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  1. Reminds me of the original Warrior tabletop boot they had before the NHL made them add the sewn in hump at the boot. Also made them add at least one leather strap by the knee when it was all elastics. This was back when the Ritual G2 was coming out.
  2. I would suggest washing it with your other under things and air drying after each game. If you're breaking out, it could be for many reasons and that it's dirty. Could not. The neck, like the face, is usually extra oily and prone to breaking out with clogged pores. I used to be prone to staph infections and have done as I suggested above along with other precautions for many years now. I also wash my gear every 3-6 months (except skates and leg pads, although they get a good wipedown and Mr. Clean Magic Erasering). Also, wash anything new before you wear it the first time.
  3. Easier said than done, but if he had just sealed the post with his body and head instead of reaching up at it, I think he could have stopped it.
  4. I don't wear Bauer, but, for others, where is it on sale? Thinking Goalie Monkey.
  5. About 8 years ago, I had a 2-0 breakaway and, with a last second pass, flung my glove arm up and away violently first as I changed my direction. There was a loud pop and everyone, including the ref, stopped and looked at me, asking if I was okay. My shoulder felt funny at first, but not a ton of pain. I played the rest of the game and went home sore. Next morning, I wake up, can't lift my arm up more than 2 inches in any direction..lots of pain. It was a few weeks before I regained motion and the soreness has been there ever since. I waited a month before starting again. I tweaked it again over a month ago and its just starting to get back to it's old minorly painful self.
  6. Warrior sizing correlates to height as well. Ive also always read that Tackla is on the shorter side.
  7. My 25" Warrior CR3 has Lie 14 printed on it.
  8. I love that locked in feeling I get when I pull each set of eyelets, they feel like they lock in and there's minimal slipback, allowing me the tightest fit I want. It could also all be in my head, but I swear it works.
  9. I've had the best results with Howie's waxed laces. Other brands were hit or miss, some were really bad. One I actually emailed to complain about and never got a response, which I expected. Changing laces every six months or so to keep the wax in the wear areas on the lace is important. After so long, you're just dealing with regular lace. You can also just shift the lace over a couple inches so the eyelets and lace are in a less worn wax area to extend the life.
  10. There is clearly a beautifying or smoothing effect from the camera in those first photos. Agreed the last photo makes a night and day difference.
  11. Found just the glove I was thinking of.
  12. I thought the name Axis sounded a bit roller hockey, but that looks 100% inline lol. Love inline, don't get me wrong, but many many years ago on GSBB this... Well this just didn't happen on ice. Gotta find a Tour or Mission goalie pic now. Still excited to see what's new. RBK was my pad before Warrior and I wanted to see a modernized Premier pad. But with the split at CCM, lots of possibilities.
  13. Have you tried the GT2 at all? I haven't been able to compare both and the GT2 has the forward thumb angle, and I wonder how much that changes the feel of the glove.
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