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Senior Passau Axiom Leg Pads, Blocker and Glove **SOLD**


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In April, I received my awesome new set of Passau custom pads, and therefore, I am reluctantly selling my favorite set of pads ever. For sale are my Passau Axiom's. I ordered these pads in 2012 soon after Passau announced the Axiom graphic, and the changes to their pads. I absolutely loved this set and have used them over the years in Mens League.

I am located in New York, and I am willing to meet up within reason within NYC's five boroughs, New Jersey and Long Island. All of my prices are in USD, and the buyer assumes shipping costs if local pick up is unavailable. My name is embroidered on all pieces of equipment.

The Passau pads are a 34"+1" with thigh boards. They have one break below the knee, with laces for the toe tie. I also have a pair of Passau elastic toe ties that I can include for any perspective buyers if you are interested. The pads are stiff, but do have some flex to them after years of use. There have been repairs over the years, particularly to the stitching on the Velcro. I have extra padding on the knee blocks which are original from my order with Passau. Colors are navy blue, white and yellow.

The glove is a 90 degree break which Passau no longer offers with their Starke graphic. Pocket has been replaced once with skate lace. 

The blocker is binding less and I have made stitching repairs to the fingers after getting the normal rips you get from wear and tear. 

Asking for $250.00 if you buy the complete set. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the equipment, request photos, or arrange a meet up.







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