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  1. The NFL did this, why wouldn't they at least draw a line for the bare minimum? Are they going to wait for someone to get dragged off the ice and lose their career/quality of life? The speed is only going to go up and I'd hate to see rules made in blood.
  2. So we have established that foam thickness and density matter. I'm also leaning on some research that says having the jawline open also reduces concussion severity when player impacts occur. Take a step back into the 90's and remember someone did both those items extremely well. I've got a VTX and new axis for personal experimentation and these results go along with what I have been feeling. I'll stick with my 30 year old design until the commercial folks finally figure out a better way.
  3. My old goalie coach. I swear by it.
  4. aircanuck

    Warrior G5

    Any idea if it's just the 3-4 sizing options or how custom can they go?
  5. I jumped in on the Watch The Puck clinic in Toronto last year, they come up from NY, it was really well done. The coaches are very sharp and tend to read the clientele's abilities properly. Very professional and well organized. Huge variety in skills and abilities, but they adapted to each individual quite well. I've been through others that were run similar to youth camps and that just doesn't work. Drills and reps for kids do not necessarily transfer over to ALL 30-70 year old bodies, so the ability to read your clients is paramount. If you guys set something up within 3 hours of me (Niagara/Buffalo), i'd be inclined to sign up!
  6. aircanuck

    Warrior G5

    Noticing a more open jawline on this mask. I'm a huge fan of that for safety. I am very curious to see one up close.
  7. That cooper glove would make a delightful tea cozy. I mean... addition to my legends of hockey vintage gear museum.
  8. I need some Pooper gear in my life.
  9. Sacrilege or not...That looks sooooooooooo sharp.
  10. Make sure you send a hockey card with every order! Can't think of a single VINTAGE GOALIE company that came up with that.
  11. Hell, make a wallet or fanny pack out of me. My wife has me sectioned off like a butcher's diagram for the day I go.
  12. Basically, since I have returned to the game, everything that said Passau on it has been a home run. Everything else has been a royal pain in the heinny. So I would go to Passau. I have a Simmons 1000 to fill in until I figure out what’s what.
  13. I too endured the crazy wait on the PP1 only to find it is too long for me and my pants setup. SO if anyone is looking to score an immediate PP1, not played in, I may be the guy to talk to. You just have to deal with having my name on it. Size is large...
  14. It’s glorious. A tremendous vision that you saw through to a masterpiece. Wear it proudly, brother!
  15. Can’t violate a copyright when everything’s original. I just brought mine hoping it could mate with the others. Just a fun homage to a design that persists.
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