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WTB: Pads With Mobile Strapping


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Working list:
- Itech RX9 (too old for me)

-Bauer RX9/10 (too old for me)

-Bauer Reactor 6000 (could work)

-Bauer Reactor 9000 (same as above)

I'm looking to score a second set of pads as a back up. Something either used, or NOS, that's maybe a couple years old, like the Bauer Reactor. My idea is a "soft mod" where I can gut the strapping system, drop in a Kenesky Scrivens Strap, add the parts back that I want, and call it a day - without cutting or stitching. Just a little project to make an older pad "feel new." I've grown quite fond of modern, simplified (elastic, velcro) strapping. This would be a way to emulate that (a la Scrivens parascope video) on a second, older set of gear.

My RX9s had re/movable straps at the boot, knee, and thigh. And fixed buckles with removable straps through the calf. This is kinda the idea I'm after, so, any pads that I'm missing here?


[Note: was this just a JRZ thing?!]

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