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  1. Looks sweet! No tape so assume you haven’t used yet? I’ve had a P2 pro for a bit so was curious of comparison to that. What model are you coming from?
  2. $425 USD, fully refurbished in Q4 2018 by Matty (founder) of Promasque. He said the shell was near perfect condition after I sent to him. Brand new foam, straps, chin cup, hardware, new white powder coat cage, new PPG white paint on shell. Retails for $650 USD($600 + $50 for the powder coated cage). The fit is senior and is fully customizable with Matty’s air bladder fit system. I’ve set the air system once and never have to readjust. For reference I’m a Fit2 Fit3 in Bauer. I’ll also include my old straight bar cage that will fit this mask. These masks are pro level protection. Never had a ringer or anything and have had plenty of shots taken over the years. Will ship to US and Canada, you cover ship cost. Would consider International too if we can figure out a way. PM if needed. Thanks.
  3. **Price drop** - $300 USD. This is firm. PM if interested. Thanks.
  4. Good example. Shooter travels away, no longer a pop out, wrap around threat, and Lehner gets stuck in VH. If he popped up he might have had that second to push lateral. This is the NHL so very few are stopping that shot but in our leagues we might have that second or two to push.
  5. Def agree that a quality shooter can sometimes pick corners on RVH/VH. What’s funny though is this video shows Bishop in good position to defend but the shot was low and slides up his stick blade and into the top corner. I actually think RVH the correct play for Bish but just sort of a flukey goal. my point earlier was that I like the standing post lean vs VH/RVH if shooter is a more of a distance behind goal line but not directly behind the net. As shooter travels directly behind the net I think you do convert to more of a RVH/VH to defend him popping out or wrap around. If they keep moving laterally away from you then I think standing post lean (less square) makes a lot of sense to me like in the OP video.
  6. @TheGoalNet saw you had them put prolaces on. Did they include the stock bungee lace for you to try as well?
  7. Can you give an example? I'm not seeing the added threat...
  8. For #2, I think there is always that concern for "banking off the goalie" goals when opposing skater has the puck and on or behind the goal line. I think you can manage this much better on your glove-side post. On the blocker side post seems to present a few more opportunities where the shooter might have better holes or angles to bank it off of you. To me it seems like you should keep a "less-square" relation to the shooter on your blocker side post when the shooter on or behind the goal line. Meaning, the more you square up, or angle your body/pads towards the shooter behind you, the better deflection angles he has to hit the net off of a deflection. The downside is your head and eyes are forced back in a more awkward position to track the play. But plus side is your body position is more square to any potential one timers or passes out in front of you.
  9. *bump* price adjustment w/ 1 set of Step Steel included now
  10. thanks!! I figured there was an easy method. They should have a True Temper rubber mallet add on😂
  11. @Urabus33 @MikeyO @Teezle Any of you guys buy a second set of Step steel yet? Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to replace steel yourself. I have the socket tool they give you with the skates to get the nut unscrewed, but for some reason I can't figure out a good way to slide the steel out of the holder. It wasn't even budging when I tried to do it myself the other night. @Tim_TRUEHockey Tim, do you have a resource at True that might be able to answer this? The steel won't even budge when trying to remove it from the holder. There must be a trick to taking them out. Thanks.
  12. highest attack angle (descending order): 1. True 2-piece 2. CCM FT2 3. True 1-piece (this is the only skate I've used and the attack angle is plenty high. no slip outs or push issues whatsoever)
  13. I have a hard time playing well in just one set... @TheGoalNet noticing the subtle height differences across sets (and your OCD in arranging by said order 😂). Did you order same size for each and these are just the typical variances across models/brands?
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