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  1. I'm really curious to see how far masks have come or not come. Are they doing preorders?
  2. Are there any interior shots out and will they do custom fitting or just set sizes?
  3. aircanuck

    Warrior G5

    Any idea if it's just the 3-4 sizing options or how custom can they go?
  4. I wouldn't touch anything until we get a good look at Warrior's new mask. I'm not sure if it truly is revolutionary or they're just talking a good game. Right now people ask me for mask recommends and I just shrug my shoulders at them. Here's hoping 2020 is a big year stepping forward in head safety for goalies.
  5. I jumped in on the Watch The Puck clinic in Toronto last year, they come up from NY, it was really well done. The coaches are very sharp and tend to read the clientele's abilities properly. Very professional and well organized. Huge variety in skills and abilities, but they adapted to each individual quite well. I've been through others that were run similar to youth camps and that just doesn't work. Drills and reps for kids do not necessarily transfer over to ALL 30-70 year old bodies, so the ability to read your clients is paramount. If you guys set something up within 3 hours of me (Niagara/Buffalo), i'd be inclined to sign up!
  6. aircanuck

    Warrior G5

    Noticing a more open jawline on this mask. I'm a huge fan of that for safety. I am very curious to see one up close.
  7. One time the puck didn't hit me for a bit. Then, later on, the puck did hit me. Then, later, it didn't.
  8. I see the thousands of animated gifs and reaction pictures on social media, but I'm curious how many people are actually going to buy the brand. Hoping for the best, as it is, indeed, a great hockey story.
  9. I hear the new Simmons shop in Buffalo has been doing a great job.
  10. Anyone have experience with these? CCM Cut Resistant Senior Compression Goalie Pants https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/ccm-cut-resistant-senior-compression-goal-pants
  11. @MangoRhinehart These have been a home run for me. I DO have narrower feet, and they were perfect fit. The ankle feels nice and anchored. I don't have the exact numbers at hand, but the True 2 piece were heavier. My Trues felt like they had been made for someone else's foot, despite being custom made for my foot and even rebaked numerous times. Compared to the True skate, the Jetspeeds look much more well-put-together. Fit and finish, everything lines up, no gaps, it looks right. I found the longer blade a bit of a different feeling from the trues. The toe seems to stick out more, so if you push more towards your toes, you get a lot more grab with the ice. You just don't want to drag your toes when skating, they will bite you (me)! I'm glad CCM took their time getting into the cowingless, the extra time really put them ahead of the pack for me. I did put the Bauer Speed plates in for the insoles which dialled in the skate even more, I couldn't recommend this modification more. Skates are such a personal thing though, your mileage will certainly vary! Anything specific you want to ask, just let me know!
  12. Well, I just couldn't help myself. One of the earliest models, I wore this in 1991. It has been restored to its original glory after taking some mediocre paint jobs from local auto shops.
  13. Did you get them? After going through Bauer and True, these skates, for me, blow both out of the water. Fit, form, finish, protection, weight, blade. Everything feels so much more dialled in. Finally, my last piece of gear has been checked off, I am at peace with my setup.
  14. I spent a lot of time with Jim Park during my AAA and Junior years. Summers, winters, Jim had me at my best. I have a ton of respect for him and his coaching delivery. I've slowly dropped the skate/kick saves from the repertoire, but when someone is cutting across glove to stick side, my brain still thinks it makes a ton of sense. Jay in the second video was often my training partner, I'd come in from out of town and be paired up with him. Nice guy Jim actually spoke with a few of my team coaches in the 90s because they were so angry that I was using the butterfly so much. I often wonder what he thinks of some of the new styles. Neat to see people still finding value in his coaching, it really was THAT good!
  15. That cooper glove would make a delightful tea cozy. I mean... addition to my legends of hockey vintage gear museum.
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