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Demo Event - Looking for gear suggestions


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Hi all,

So..Perani’s Hockey World is having their annual warehouse clearance sale, and they have a goalie demo event happening next Saturday. Looks like there’s gonna be gear available to test from all of the big brands. I have a 15 minute time slot on ice to test whatever gear I’d like. I’m not really in the market for anything right now other than skates (I’ll definitely be trying out Bauer’s Supreme or Vapor skates). Other than that, what do you guys suggest I try out? Is there any new equipment you’d like more info on? I’m no Hills or TGN quality reviewer, but I’d be happy to try it and give my feedback. :) 

For reference, I’m currently in G2 pads, gloves, and C/A. Also using Swagger sticks. Also as a side note, if anyone is in MI or surrounding states, check out the sale if you get a chance. There’s tons of gear from all their stores, and usually reps from the goalie brands are there. I definitely recommend it!


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