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Brians Subzero 6.0 blocker with sportwatch


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Todays project was very simple and quick. Atleast that can be said now when done 😄

So as the topic says, my friend asked me to implement a pocket into his blocker where he could safely put his sport watch that reads the heartbeat sensor belt around his chest and stores the data.

The watch appeared to be actually quite big or atleast thick by 13mm which compared to something like modern mobile phones is a lot. Other dimensions are 24 x 45mm.

First I thought it'll be nice and simple to attach to the cuff but the thickness was too much. It would interfere with C/A sleeve and arm itself. Luckily Birans has this structure on the side plate which leaves a nice little space in between where the watch was just perfect. Main plate will hold the side plate far enough even with harder hits or shots so the Watch should be safe there.


 Next pleasure of this position was that there was a pillow like padding that is velcroed in, so I didn't have to dismantle anything for the operation.


Leftover jenpro piece, 30x20mm slice of velcro both sides and some (binding) strip. And cutting and sewing. I didn't do much of a planning, just that much that I'd get all the parts together in the right order.

Resulting product on closeup. The wood piece was a model for me as I didn't get the watch for this. Thumb is holding the closing velcro, the strip coming from under the "watch" is to pull the watch out of the pocket as that spot is tight and you cannot get finger in between very easily. The other end of the strip is sewn in the same spot as the closing velcro.  The pulling strip goes in with the watch so that there's 10mm of it sticking out when velcro opened.


Atleast with the wood it works. Should be even better with the actual watch as it's plastic case will slide easier on that poly strip.

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