them to check just in case. I’m sure even Step blades could be slightly different from factory. If you’re happy with the relatively flat stock “profile” then yeah just hollow after they’re matched I would think...
  9. Got another fast scrimmage in with the SAM profile and I'm 100% sold versus anything else I've tried to date. For me at least, the other standard dual profiles I've tried just made it somewhat difficult to shuffle well and move laterally. I always felt like my edges were digging in too much and I never was able to get into a good groove where you almost feel like you're gliding and fluid with lateral shuffles, etc. The flat middle section is really the game changer in this department as it's just enough to get that lower friction movement in your shuffles. The prosharp offers a bunch of g
  10. @PepperDoodle For a first timer to custom orders, I'd likely have to choose specs based on internet visuals and recommendations from someone like you. In your experience have you been able to get orders like I'm describing right most of the time? Or do you highly recommend getting to a physical store to see some of the specs in person before making that investment? For context, if I go the Lefevre route I'd probably have to drive 4+ hours to a store that carries them which I doubt will be possible for me.
  11. I do still think 32" is where I'd want to be if I go the Axis route, however my 33" base EF3s actually felt great the other night with the added toe slack and loosening of my low calf velcro. They sat down just enough to remove the bit of extra length. Pad seemed to snap flush to the ice in the bfly all night and rebounded back in place nicely when getting up. One of those things that is so hard to dial in from charts, but I agree - if stiffer pad and between sizes, probably works to go down and get a 2-2.5" thigh rise. You can always send to Factory MAD or someone similar to trim the thigh ba
  12. Exactly right - well said. In my case, my previous profiler recommended shifting the "center point" a bit towards the heel of the runner which would rock your weight / center of gravity forward a bit. The further back they shift that point, the more aggressive your forward lean would be. For me so far, I much prefer a true center point on the profile - which is further enhanced on the SAM with the ~2" extended flat section.
  13. I've been using the hybrid TGN prolaces (DIY skate lace attachment) and was previously at like 3/4" slack on the skate lace. I'd been researching on here and saw a few pro setups (Price, Saros) where they were using at least 2" of skate lace slack at the attachment. Huge improvement for me last night so kudos to figuring that out as well! The pads just moved so fluid in crouch and bfly with a tighter seal too.
  14. I finally got back on the ice last night - competitive men's league scrimmage - so I have only one skate so far in the SAM profile. For reference again, I'm coming from profiled step steel for True 1 piece on No Icing 20/32 dual radius per above, which I skated on for about a year / year and half. First impressions are VERY good. First lap around the ice felt a little weird (which I fully expected would be the case) and mostly due to the flat section in the middle. I guess the best way to describe it was that I was getting the feeling of a dull edge/no bite at certain times due to the fla
  15. I use the regular SS steps that come stock and yes, I had both sets profiled to a dual radius 20' / 32'. That seemed to be working good but I actually just got a new profile done using a prosharp - the "goalie SAM". We bunch of the local rinks have been shut down for the last few weeks due to a storm / power outage so I haven't been able to test them out yet. Will report back once I can get a few skates in.
  16. I can't speak to the custom asymmetrical grinds you were getting (#s 1 & 2), but for me, switching to True 1-piece made me go FLATTER than my usual preferred hollow (less energy loss all around vs riveted holders). I was getting 1/2" hollow on my old Graf w/ cowlings and went to 11/16" hollow on True 1-piece (trust me, I really dialed it in - tried 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", etc.). 11/16" just seemed to give me the preferred bite out of the box with the longest life between sharpens. Either way, the best general rule of thumb I heard with the 1-piece was go flatter by a 3/ to 4/16ths vs y
  17. Quick update here for those looking for sharpen/profile by mail. I ended up speaking to the guys at GoalieParts.com (Darien, IL) and felt pretty good after the initial conversation that I wanted to give them a try so I mailed in my botched profiled runners to Cayden and Dennis to see what they can do. I got a phone call from the guys the same day they were received and they talked through what thought of the issue and how they were going to fix it. Shipped out that night/next day and got them a few days later in the mail - all in about 5-6 days full turn around from CT > IL > CT. U
  18. @TheGoalNet @Teezle you guys both touched on something I was thinking about the other day. What if the non-pro crowd who like the EF4 / 12.1 pad wants to order a custom set of CCM EF4 right now? Is Lefevre still "under contract" to produce these for CCM - i.e. are they still ACTUALLY "Made by Lefevre in Canada" or has there been a clean split at this stage? Are new CCM EF4 orders produced by CCM out of China w/o Lefevre involvement? TLDR - Is custom CCM EF4 gear ordered today = a custom EF4 set produced prior to the split and launch of Lefevre 12.1?
  19. This ^^ but they seem pretty quick to respond to general (non pro) questions too. I DMed them on IG about sizing and was pointed to their customer email address. Had a 4 or 5 email exchange with Stephen about sizing and some other spec questions. They’ll also point you to preferred retailers in your area (if any) as those teams sound well versed in their new lines.
  20. This is actually the shop I’m replacing. Bummer since I’m much closer to NH than Midwest or ON, but I’ll trade convenience for accountability.
  21. I’ve been looking for a replacement profile/sharpen by mail service and have narrowed down to: Goalieparts.com - Chicago, IL Tydanblades.com - Dundas, ON Both use ProSharp machine I believe. Anyone have any experience with either?
  22. @WizYuan great review, feel like this forum needed a shot in the arm int he review department lately. I'm in the True 1-piece right now but always interested to hear about the newer stuff out there. I know you prefaced with "off-ice impressions" but just want to leave you with some follow ups if you get to use them on ice and report back. 1. For the AS3s, how is the energy transfer on pushes? And do they "howl" like the True 1-pieces? It's white noise to me now, but after a fresh sharpening the energy loss on pushes is so minor that you hear that "howl" from the increased friction ag
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