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Oshawa Generals at Ottawa 67s - from the bench

Lucky Pucker

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We took our Novice team to the 67s game last night, and as part of the minor hockey package, we got to watch the warmup from the visitor’s bench! Pretty amazing! Jordan Kooy came over, took off the blocker and fist-bumped the kids. Nice to see some of these young guys get it! I asked him quickly “so Vaughn pads, and CCM up top...?” He gave a grin and said “my new pads are arriving soon!” 

Anyway, snapped a few pics. Note the sticks are 26” and 27”. These young guns are BIG!! And the splits...? I think I pulled something just watching! Lol!

local boy Cedrick Andree was just close enough for me to get one or two of him and his strapping. At 5’10”, he’s noticeably shorter- but man, he’s solid between the pipes! Should have had the shutout, but a pinball goal off the D-man’s knee spoiled it.








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6 minutes ago, Hockey School Dropout said:

Cool experience for the kids.  The 67s are really good about getting youth involved.

My son did the 67s experience a few years ago and they got to play during the intermission.  Also got to see both teams come off and fist bumps all around.


Very true! In fact, my daughter’s U-7 girls hockey organization is going on the ice today after warm ups! Can’t be there, since I’m coaching my son’s team at the same time, but hopefully my wife gets some good pics. Also PVRing the game today to see if I can catch a glimpse 😉
I find it so much easier to get behind the 67s as compared to the Senators - lol!

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