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  1. And as soon as I post that Detroit is the only one left.
  2. All but two picks made now. Detroit and Chicago. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/seattle-kraken-draft-roster-nhl-expansion-picks/1cmaxh0u08qzu1p95xaugxzuwc
  3. I'm pretty happy with my Graf 9035 and XSG holder with Graf fat blades. And you know how fucking crazy I am/was about skates, eh Bunny lol. I wouldn't mind trying the coated steel but I don't care to spend the money on that.
  4. There is going to be a lot of talent at all positions for Seattle to pick from. Should be very interesting!
  5. Glad it worked out then. That could be pretty ballsy for a salesman to go against what Bauer's programming is suggesting.
  6. I mean, she is a fucking smoke show 🍻. I'm more of a fan of Jackie Redmond and Lauren Gardner myself.
  7. Did he suggest this due to the size difference in your feet?
  8. An acre I do not have lol. I am in the eastern NYC suburbs. I have just under 7k sqft
  9. I wish. My yard isn't big enough to warrant one of those.
  10. Toro Super Recycler with Honda motor.
  11. Yea definitely, god bless
  12. Not trying to take anything away from the kid but the first reports I remember reading was that he died due to head trauma after hitting his head on concrete diving out of the way of a firework accident. Now the report is that he took a motor to the chest?
  13. I ramp it up to the glass/corners but never into the net.
  14. I don't recall anything ever going up and over me into the net if that's what you mean.
  15. The curve was the byproduct of getting hooked up by my homie @seagoal hooking me up with some V1 Pro+ sticks. I've always wanted to try the Bishop so that was a plus.
  16. I bought a new mower yesterday. I am pretty pumped about that.
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