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    Love it but need more time to be detailed
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  1. Got a pair as well and agree the padding insets “smooshed” after a single skate. Love the crotch / butt vent though 😄
  2. Here’s how I have mine setup. Also note that I took out the practice palm as well (while breaking in).
  3. I use the loop but I have larger (I guess) hands. A large senior baseball underglove is a tight fit for me. I just found the elastic and not cranking down things so much worked best for me. It took a bit to break in for sure but after that the comments above help.
  4. Got distracted when I came home from work. Got a live action shot that kinda shows it. Will set a reminder for myself today to get better ones. The key is the elastic Velcro strap (boxed in red) isn’t all the way and has some slack before it will stretch when closing. That seems the be the most important part that I’ve found (plus break in with a hot shower steam a few times).
  5. I have some (in California San Francisco) I’d be happy to ship. I won’t use ‘em so send me the address and I’ll ship for the shipping cost.
  6. It stands for “original gangster” meaning the original deal in other usage. I’m not a modern linguist though. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=OG
  7. I find if I don’t ratchet down the the inner strap over my fingers and keep the outer strap with elastic (that goes from the top piece to the right side) half to the end it closes easier for me. I’ll post pictures when I get home.
  8. Bummer mine are size 9.5s and size 9 steel according to Graf but yeah really it seems like a waste to get new skates when I just want taller steel. Working with a coach on modern butterfly stuff has made me want the tallest I can try. How hard would it be for me to DIY that assuming I find the right parts as suggested.
  9. I thought they had different grip materials?
  10. Yeah that’s what I thought of first too. Cheeper than a whole new glove. I have a GT2 which doesn’t have a removable liner so can’t speak to how it would feel / effect closure.
  11. Yeah I’m unsure if it would be worth all that (price wise at my LHS) vs just getting new skates but I just broke in my Grafs the way I like them and wouldn’t even be thinking about it if I didn’t try out a friends True skates and loved the extra attack angle.
  12. Really I want taller steel having a cowling isn’t a deal breaker. Perhaps a CCM or Bauer one would fit? Wish step made extreme for Graf cowlings
  13. I have a pair of DM1050’s that I’ve been thinking of getting holders that will work with taller steel has anyone used the DM1050’s without a cowling?
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