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  1. That is a really stupid way to determine a champion.
  2. I'm curious to know how much better my McDavid knee pads would be kept in place when compared to the Under Armor compression pants I wear now.
  3. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior G5

    Ahh my mistake. I stand corrected. Good eye Peter and Puckstopper.
  4. Why not just get a new Brown since you know you're used to them and wouldn't need to see it in store?
  5. Congratulations to your son!
  6. I miss those days. Won our semifinal game last night, 4-1. Game one of the final is tomorrow night, game two Sunday night. If we're tied after two this league plays a 15 minute period immediately after game 2 to decide game 3. Kinda weird but kinda cool, I think.
  7. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior G5

    It literally shows the blade options to be Quick, Rask, Bishop, and Mrazek.
  8. If the biggest problem is the length and the floaters being to big why don't you send it to someone to have them reduced? At least then you get to keep the unit and its protection.
  9. Some companies make Intermediate Pro sized applications. Intermediate sized with pro protection.
  10. Thanks for that heads up so the rest of us could benefit from the sale too 🖕 hahaha
  11. Yea I agree. When I poured it I was thought it was labeled incorrectly haha. This was dog shit compared to Treehouse. Not even close.
  12. 3 delicious IPAs at my buddy’s Christmas party tonight. Only got pictures of 2. I honestly have no fucking recollection of what the third one was. I had a few glasses of Pink Whitney on the rocks and some Kholuah on the rocks as well. I’m fucking hammered right now. Going to bed.
  13. When you draw it out like that I see how it can make sense. Seems dumb(and looks horrific) to me though. The trend is losing weight, that is going to add weight.
  14. Our leg/foot isn't completely flat. So why would you make a pad completely flat?
  15. Of course they didn't list the weight of the STR as they for the Pro and the LTE but thank you, that was a big help! I never think to look at non American retail websites.
  16. Yes that is what I am assuming. Same stick as the Swagger Pro but with reinforcements.
  17. @Kirk3190 Are the Swagger Pro and the Swagger STR essentially the same stick? I am assuming yes. I just noticed these are even cheaper than the CR3.
  18. December 26, 2019 - January 5, 2020 https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2020/wm20 Group A Finland Switzerland Sweden Slovakia Kazakhstan Group B USA Russia Canada Czech Republic Germany For all discussion on this year's tournament.
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