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  • Birthday 12/16/1985

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    San Francisco, CA
  • Hometown
    Fairport, NY / Gainesville, FL

Current Equipment

  • Leg Pads
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Love um!
  • Glove
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Love it but need more time to be detailed
  • Blocker
    Warrior GT Senior
  • Review:
    Like it in what they call the high position
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Warrior GT
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Pants
    Bauer S27
  • Review:
  • Mask
    Bauer NME4 (OTNY Combo replacement on the way)
  • Stick
    Warrior v1+
  • Skates - Boot
    Graf DM1050
  • Review:
    Love them so comfy
  • Skate - Cowling
    Graf Pro Black
  • Skates - Blades
    Graf TI 2.0 black
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior GT2 (that came with leg pads)
  • Neck Guard
    Bauer dangler
  • Jock
  • Review:
    Does the job / bit bulky

Wish List

  • Pants
    Warrior X2 Pro
  • Mask
    OTNY Combo (ordered already)
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior X2 Pro+
  • Jock
    PAW or Warrior X2 unsure
  1. I plan to give this exact combo a shot next practice.
  2. Why isn’t there this guy (lived in Gainesville when he was there)...
  3. I’m not calling out a brand more that it’s confusing to know what’s the most protective for the budget you have. That comment was more personal I guess....
  4. True. But I felt the certifications stickers on the mask being beyond the date of purchase was a signal of its safety. I’m more used to tech where the phone sold cheaper the next year is awesome and foots the bill but might be a bit less jazzy on the latest newest thing.
  5. I got a NME 4 mask after a break in playing for a super long time but thanks to posts like this and others learned I should get something safer and ordered an OTNY mask from goalieparts.com that should be here soon. It’s sad you can’t trust that something might be an older model but safe vs unsafe easily. The staff have been responsive to me as well so far worth checking them out. I’m in the US so not sure if there are better local options but I don’t trust Bauer anymore for that reason.
  6. Just got mine even though the code didn’t work. But would have counted as one.
  7. benner33

    Warrior sizing

    Has anyone tried the demo program at goaliemonkey before (pay a deposit and can take them on the ice)? I’m in the same boat with gear and in a spot that doesn’t seem to stock much (at least not close enough) and figured I’d do that next time. I’m wearing a GT2 Senior 34”+2” but think next time I’ll get a 35”+1” to move the knee block up a bit.
  8. benner33

    Hot Takes

    Dunno if that pads my style but I’m a super nerd for sure. I’d love to get some code printed on a set someday (if I could make it look good)
  9. I work for Apple (frameworks team) so I’m biased for sure 😄 but for simple things in a super cheap package Chromebooks do the job (again second hand knowledge).
  10. benner33

    Chin slings

    As an old guy returning to the position what are the rules / restrictions for chin slings and the reasons for them? Didn’t know there were any.
  11. I have great respect for those that pay attention to typography closely 😁
  12. I have a few friends that use them on the road or for their kids and parents. Seems you’re informed pretty well already. Personally I use an iPad for the same tasks with a keyboard so I don’t have personal experience beyond playing around with one.
  13. I work in tech and heard good things about them for the simple use cases you mention. One worry would be longevity of updates but I don’t know enough on that to say anything too worrying.
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