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  1. Would be an upgrade to P1's and closer to what's more commonly used today, but this is the last in the Warrior series with a floppy non-rigid knee block/landing area. G2's onward have the fixed 90 degree knee and I would suggest moving to that, or not. Up to you.
  2. Honestly tried it on once years ago just out of curiosity, but unless you have a 4 inch gap between your legs, the wide part would feel uncomfortable jammed down there at the bottom. I have a negative gap.
  3. Thanks for showing that. The outer 3rd seems pointless. I've double cupped for over 10 years now. 1st a Shock Doctor cup - forget which, but it's not like their titanium one, it's soft all the way around and takes 1 second to insert into my Shock Doctor baseball catcher's jock vs messing with any cup that has rubber edges. 2nd, a Warrior X2 Senior for the past 3 months after being in a Vaughn forever before that. Both single cups. Wanted to upgrade to the Warrior Pro (double cup bringing me to a triple cup) , but I couldn't get my old Vaughn pants over the whole setup, so I stayed with the non-pro and can still feel safe. My point is that I heard the Warrior used to dent, maybe the X2 doesn't, but it obviously does a lot more than soft flexible plastic. Are you in IL? You sound very non-Illinoisian/Midwestern, but thought I read you were here in the states.
  4. The no neck comment wasn't a suggestion that you have no neck. I don't know what you look like. It was an example for netminder that I can use from personal experience. I'm 5'6" and have had trouble with equipment rubbing in that area: when I got a new c/a, got a neck guard, and most recently, refoamed my mask. All things I have had or have to troubleshoot. Was not an attack on you, just pointing out the obvious to the oblivious that nothing stock in goalie equipment, unless truly custom, is a direct guaranteed fit. Your wear still looks like more than a few skates worth of damage. Take a lighter and melt all those frayed ends down before taping over to give the tape better adhesion to the pad.
  5. As a goalie, I disagree. Have to be smart with all your equipment and how it all interacts together. My Vaughn pants, Warrior pads and knee pads, Simmons c/a..all interact seamlessly. They would not without some modification. Can't build everything perfect for everyone or there'd be no stock, only custom. Find out was is causing the wear and tear...things don't break themselves. If you are experiencing wear, then you're doing something wrong most likely. Any exposed Velcro or foams rubbing against something else? Your mask could be cause wear to a c/a. Is it the mfg. fault if you don't have a neck?
  6. Won 3-2. I didn't see half as many shots as the other goalie. The first goal on me was a wild slapshot from the blue line/left point. Hits his own guy about 10ft in front of me, puck goes right hard, bounces off the mid/back of another one of their guys and in on my far right side. I think I may have had a chance to react with my blocker if I wasn't in awe of the pinball like wizardry in front of me. 2nd goal was a good screen I never saw the release on. Happy overall with my performance. I play in a dwindled mens league with only 6 teams that were previous a mix of A through C. It's sad really. We were top in the C division last 2 seasons. Anyway, we are now 10 and 2. I have a 2.00 GAA. No save% unfortunately. Never posted in this thread thanks for reading.
  7. Pics aren't showing, but as said earlier, you gotta find those friction points (when you're not playing) and modify accordingly.
  8. I've been practicing with foam balls in my garage on the smooth concrete floor. Looked into all the surfaces for purchase. I'm broke and just use my beater 3rd backup stick so I'm not worried about wear on the blade. The foam balls are helping me with the mechanics of shooting lefty. It's helped alot the past 6 months.
  9. Inline skates will help with that. Goalie skates, even better.
  10. My 24.5" CR3 is the same as my CCM 25" to help with reference.
  11. I used waxed laces so they don't slip at all when tightening. I undo the top two eyelets so I can pull the tongue farther out for drying and ease of putting on my skate for the next session. These are older Bauer 160 Supremes so they're closer to the end of life than new.
  12. I had the same issue for years until I started doing the following (fyi I always completely undo my top two eyelets after each skate for several reasons): 1. First foot into first skate (I do my right, you do you), and lace up/tighten as best as possible/comfortable. Don't knot. 2. Second foot into remaining skate, lace up as best as possible/comfortable. Don't knot. 3. Completely loosen entire first skate. Then re-tighten comfortably but firmly. Knot. (And a second knot again for me.) 4. Repeat step 3 for second skate. Giving my feet just a minute or so after the first tightening and re-doing it has given me a very high success rate in that I didn't have to think about me feet that last game. I'm sure it's working for several reasons. Just part of my routine now. Of course, the first few times you do it, your teammates will ask if you're now leaving, and eventually they'll chalk it up to the weird goalie things category.
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