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  1. Always glossed over Warrior line but this speaks to me. Nice work.
  2. Thanks man!! Honestly, it was the first time I felt somewhat validated about my "speed". Watching LiveBarn video is always soul crushingly slow Thanks bud. Absolutely loving the 12.2s (until I succumb to inner voice for PX ugrade...)
  3. Quick little sequence from a recent St. Patty’s tournament. My once a year daytime game photo op! IMG_6992.MOV
  4. Sorry just realized my intended post didn’t take! The question was why not the newer vertex (I was expecting the newer vertex holder based on your prior post). Was curious why you didn’t try those out. Looks like they are favored by most True 2-piece users (although admittedly there are still some pros holding out with prior gen cowling vertex like yours). Is the weight difference negligible vs vertex holder even though it’s a cowling?
  5. @Chenner29 do you have any line of sight on latest gen 1 Piece true attack angle vs prior gen? I don’t think they added height to the holder, but I think I read somewhere that they thinned out the inner boot profile or something like that? And if anyone else out there using the latest 1 piece True coming from prior gen, can you attest to this? Any noticeable other improvements? I assume they probably shaved off some weight somehow too…
  6. I’m in a True 1 piece now (not current offering but prior Gen circa 2020). I’m thinking my next skate will just be the current/newest Gen 1 piece True, but I too have been eyeing a slightly taller setup vs the 1 piece. I’d naturally look to the True 2 piece but then it begs the question of holder. It looks like an overwhelming majority of guys at various pro/elite levels go with a True custom boot and Bauer vertex holder. Anyone have a guess as to why that is? Especially now that True revamped their own two piece “shift” holder? I’m not sure what the height delta is between the 1 piece and 2 piece true skates but it appears significant.
  7. Nice set! I went 12.2 and love them though given option I’d likely go PX3 just cause I like new shiny things. what’s the deal with the thinned out behind the knee elastic? Is that new default style or did you customize that? The 12.2 version is much thicker but I can see slimmer being more comfortable.
  8. Honest answers only. Since they make quality goalie bags that comfortably fit all your gear and can be carried over your shoulder (i.e. Brown’s has stood test of time), why carry pads separately? Balancing pads and a bag just never made sense to me. It’s hard enough to maneuver through doors and doorways with one item balanced on your shoulder…
  9. Thanks! I was hoping that was the case. I might have to give that a try then.
  10. 5’10” using Warrior V1 Pro+ pro return that measures 26.5” from top of paddle to bottom blade edge. That’s the Pro Stock Hockey measuring method which makes the most sense to me and is universal. Since these pro returns are few and far between, does anyone here happen to have a newer Warrior 25” that to they could measure using the pro stock hockey method? I have a new Warrior V2 Pro 26” but the paddle is a little longer than prefer. see below pic for Pro Stocks measure method. I think if the heel is rounded you just assume it’s not, meaning you would measure to a point where the bottom edge blade was extended and squared off.
  11. I’ve only lived and worked in US so I couldn’t say. This is one of a few US savings “vehicles” that is essentially offering pre tax contributins and tax deferred growth until you’re at retirement age. You get taxed the distributions but this will in theory be when you’re retired and at a much lower tax rate. The 401k is offered through an employer, usually a mid to large size company. There are other similar vehicles for sole proprietors and small businesses. Different names but they do the same thing.
  12. Good stuff. I think the two prong approach is pretty sound - 401k contributions (set it and forget it) and start your own discretionary investing “fund”. My 401k/retirement goes into mostly broad indexes / mutual funds with longer term view, and the discretionary investing mantra (for me) is just stick to what I know, which is commercial real estate. Whatever returns I get I just do my best to roll into the next one. Don’t need to swing for the fences every time.
  13. Bucket looks great! What make/model is that?
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