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  1. https://m.youtube.com/user/VOGoalie?itct=CCQQ6p4EIhMIztfI7f_d5AIVionCAR07vg2f&csn=vgmEXaDOJ5DDigTRubDQDw&wlfg=true VOGoalie has a cool video on changing his Warrior G4 60 degree (baseball/60 degree) to a 90 degree liner and how much the fingers to palm is so much better for the Turco style. As a 10+ year Simmons glove set user (pretty sure my 996 glove is a 60 degree), I've really been wanting to try a 90 degree glove now that I've been working at my puck handling the past few months. But not sure how catching and transitioning will work. Only one way I can find out...hopefully I can try someone's glove locally.
  2. dreadlocked1

    Optik 2

    If there's any kind of hole there, it's only a matter of time before a puck finds its way in there, and I hope they get it on film, because that will be hilarious. I love innovation, and would love a more breathable pad that helps ensure no mold, longevity, lower weight, and it looks kinda cool, but if a puck can get lodged in a boot break, then that pad's got room for an extra few pucks lol.
  3. Still not fixed for me. Emailed them and am waiting to hear back.
  4. Does the sale code not work with the TGN spec?
  5. I cant find the TGN spec on the prolaces website? Is it no longer available or do I just choose lace for attachments?
  6. dreadlocked1

    Chin slings

    https://goalieparts.com/products/eco-hockey-profoam-chin-sling.html Or something similar. You can get a small piece of leather-like material fir the backside and to help strengthen it.
  7. Are these waxed or could they be? There's a sale tomorrow I hear and would love to pick up a couple sets regardless. Warrior G2 senior 32+1.5. Looking to maybe replace the stock toes on them after 4 years.
  8. I'm glad everyone is hydrated.😄
  9. That is just irresponsible and dangerous. Lol Seriously though. I can't be the only one and read that and just pictured doing it while driving.
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