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  1. He'd quoted me 27 weeks a few months ago, but I ultimately wasn't able to order a mask at the time. Last I checked, it had jumped to 33 weeks, along with the slight price increases. Going to keep an eye out, as this may be a good time if he is at home full-time... understandably so, he only seems to get busier! Thanks.
  2. Is Michel catching up at all amid the pandemic, or has it been business as usual? i.e. has anyone received a lesser lead time than what's typical?
  3. Regarding width, this is pretty bang on. However, CCM runs the widest intermediate pad at retail, and the difference is so negligible that guys like @TGC-Rance recommend them to dudes that are on the border for sizing. CCM no longer offers a 32” senior at retail (only custom) and I hear a LOT of otherwise senior goalies have been more than happy grabbing the Premier INT, and saving a few bucks! Edit: There can be a dip in quality even going from a SR (Non-Pro) to INT, but these are virtually identical, so CCM seems to mitigate that.
  4. HP29

    Warrior G5

    I'm not sure the idea is making the gear THICKER, so much as it's building it out at a modified angle. I feel like showing that overlay image of CoverEDGE+ on top of a traditional build is to demonstrate contrast, not that it's adding bulk. I could be way off, but this is how I'm interpreting what's been released. @Kirk3190
  5. HP29

    Lefevre going solo

    Any notes on price point?
  6. HP29

    Lefevre going solo

    Ah, fair play. Hadn’t thought of it that way, how much weight the name carries. My 2/3 retail pricing fantasy has died ☹️
  7. HP29

    Lefevre going solo

    I'd love to see them go solo, as their price points would likely be closer to Passau, Kenesky, JRZ, etc, which would be an incredible value.
  8. HP29

    Brian's vs CCM Pad Sizing

    I should have been more specific that I meant INT pads only, but this is a good bit of info for those who are maybe between sizes in gear in general. I’m the same as you, senior everything fits me just fine, but it’s pad height the last few years has gotten tricky. Yeah, not only is the boot stiffer, but I know Reebok/CCM use a much more open boot angle for the Premier, close to a 120° vs 90°ish on their Eflex or even other brands. I wonder if a little time and effort (WEIGHT) couldn’t close that boot up just enough to dial in, should it not quite work out.
  9. HP29

    Brian's vs CCM Pad Sizing

    @bunnyman666 does your INT gear run narrower? I've read that an INT/INT PRO pad isn't just shorter, but also narrower and has smaller overall dimensions vs its SR/SR PRO counterpart. And there's claims that the construction and materials are of a lesser quality as well. Thought I'd pick your brain on that, too....
  10. HP29

    Brian's vs CCM Pad Sizing

    Anyone want to chime in with some hands-on experience? My ATK leaves me a hair short on Brian's 33+1, which makes sense. But CCM's FTK puts me pretty well bang on their 33+1. (I know that's only for reference, and doesn't always translate, but I'll likely be ordering online and not be able to try before I buy)
  11. HP29

    Brian's vs CCM Pad Sizing

    It was so much easier when pads were soft and prone to sagging. Slightly-too-tall would sit perfect after a short break in 😂
  12. HP29

    Brian's vs CCM Pad Sizing

    Thanks Bunny Dude! That sucks, I don't understand how I am 5'10" and don't meet the minimum senior sizing (33") in most brands hahahaha
  13. I'm wondering how Brian's sizing compares with CCM, specifically the Premier lineups and not the Eflex. I'm coming off the Alites in 33+1, that were just a tad too tall in the knee (no issues in the thigh rise), and wondering how a Premier might compare in that respect. Anyone try both brands to provide reference? @TheGoalNet - I'm looking at you! Thanks!
  14. HA! That's actually a great point. He does like to fight with people over the internet about Bitcoin, so...
  15. A contractor buddy pulled the trigger on a deposit too... I wonder if he just might be that much of a troll, though...
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