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    San Francisco, CA
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    Fairport, NY / Gainesville, FL

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  • Leg Pads
    Warrior G4 Pro
  • Review:
    Love um!
  • Glove
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Blocker
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Like it in what they call the high position but went mid for range of motion
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Warrior GTX
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Pants
    Warrior X2 Pro
  • Review:
    Great fit but a touch on the bulky side at first got used to it
  • Mask
    OTNY Combo
  • Review:
    Love it. Like a tank.
  • Stick
    Warrior v1 Pro+
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Skates - Boot
    True 2 piece Pro return
  • Review:
    Love them so comfy
  • Skate - Cowling
  • Skates - Blades
    Step Steel Bauer runners
  • Review:
    The pro returns I bought have Bauer holders. Like this combo.
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior X2 Pro
  • Review:
    Love them
  • Neck Guard
    Warrior X2
  • Review:
  • Jock
    Warrior X2 Pro w/ a Kevlar and Maltese foam cup
  • Review:
    Love it. Love that I can use my own inner cup.

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  1. benner33

    Warrior G5

    Actually uploaded the wrong design. This is what I ordered from Cam at THS.
  2. benner33

    Warrior G5

    Ohh that’s cool looking for sure! I didn’t go bold on mine but I don’t have a consistent team I play on so I wanted to blend a bit.
  3. benner33

    Warrior G5

    Almost did a classic tan look but liked the way this came out and the idea of playing with textures more. no break + X-Stiff 35”+2” 90 degree angle, single T
  4. benner33

    Warrior G5

    Just emailed to order this, black weave, black, and cool grey
  5. Working remotely and annoying my wife stick handling in the house
  6. benner33

    Lefevre going solo

    Was that joke about the battram stuff I saw on IG? Oops guess not can’t read Was a Koho joke
  7. benner33

    Goalie Camps

    For those in the Bay Area California there’s an ATC camp coming in June. http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=6nm4uecab&oeidk=a07egxy7qka583b8fa9
  8. Nice! I wanted a bit more 5 hole coverage but don’t want to narrow my butterfly (goal coach said too y’all a rise can do that). Thinking 1/2” wouldn’t be noticeable but give a bit extra. Planning on getting a custom G5 set when they start taking orders. I don’t want the knee break though. @Kirk3190 Warrior hasn’t said why they switched that on the stock option right?
  9. Yeah IIRC Warrior moves the knee stack up 1/2” per 1” of height. That’s why I had to sell my 34”+1.5” GT2s and get a 35”+1.5” G4 (happened to find a good used deal). For me I was hitting the top of the knee stack or missing it in games. On my next set I might go custom to get 35”+2” 🤷‍♂️
  10. I currently don’t tuck and wear a medium Warrior X2 Pro pant and a Warrior X2 Pro jock. I wear a 32” in jeans but likely am more like a 31”. I use the inner belt in my pants and don’t find the belly pad of the jock to bother me in fact it likely makes it fit well enough I don’t use suspenders. This will likely change as I ordered custom Brian’s optik2 pants and C/A so when they come I might need to adjust. (Both mediums).
  11. No problems with the elastic at all for me since the summer.
  12. I wear mine price style on the legs and for the glove question I got this and love it. Can keep the inside looser but not have my GT2 get knocked off in scrambles. it’s a Kova goalie thing. https://kovagoalie.fi/shop/uncategorized/warrior-catcher-wrist-strap/
  13. True. I tried it just couldn’t play the puck like a right handed skater would. I do hope they add more options it’s annoying I’m sure.
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