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  1. Just curious, assuming the painter is keeping blue base? Figured they always want the shell white even if they go dark later…
  2. @Charlie T Awesome looking set! I had major reservations about this pad/graphic at first but you nailed this one. ps - not sure what accent colors your team has but a small amount of pad skinz like the sport gold here and there would pop on these things. I actually liked that foam piece accent 😂
  3. dstew29

    Kids Hockey

    agree with @motowngoalie whether its a fair assessment and a chance to improve for next season, or the coaches made a mistake and he's good enough already, it won't dictate how good he actually is or how much he improves this season (**Playing better competition by nature should help make you better but at that age he can make huge improvements just working on fundamentals - in the driveway, body weight training, skating ,etc. Hope he's able to see the A1 team as his next big goal vs a missed opportunity 👍
  4. I'm a 90s kid so the lefevbre branding would have been a cherry on top. Have to say I really like the look of the True logos/branding on all their sets so that helps. Will definitely get some first impressions up once I break them in. It's funny, I think I took about a full week from the April 9 launch date to finally get my order into True. Over that week the lead time estimates were all over the map - as "low" as 16 weeks and high of 22 weeks I think. When I booked these it was 18-20 so I'm saying 20 weeks puts it at Labor Day, or so. When a saw those few recent posts on custom V9s taking 9 weeks it definitely stung a bit lol
  5. I would have guessed higher than that, but hard to say with guys going back and forth with demos. By the way @netminder, that's mostly AHL roster guys on that spreadsheet, no? And where's the other 30 teams lol? I may need you to make a few persuasive charts for me at some point. I'll PM you.
  6. Figured I’d get in on the action. True 12.2 w/ L87 graphic ordered last week. Estimated around Labor Day. Here’s what I went with: Pads -32+1 -single / single break -stiff face -soft boot -recessed knee w single leather below knee strap -tight fit FRS w 2” nylon calf strap -behind heel leather strap (might ultimately remove but wanted to test) -HD foam toe attachment w skate lace (have a pair of Prolaces x TGN hybrids that I’ll switch to if need be) Glove -590 (coming from 600 Eflex3 pro return. Been getting some pop outs when holding upright so figured this was a good next step) -game ready w extra (similar to D30 I’m told) -double T w/ nylon -webbing at wrist -sure grip palm Blocker -595 (bindingless) -half cuff -straight finger protection -tight fit -centered -sure grip palm Design/Pics: -I struggled between 12.2 graphic and retro but ultimately loved the clean lines w L87 -I sub a lot still, no set team colors per se, so I figured I’d opt for a neutral colorway with a good accent color or two
  7. dstew29


    I just had a convo about this too. It’s +1/2” vs the 12.2 (which should mirror EFlex sizing as another reference point). Here’s the snippet that shows it:
  8. @SaveByRichter35 I've been following this guy on Instagram, I'm sure other too on here, who seems to be pretty skilled at making retro gear clones from '80-'90s specifically. Name is Joni "Bona" Hallikainen out of Finland (I think). His Instagram handle is @bonahallikaiencustoms. Dude is also an equipment manager for a Finish pro team I think. I remember seeing him post a complete new build of Richter's 1996 world cup Bauer Reactor gloves but with modern twists with deeper pocket, protection, etc. Pretty sweet.
  9. Just put in my first custom set order through Rance at TGC. Great experience all around btw. I went with the L87 'retro' graphic, but the build is 100% 12.2 (exact same pad but the graphics). Think the wait is currently estimated around 18-20 weeks but we'll see how that actually tracks. Not worried about the wait to be honest, just pumped to finally have a custom set, only took 39 years! Having gone through the build process exhaustingly, happy to field any questions if I can. Anyone else put in a 12.2/L87 order yet?
  10. That's great to hear for a 1-piece owner. I've actually been thinking about opting for the TF9 (new stock 2-piece) or the custom 2 piece if I ever need a new pair. Let us know how you like them vs the 1's.
  11. Recently getting the itch to buy some new or used player gear to skate out from time to time. Have a young one who will hopefully start skating in next few years and wanted to be ready for that too. Plus I just like a new challenge so I think it would be a good change up from just playing goalie 100% of the time. How are you liking it for anyone else that's tried this.
  12. Brilliant dude. Just think, you’re 29 masks away from your 10,000 hours. Good luck!
  13. Calling all graphic designers!! @mgraphx (designer for new 12.2 True/Lefevre graphic) dropped a post with the pad template and graphic. Can someone please build a customizer for TGN members? 😂
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