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HTV to cover graphics


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As many here know, I am NOT a fan of graphics. I only like solid colour pads for the most part, anyway.

I have a pair of Warrior Ritual Pro (offshore) that I really, really like. But being a fashionista, I only like white pads to go with every set of gloves, unless I am to go with a full set up that matches unis. These are white with red graphics. Yes- I picked up SaveByRichter35's red, white and blue Vaughns that will go with my England and my Canadiens (my Bunny Larocque jersey). I do have two Red Wings colourway jerseys, so I could conceivably get away with using my Warrior pads for those jerseys, but I can't help but want to possibly get more use from these pads.

It came to me: since HTV vinyl works so well on my padskinz, why not cover my red bits with white HTV? 

I will need to clean off the residue from previous padwrap adventures. Whilst it does come off, it does leave a residue. But I think there would be permanence with HTV, and by the time the vinyl starts wearing away, I will have gotten more of my money's worth with these pads. 

Details and pix to come... 

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