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    Goalie Camps

    Ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🤫
  2. Terrio doesn't do the Sham sweatbands if that is what you were referring to. That is someone else that is also from that area. He was the GSBB user "Jim" and can also be found on Facebook as Jim Andela.
  3. So it may differentiate it for one or two ice sessions and then its worn off and the same. I wouldn't think much into it.
  4. I had a really good Other Half IPA the other night. My wife even enjoyed it. I have a picture on my phone but never posted it. edit - added picture
  5. @dstew29 I see there are obviously some replies in here but I am seeing a prompt that tells me this is now a poll-only topic but I can post a reply because I am a moderator. Is this what you want or did you still want the thread open for discussion as well? PM me if you can't post on here either.
  6. Watch The Puck is a great camp to get into if you're in the area. I'm dying to go to another. Bob Janosz is another good one out of the Amherst, NY area(Buffalo suburb).
  7. SaveByRichter35

    Goalie Camps

    Registration for this camp is currently open and there are still a few spots left. I don't know the actual dates off the top of my head but if you're interested don't hesitate to contact one(or both) of the listed email addresses. I haven't been to the Canadian camp but I have been to the Rochester camp and it is a great time.
  8. Well shit I wish I knew all of this a week ago. I don't know how the modern Bauer skates fit compared to the older stuff, 7000 specifically, but I just picked up a new old stock pair of Graf 7500s in 8D as my 7000s are also 8D. I got them Friday but haven't even tried them on yet as I know I am not skating any time soon. I did try a used pair of 8D 7500s a few months back and they felt ok so the new ones should be fine. Especially once baked.
  9. The @TheGoalNet spec do not utilize the extra bridge like the standard versions do. This one is meant to be tied onto the stock toe bridge with lacing. You change them out for a traditional one piece bridge.
  10. What size Graf cowling do you need again? I have size 8 cowlings from a 7500, brand new never been sharpened, that I can now sell.
  11. From what I remember seeing of the mask it is very CCM-ish looking.
  12. Outsider straps, found on Goalieparts.com, are pretty decent. Its a great design with the slip through tab on one end. I personally prefer more of a firm elastic to keep the mask in place. The elastic that Pro's Choice offers is top notch in that regard. They offer the traditional 5 point harness and a quicksnap harness that is similar in function to the Outsider.
  13. I'm not familiar with the boots you're wearing so I do not know if those are safe to wear sans cowling. In that case would suggest getting the appropriate sized Bauer Vertex one80 cowling since that will have the 4mm runner that you're used to. If you wanna try the thinner 3mm steel then you will want to pick up the Vertex one100 cowling. You'll also have removable steel so you won't have to worry about this happening again. You can just replace the steel when the time comes instead of the entire cowling.
  14. Wait so people still tap the posts???!!?!??! Its not just me?!!!!!!?? I cannot tell you the last time I saw a goalie do that on the opposite end of the ice from me.
  15. I personally don't have that problem, sorry.
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