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  1. That's great to hear for a 1-piece owner. I've actually been thinking about opting for the TF9 (new stock 2-piece) or the custom 2 piece if I ever need a new pair. Let us know how you like them vs the 1's.
  2. Recently getting the itch to buy some new or used player gear to skate out from time to time. Have a young one who will hopefully start skating in next few years and wanted to be ready for that too. Plus I just like a new challenge so I think it would be a good change up from just playing goalie 100% of the time. How are you liking it for anyone else that's tried this.
  3. Brilliant dude. Just think, you’re 29 masks away from your 10,000 hours. Good luck!
  4. Calling all graphic designers!! @mgraphx (designer for new 12.2 True/Lefevre graphic) dropped a post with the pad template and graphic. Can someone please build a customizer for TGN members? 😂
  5. Received a full gear bag from a buddy of mine who’s dad passed. His dad was a longtime goalie and gear head apparently given how meticulous his stuff is. I can’t sell it or give it away but can’t use most of it since his pops was 6’4” and a monster of a human. will try to get some pics up soon at least as they’re pretty sweet retros.
  6. dstew29

    True AX9 Sr

    Has anyone used this stick yet? I put one on hold with a black friday discount, but having second thoughts that I should have just went with another CMM (Axis). Currently in the EF4 and it's been good experience. Also, any opinions out there on playability of square heel (True) vs rounded (CCM)?
  7. Brutal, would have been a perfect time to get an order in by yearend. You think they're still fine tuning the stock retail design or is it probably final given they've started producing/shipping out pro sets already?
  8. Anyone have an inside track on when retailers might start taking pre-orders for 12.2 line? I keep hearing retail production in Spring 2021, but pre-orders should typically be sooner, right?
  9. I think I found the perfect split outer roll to convert all the haters 😂
  10. Give Dennis and Cayden a call at GoalieParts.com. If they can’t do it I bet they’d point you to someone reputable who can (I’d venture to guess they can though). They’ve been awesome to deal with sharpening/profiling so worth a call I’d say.
  11. Do you mean ‘blade matching’ right? Probably good to ask them to check just in case. I’m sure even Step blades could be slightly different from factory. If you’re happy with the relatively flat stock “profile” then yeah just hollow after they’re matched I would think...
  12. Got another fast scrimmage in with the SAM profile and I'm 100% sold versus anything else I've tried to date. For me at least, the other standard dual profiles I've tried just made it somewhat difficult to shuffle well and move laterally. I always felt like my edges were digging in too much and I never was able to get into a good groove where you almost feel like you're gliding and fluid with lateral shuffles, etc. The flat middle section is really the game changer in this department as it's just enough to get that lower friction movement in your shuffles. The prosharp offers a bunch of g
  13. @PepperDoodle For a first timer to custom orders, I'd likely have to choose specs based on internet visuals and recommendations from someone like you. In your experience have you been able to get orders like I'm describing right most of the time? Or do you highly recommend getting to a physical store to see some of the specs in person before making that investment? For context, if I go the Lefevre route I'd probably have to drive 4+ hours to a store that carries them which I doubt will be possible for me.
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