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  1. 100% agree, the active hands / hands out in front has been a big help for me since the original post. I'm pretty comfortable with my hand speed/reaction time (can always be better though lol). But what I've sort of learned about my game a bit (from Live Barn mostly) is that I tend to be more reactive than proactive - which can work for me up to a certain skill level. Meaning, when a shot is released off the blade I'm usually not already moving to a butterfly. It's maybe halfway to me when I've tracked it and start a move. Once you start skating with guys that can place shots with a quick/sneaky release then you really need a mix of proactive/re activeness to your game. What I mean is my"reaction time" and "reflexes" can bail me out but usually, but not always when the skill level is higher. Then I need to have that good angle, good body control and good positioning (active hands out in front, body lean, crouch). When i'm playing higher level skates, and my hands drop on a break away or cross ice pass, my reaction speed / accuracy has to be that much quicker and better to get my glove up if the shots going top shelf. If I had a active / higher glove already on the crease slide then my next glove reaction doesn't need to be as severe or maybe its already in the right spot.
  2. Nice crease movement! Looking good. What skates are you using these days? Are those Bauer or CCM? PS - I’m a fan of the front facing camera angle! Good looking all white Vaughn’s too!!
  3. dstew29

    Lefevre going solo

    Going to preface this with the fact that I didn't read through all 8 pages yet (so apologies if asked/answered), but given the 4 new Lefevre models , it appears to be a continuation of CCM's licensed "by Lefevre" pads under their new badging: L87 / Retroflex L4.1 / Premier L12.1 / Eflex L20.1 / Axis (Given these aren't even launched to public yet, I assume this pad is an exclusive CCM product and therefore Lefevre would not have blocking rights for the design?) Was there some license / joint venture agreement between CCM and Lefevre just recently expired which is why Lefevre has been gearing up to launch their solo operation? I assume Lefevre retained the rights to their Retroflex, Premier and Eflex designs so CCM will not be able to "copy" them so to speak and will need to modify their future offerings with design tweaks? Otherwise wouldn't the L4.1 and P3 be the same pad with different badges?? Curious to know how each of these competing lines might differ going forward given CCM got to see first hand how the sausage was made by Lefevre for all these years... Also, @TheGoalNet I'm sure its on everyone's tongue right now - When will you get your first set of Lefevre's for a deep dive!!!!! And which model would you start with if they green light that demo (please say L87!!!!) PS - Just skimmed back through the last 3 or 4 pages I skipped before writing this... be gentle.
  4. I keep going back to context on this one. I remember Anisimov’s first NHL goal as a Ranger where he turned to the goalie with a sniper rifle gesture with his stick. Regular season game, nothing really on the line, just a excited kid doing what some kids do - act without thinking. And made himself and his team look classless in the process. The team reacted accordingly and nipped it in the bud and he got the message - there’s a general code to follow at this level w/r/t respect. Celebrate with your team. jump into the glass and celebrate with the fans. Get excited. All for it, no one would bat an eyelash if that’s what that was. He took a different tact, and I’m sure the Oilers used it as motivation (as you could see) and his team/coach avoided answering questions about it like the plague (take another look). That’s all I’m saying. When you try to show up / clown one of the top players in the league on your rival team, unabated (Drisietal isn’t a disrespectful guy from what I’ve seen), in a regular season game outside of the playoff picture then you end up looking like the clown. Plus, what’s the result of Driesitsl vs Rittich in a shootout out of say 5 tries? Come on, he didn’t get the clean poke, but it worked out. Be happy but don’t give yourself so much credit. And don’t show up the guy who’d likely score on you more often than not when he didn’t show you disrespect. I do t think he was responding “in kind” to any personal attack on him, he just decided to put that attention on himself and his team/org. And like it or not as a fan, you can already see how it played out in real time within the league. I think you’ll see him course correct - and that’s why. There’s more to it than just showing raw emotion.
  5. you’re right, we definitely need more of this #rittichshow
  6. Yeah but I think @Colander is referring to the context. I’m all for goalies celebrating too - especially when it’s warranted. Rittich flopped, missed the poke check and got lucky the guy botched the handle. Then stared him down and flipped his stick? Little embarrassing (And douchy) in my opinion. If this were baseball you get hit with the next pitch 10/10 times.
  7. Matiss Kivlenieks sporting EF4s with awesome color blocking in his NHL debut and (gut wrenching) win vs the Rangers a few nights ago. PS - The kid looked stellar in his debut. Robbed Panarin on a point blank one timer that would have beat most starters. These Latvians tendies are legit!
  8. Great ideas @Ross @CJ Boiss ! I skated in a medium paced pickup last night and found success with the pronounced glove position (little higher and out front). In hindsight I think I was subconsciously focusing on my lateral move if they came with speed and tried to deke to a side - which I think led to a lazy/lower glove hand pre-shot. I have a high level skate tonight so I'll get to practice some of this at full speed. OR, I can just get @bunnyman666 to make me a clone of his retro vaughn trapper 🤣
  9. Could just be an off-week of playing for me but there's been a trend of giving up a few too many goals on one-on-ones to my high glove side. I have regular glove hand and the shots have all been on breakaways or 2 on 1s where the skater gets the puck free and clear of defenders at top or mid circle and walks in alone. I'm not trying to beat myself up given most of these were undefended 1 on 1 situations with decent to high level shooters, but still I think I'm at a point where I should be stopping a higher % of these. I'm thinking its my glove hand positioning but interested to see how others train for this type of shot/move on 1 on 1 situations.
  10. Nice unit. Topi mocked one up for me a little while ago, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I have suspenders from him with floater straps and absolutely love them. Great, great quality and really nice guy to deal with. What was the pricing on this spec?
  11. All good! Sounds like a few other good options out there to try in the meantime.
  12. Thanks, I’d check him out. I was getting a dual radius of 20’/32’. It felt good to me but I’d be willing to try something else out too.
  13. Does anyone know of a reputable profiling & sharpening service in the Northeast US? I’d been using No Icing Sports for almost a year until a recent incident that will make it hard for me to use them again.
  14. Looks like a lot of you are going the route of vinyl these days for mask art. I'd love to get a real paint job at some point (hopefully soon), but I don't really know where to begin. For those that still get airbrushed mask art, I was hoping that group could help come up with a list of artists that could be good options at different price points. I realize in category #1 there could be some of the household names (Eye Candy, Bishop, etc.), but I'm sure a lot of those guys/girls (i.e. DaveArt) won't touch beer leaguer lids due to high volumes and marketing reasons. I was thinking we could break it down like this so you don't have to call out specific pricing if that's a sensitivity. Could just be: Name of artist, website or IG handle, category (#1, #2, #3). Plus any anecdotal info you might have - ESPECIALLY PICS IF YOUR MASK WAS PAINTED BY SAID PERSON. Maybe this exists but thought it could be cool to have anecdotal info in one place on mask paint. Categories: #1. $1,000+ (USD) #2. $500-$999 #3. < $500 (USD) >> Probably slim pickings but maybe there's a diamond in the rough out there... ***Feel free to nominate yourself but a quick disclosure would be good for everyone's reference!!***
  15. I’m a little biased bc I’m typically in the traditional / EFlex camp, but don’t these look ridiculously clunky? Can’t tell if it’s a massive thigh rise issue or the camera angle but looks way too rigid and boxy for my taste...
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