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  • Leg Pads
    Warrior G4 Pro
  • Review:
    Love um!
  • Glove
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Blocker
    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Like it in what they call the high position but went mid for range of motion
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Warrior GTX
  • Review:
    Love it
  • Pants
    Warrior X2 Pro
  • Review:
    Great fit but a touch on the bulky side at first got used to it
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    OTNY Combo
  • Review:
    Love it. Like a tank.
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    Warrior v1 Pro+
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    Love it
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    True 2 piece Pro return
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    Love them so comfy
  • Skate - Cowling
  • Skates - Blades
    Step Steel Bauer runners
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    The pro returns I bought have Bauer holders. Like this combo.
  • Knee Pads
    Warrior X2 Pro
  • Review:
    Love them
  • Neck Guard
    Warrior X2
  • Review:
  • Jock
    Warrior X2 Pro w/ a Kevlar and Maltese foam cup
  • Review:
    Love it. Love that I can use my own inner cup.

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  1. So I’ve been thinking that I nailed all of my custom specs on my pads but one. I ordered the extra stiff thigh rise (love it) but no external break (possible mistake). Looking at the stitching on the spot it seems like there’s just some jenpro over where the break would be. I haven’t dared to open it to see if it’s just a extra piece of jenpro sealing the stock break (like a stock single outer single inner would be) and just stitched up over it. (Stock) Anyone @Kirk3190 maybe??? know if that’s the case? I’m not to handy myself but if I could convert these to a single outer / single inner I’d be very happy and would avoid the main reason I’m thinking about a True 12.2 / CCM eflex 5 / even just a redo of these G5 legs at the moment. (Mine)
  2. I have the GT (not the newer one) and the X3 Pro+ and I’d say the Pro+ is about the same bulk as the GT was. I feel way more mobile in the X3 Pro+ though. Keep forgetting to list my Brian’s Optik 2 custom chest. I tried for a while but couldn’t move in it like I wanted.
  3. I had a 35”+1.5” G4 and went to a 35”+2” G5 set this time. I wear the boot strap pretty tight and if I were to do it again I’d likely go with a 35”+1.5”. I had to sell my GT2 set because I kept missing the knee block on them (34”+1.5”) I got a used pair of G4s for them.
  4. I believe (though fact check me) that would be a 36”+1.5” in Warrior measurements.
  5. I got a pair and love them so far though I’m waiting for the 4mm steel to be available somewhere. I had used stock 2-piece skates for a while and figured I’d jump in. The release thing is confusing haven’t been able to get them to release fully to put them in the sparks but oh well.
  6. Yup I did the same. The extra stiff core once broken in (had mine since the shutdown started) resulted in exactly what I wanted.
  7. I have G5 Pro pads with ProLaces (TGN spec) and they work fine haven’t had issues. It’s a PIA to thread things through but it works as well as it did with the G4 Pro pads I had before. I haven’t noticed major softening issues but I got mine custom with the extra stiff thigh rise option.
  8. I ordered Halo bungee suspenders a while back and love them. I might just snag a set of these to try them out!
  9. The arms are great no stingers at all but just enough to know you got hit (which I want). Took a while to break in and become flexible but it’s holding up very well and I’m super happy with it.
  10. I love my Optik 2 Pro (custom colors no other mods) and came from a Warrior GT Sr before. The only complaint is it took a while to break in to where it feels as mobile as my GT but I don’t feel any hard gut shots like I started to in my GT. Almost went with a G5 Pro+ but I ordered the optik pants and chest last year before they came out.
  11. I’m going to sell my Graf Pro G skates. I tried to find someone to put a new holder on them but I just can’t get used to them. Going back to new stock True 2 Piece instead.
  12. Yup I’m left handed and use regular gloves so I can shoot the same way I would with a player stick. I fully agree.
  13. I don’t hate the holders + steel just can’t find them anywhere and they seem to ding up after post work worse than Step steel did.
  14. Ah ok. I might return mine since it really doesn’t seem like something I can easily do. They seem to be about right but the size down would be too small I’m pretty sure.
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