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  1. Looks like an original VH 1-piece model (see silver rivet on the toe) so these likely have some mileage. That said, they rubberized the toe piece on the gen 2 True model so maybe that was the reasoning for that design mod. I have gen 2 True model and the toe caps look great after a year of regular use. like anything else, big X factor is always care. I wipe them down after every skate and hang dry without the insoles. So far no repairs needed.
  2. @Lucky Pucker @seagoal @ThatCarGuy got all viewpoints here, thank you! For me, I’ve always wanted to be more flexible in net (who doesn’t) but never gave it a full effort. My world won’t be crushed if I can’t ever do it but I love a challenge! @ThatCarGuy if you have some routine to post that helped you, I’d definitely take a look as I’m sure others might too. Looks like you’ve put in the time yourself so kudos!
  3. Yeah I hear you but I think you missed my point. To me, middle split is sort of the ergonomic end of that flexibility range. Better flexibility is great for life and even better for goalies if they care about injury prevention. I’d also think better flexibility in that range would lead to better save selections - and no, not just referring to the full split desperation kind. But butterfly, getting your leg to the post on breakaways, wrap arounds, cross ice passes, etc. Having full middle split as the goal will just bring you to a natural end range I’d think, maybe not a full split but probably way better than your previous range. That’s all I’m saying. Why train for anything less as a “goal”? That Holtby / Saros/ Quick type save looks cool but it’s not something I’d use often - if I could even do it. PS - I think average Joe/Jane yoga trainers all practice to do this move so not crazy to think non elite NHL goalies would want/be able to do it. Just a long haul for most of us who only stretch 15/20 mins before games😂
  4. Every goalie in here wants to have this one in the tool box, but I’ve always been curious to know if most of could even achieve it. like any other difficult endeavor, I’m sure it’s a daily routine for 6 or longer months before you even get close to seeing good results, but curious to know: 1) Anyone attempt training for this with success? And is so, what method did you use? YouTube video, etc. (A lot of advice out there but hard to say which ones are most effective) 2) Anyone train for this with a full effort and not get the result?
  5. @Naz I had a large tear in my left rotator cuff about 2 years ago that I ended up getting surgically repaired given how debilitating it was. Post op recovery was about 8 months until I could go back to sports. Probably 10-12 months before it felt100%. It’d say it feels just as good as it ever did pre-tear. my right shoulder had/has some damage as well but dr didn’t recommend the same surgery (yet). Said to monitor and use PT. I had a bad flare up about 1 year ago. I did a diving poke check type move and it felt like I dislocated my right shoulder. With light test and PT I was back playing in a month. And 6 mos later it was near back to normal. 1 year later and it feels great. Hope that helps.
  6. Excellent job - zero issues since day 1. Great investment.
  7. @Big2 Funny you noticed that. When I ordered I had seen @TheGoalNet ‘s set with the floater straps so I assumed the pant connections would look like his (the thinner, horizontal leather pieces that I think you’re referring to?). Turns out mine came like you see. No issues with them at all but was a little curious as to why I got those vs the ones you’re thinking of. Maybe bc of my pant model - CCM shield 2? they’re actually not sewn to the elastic per se, but they are definitely secured. There’s a leather backing to the straps that has a thin opening that the elastic feeds through. So you can adjust the height of the floater strap before locking in the velcro.
  8. Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to do that but would usually have some slippage during the game/skate. I haven't had any issues with the new suspender/floater strap setup since. I actually keep my pants loose (no tightening of internal belt), tuck the gen 2 CA, secure the suspender straps and use my pant laces to tie up to the CA pant loop (I stand up straight (lean back slightly) and make the knot so its just taught but not pulling with the CA tucked). I've never had the CA pop out or feel constricting. It moves with me but stays in place (if that makes sense). Just my preference anyways... For the straps I ended up finding Topi (owner) at Kova Goalie through this forum and ordered a set from him (see pic). Very reasonably priced and amazing quality. You just need to give him your pant make/model and distance between fasteners/buttons. They still look brand new and it's been almost a year in them. I think some of the Finish and other goalies in NHL use these too (Saros, Rinne at least). The straps wrap behind the floaters and secures with velcro at the front.
  9. I've had my gen 2 for over a year now and love it. Standard has been more than enough for amateur / beer league. No stingers yet and I've seen heavier shots at this point - some former pro, a lot of former D1/2/3, prep, etc. I use suspenders with floater straps and they've worked out great.
  10. Beat me to it! Favorite set of his by far. Maybe one of the best looking sets in the league right now.
  11. dstew29

    Lefevre going solo

    Ok, last guess - Suuurrr-gei Bobrovsky? If I'm right don't respond to this
  12. dstew29

    Lefevre going solo

    @Murray Jarry?? Brossoit?
  13. dstew29

    Lefevre going solo

    The two obvious bombshells would be Price and Fleury (Holtby a close third), but I have a hunch we could see (in order of likelihood): -Hellebuyck -Smith -Miller (Fmr Larceny guy) -Bishop -Holtby
  14. I've seen a bunch of interest from time to time on here for regional adult goalie camps as there just aren't that many options for us beer leaguers in most markets (I'm in lower New England/NYC Metro area and don't see many options by me). Even if there were 15-20 guys on here in each region that would sign up for a 2-3 day weekend camp maybe once or twice a year that would be very interesting to a lot of us on here and likely to some goalie school/instructors. Seems like the Michigan and Boston area guys are covered by a lot of camps (parts of Canada too I'm sure), but I haven't seen many adult camp options by me so maybe most markets are covered? Not sure. @TheGoalNet Is this something you've thought about doing in the past? You'd be delivering attendees to these regional instructors so I'm sure they'd be thrilled. Of course theres some leg work to coordinate, etc. but maybe that would be something a bunch of guys on here would be into? @SaveByRichter35 @seagoal Didn't you guys mention at times that you were looking for something like this? Just getting the conversation started any guys in the same region would be interested in figure something like this out. Bumped to add voting poll
  15. I'll triple this. I was using a double cup for a while and recently switched to this method which has been great for me. I currently use Under Armour compression pants with built in jock. I use this as the "player" cup for the compression pants. Think about it it this way too, the compression pant/shorts are not going to shift around, meaning this layer of protection is rarely (if ever) going to be out of position when a puck hits. And for the top jock, I've been using a Vaughn v7 pro carbon single goalie jock. Very light and not bulky at all. I'll never go back to double goalie cup only for the above reason. That thing shifts even a little bit and you're going to be in some pain. Vaughn goalie cup: Here's the vaughn unit: https://goalie.purehockey.com/product/vaughn-velocity-7-xr-pro-goalie-jock-senior/itm/25316-41/ Player cup: https://www.amazon.com/Diamond-MMA-Adult-Athletic-Protector/dp/B00CKY0VIK/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=diamond+mma+cup&qid=1582039332&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-7 PS - might be overkill but I've been using the above "MMA" cup in the compression pants and its near bullet proof on its own. Been great so far. It's like $30 on amazon and other sites.
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