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So I’ve been a long time lurker here but wanted to share this video of my team (second in our D league) playing the top team. We lost. The game before this we pulled a tie to a different team and I got the win stopping 6/7 shoot out shots (what this league does for ties) vs the other team stopping 4/7. 

I played goal in peewee but stopped when my folks moved to a part of Florida with no ice rink. I picked it back up this summer and have been working with a goal coach privately every week. I’m playing at a higher level than when I started back and love it and have had some successes and wins at it too  

I feel like I’m making progress and trying not to take this beating too hard (we had a bunch of subs, we’ve never beat them even before I joined as the second roastered goalie) but I thought I’d get some feedback from the group here. 

I film almost all my ice times and review them but I can only see so much. 

Anyway here’s my first user video! More to come in the future. 




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Just as an FYI I am in no way qualified to be critical of anyone’s style, these are just a few observations And advice that has helped me out. Firstly every chance you get skate skate skate that might seem obvious but a lot of goalies overlook really working on there movement in the crease. As far as the video itself goes I felt like a couple time you might have been too wide in your stance and it would cause your feet to be locked in place if the play shifted laterally. Also when the play goes behind the net a few times it looked like you lost view of the puck and got caught by suprise. All and all you should be very proud you played solid and it takes a lot of balls to be willing to accept advice.

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Thanks! I posted this for feedback and have no issues taking advice or criticism. I’m getting back into this because playing goal made me so happy as a kid and doing it now makes me feel that way again. At 34 I know I have work to do but still want to get better. 

As far as skating goes my coach and I have been doing public skates every other practice to get that down. Thanks for the feedback!

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