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    Warrior GT2 Senior
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    Love um!
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    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Love it
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    Warrior GT2 Senior
  • Review:
    Like it in what they call the high position
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    Warrior GTX
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    Love it
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    Warrior X2 Pro
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    Great fit but a touch on the bulky side
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    OTNY Combo
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    Love it. Like a tank.
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    Warrior v1 Pro+
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    Love it
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    True 2 piece Pro return
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    Love them so comfy
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    Step Steel Bauer runners
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    The pro returns I bought have Bauer holders. Like this combo.
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    Warrior X2 Pro
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    Love them
  • Neck Guard
    Warrior X2
  • Jock
    Warrior X2 Pro w/ a Kevlar and Maltese foam cup
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    Love it. Love that I can use my own inner cup.

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  1. benner33

    Lefevre going solo

    That’s how I read it
  2. I do the same at my skates when I have a great shooter or with my coach but in my other skates I’ll take a few to warm up tracking and then just do stretch and skate warm ups (some can’t shoot where I ask them no matter what )
  3. I have some Warrior X2 Pros and love them. My knees never hurt and they stay put under my hockey socks (less for keeping things together more for avoiding wear on my leg pads and smoother rotation).
  4. I just ordered a pair myself after seeing that OHL goalie get rushed and cut so badly.
  5. I just ordered a pair myself after seeing that OHL goalie get rushed and cut so badly.
  6. I just ordered a pair myself after seeing that OHL goalie get rushed and cut so badly.
  7. I just ordered a pair myself after seeing that OHL goalie get rushed and cut so badly.
  8. I do the off ice warm ups before I go to the rink and before I put my under armor and under knee pads on. I also pick a few stretches from the butterfly challenge that I add in a few times a week even when I’m not playing that day. There isn’t really space to do a full warm up at the rink in the locker room where I play and stretching is super important for me the day before and after a game since I’m 34
  9. My GT2 Sr (non pro) stuff has been holding up well since over the summer. Playing 1-3 times a week usually with a S&P as well. No stingers on my glove at all (without the practice palm insert) an it’s super broken in for puck handling as well. My non-pro Sr GTX (a GT from pure goalie) chesty is overall great but I’ve had some stingers in the arms my last two games so next time I might get the Pro chesty.
  10. That’s more like my home state of Florida
  11. I use hockey shin tape (the clear stuff) around mine. I have narrow ankles and the True pro returns I have a perfect except for the ankle (it’s really broken in so that’s helps a bit) so I just tape the tongue down and it helps. Eventually I’ll drop the cash for a fully custom skate with an narrower ankle. tried that after a ingoalmag video showed someone else doing it and it helps.
  12. This is what I did right when I got my GT2 glove. Even now that it’s super broken in I’ve left it in the parts bin for when the wear is enough to start feeling stingers.
  13. Yup same here. Always offer the blocker high five when switching sides to the other goalie. One league I play in rotates people a lot between teams so you never know who might be on yours in the future or even mid-season.
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