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UNMASKED: Goalie skate changes result in increased mobility, better positioning


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VANCOUVER -- Mike McKenna has been stopping pucks long enough to have played in pads stuffed with deer hair, so the Philadelphia Flyers goalie and admitted gear geek is well-qualified to rank the importance of equipment innovation.

Which made it interesting to hear McKenna identify a recent trend regarding goalie skates as the most important change since the invention of pads that rotate as the goalie drops and sit flat on the ice when he is in the butterfly position.

Those pads have evolved steadily ever since, with new materials and designs dropping the weight to near 4 pounds each, improving how fast they slide on the ice and even creating faster, longer rebounds that buy goalies more time to recover.

Despite all that, McKenna cited the removal of the cowling, a piece of hard white plastic that wrapped around a goalie skate for extra impact protection, as the biggest evolution...


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