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  1. HP29

    Re-shaping glove break?

    Leaning heavily towards a G4. I really liked the feel, and managed to get my hands on the blocker as well for some stick handling. Felt super light and natural in my hand. I've read that the GT2 improves upon that feel, but my only gripe is no interchangeable liner. Although, if it ain't broke... Anyhow, Warrior is really winning me over these days.
  2. HP29

    Re-shaping glove break?

    Yep... figured this is what I'd get. I can't see any conceivable way either, but held out hope lol. Thanks anyways for chiming in. I've been in the game long enough that I can make anything work (this mitt has been in use since before Christmas), but I'll most definitely be switching at the first opportunity.
  3. I feel this is the most stupid question I’ve ever asked, even going back to the GSBB, but here goes... Is it possible to gently manipulate and reshape a glove break? (i.e. heat, moisture, elbow grease, etc.) I have a Brian’s Alite, and the 35° break really isn’t for me. I’ve always much preferred the 60° break on my 590 iterations over the years, and that has only been dethroned by playing around with a Warrior G4 (75° option.) Anyhow, I’m stuck with this mitt until probably the new year, without the immediate option to sell and flip, or have a guy like Dave Wilcox rip it open and create a new break. It feels unnatural and I am always very conscious of my glove hand. The bigger problem, though, is stick handling. I can still launch bombs, but there just isn’t enough depth in the palm to have good control with my bottom hand. It almost feels like the T is in the way of my palm, and I can only get a bit of the palm heel on the stick So, the actual question - could I possibly coerce this poor mitt into a slightly different shape or closure without cutting it open? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Just looking for any improvement until I can upgrade in a few months. Thanks!
  4. I've used masks with both a chin cup and chin sling, I much prefer the feel of a cup. It is far more secure, and a floating chin cup allows space for impact, PLUS - if you get your fit really dialled in, you don't even notice it's there. Just my $0.02
  5. Ohhh man, this drive me nuts too. BUT - you know 9/10 times if it's a for-sale ad, they're probably ripe for the picking and you'll save huge $$$!
  6. HP29

    2X Pro

    This is actually immensely helpful - I'm 7.5, so SR Int also.
  7. How'd yours hold up on the CCM before selling?
  8. Thanks @TheGoalNet for chiming in, and thanks for everyone who's been voting. Pretty lopsided so far, making a pretty EASY choice here 😂
  9. I'm down to my last detail on ordering my Protechsport... I'm torn between black and cream foam, so I wanted to see which was most popular. I've had some feedback, but I'm still undecided!
  10. OH, and it could just be a timing thing, but I’ve had great success with deflections as well. 9/10 times up over the glass.
  11. I use a Price curve for years, it’s identical to the Mrazek - aka wedge. It gives heaps of loft, easier to saucer than a mid curve, in my experience. The only thing I find is you need to be a little more active with your hands on hard dump ins. You can’t just jam the blade into the boards, otherwise it can be kind of unpredictable. You need to keep softer hands on those situations. Again, just my experience.
  12. This is actually quite helpful too. My Rubatex experience definitely leaves something to be desired in terms of comfort, although it holds its shape well. I’ve also never really had NEW rubatex, but that doesn’t seem to be a factor. @TheGoalNet what did Michel pad your CCM with? I tried searching for pics to see the matte white.
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