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  1. Check out Pangers shoes, what a STUD
  2. This is so fucking bad ass. As a former skate rat, this hits me on so many levels. Well done, @Punisher Goalie!
  3. Your screenshot indeed shows both a Micrometer (horseshoe looking thingy) and a Vernier (the thing in your video)!! I'm only breaking your balls, I sold measuring tools for the better part of a decade... My own bias heading into this "new spec" shift, coupled with your short review here, really has me leaning towards waiting for the upcoming sales on current spec, and just hanging onto one in a closet until mine dies.
  4. @Lucky Pucker "PAIN-BOW" HAHAHAHAHA .... you're sick
  5. +1 on this. If he was 5'11", he'd just say 6'0"
  6. *vernier, not micrometer, homie! 😂 Ok, seriously - this was really cool. I was actually shocked by the weight of the new spec C/A. I was certain it would be hundreds of grams less. What's your overall take on the shift to the newer, slimmer units?
  7. Reduced friction and added protection for high wear areas. I can say having played for years, they're very strategic in their placement, as those spots always get chewed up even on smoother surfaces.
  8. 3/16" I believe, can anyone verify that? That's what I use for custom length stuff, and it works/holds up really well.
  9. Selling my Brian's Alite set - pads, blocker, and trapper. Pads are 33+1, everything is senior sized in BUCKY. I have a Kenesky slider kit for ball hockey on the pads and mitts. Gear has been used less than one season, and there is NO funk and very few signs of use, save for some notable wear (pre slider installation) on the inside corner of the boot (visible in photo.) Pads and mitts cost just over $1600 new, slider kit was $200 installed. Price: $1200 CAD Location: Ontario Buyer pays fees and shipping. E-transfer preferable.
  10. Another tip to keep knee pads up: criss cross your elastic straps into an "X". If you only have two, high strap attaches low, low strap attaches high - easy. If you have three, you simply X the bottom two straps and leave the thigh as is.
  11. I peppered Rob with a pile of questions, all of which he was great to answer. So Northstar gets my order!
  12. Big fan of the Future on a goal stick. It's incredible for stick handling. Been using it for some time now and it feels really good in your hand. My only gripe is length - I think I'm going to chop it down to maybe a hand width or so. I find I grab it too low on a poke check, as I rely on tactile feedback vs the stopping power of a traditional goalie knob. So I'm leaving some stick length on the table. Also, just sliding from the paddle to the handle, it takes a sec to adjust my grip, because I"m trying not to loose the stick and grip the rubber prematurely.
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