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Older goalie needs advice on skates


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Hey guys, this is my first post. I was fairly active on GSBB back in the day, but that was long ago. I'm an older goalie (55) and am looking to pick up a newer pair of skates. The current skates I'm using are at least 20 years old. I've got an opportunity to pick up a used pair of Bauer one.7 goalie skates with step steel for a good price, but I don't even know what I'm looking at or for.

Help an old guy out. I'm a fairly aggressive goalie with good up/down and side to side movement. I'm looking for something to enhance my game as I age. What will be different with skates today compared to what I have now? Is the Bauer one.7 a good choice?

Thanks in advance!


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Here is a link with a vid on them.


They won't be a great skate.  But they'll get the job done.  They are the lowest line from 2014.  I still am using the Bauer 160 line which is a few years older and I'm just looking to replace them now.  If they are new, fit, and less than 50 bucks.  I would go for it.  Otherwise you can spend a few hundred and get the lowest lines out today brand new. Today's skates use 3mm vs 4mm steel, don't have cowlings, and are a bit taller than skates from 10 years ago. 

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