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  1. I like the mumu. Feels so....free.
  2. @Johnny Grey Jr Here's some more pics of the soft-sided, sticky-backed, back-to-back Velcro. I would do this on any chesty where hard Velcro is exposed and can do damage to surrounding components. Here you're looking at the outside of the left arm: Here it is with the added Velcro removed, laying on top, exposing the hard Velcro on the unit where the elbow cup elastic doesn't cover. It could if I pulled it tighter, but my elbows are adjusted where I like it. I may be incorrect here, but it's possible I had this twice as wide of exposed Velcro when the chesty was newer many years ago, and I've tightened it down some since: And here's a close-up reinstalled: I can pretty much guarantee that the elbow elastic and nylon binding would be shredded after a decade. There's 4 spots to do this on between both arms but upon further review of mine I have it double wide on the inside of the elbow and nothing on the lower wrist side, so basically I've done the outer tops only it seems. It's been awhile since I originally did this:
  3. Love freedom, but hate waking up to the neighbor's Harley underneath my bedroom (with extra loud pipes for his safety) every morning an hour before I need to get up lol. Shakes the whole damn condo. But I have the freedom to move out so that's what I'll be doing when possible (not the sole reason, family has overgrown this place). Anyway, if your lease is up soon, and you can't find the deal you want now, call your leasing company and ask for an extension. They should give you extra time at the same payment to shop around (6 months for me). I only had to threaten to leave once before lowering my payment 15 bucks and put no money down to get into a new lease with a year left on my previous lease . I own a truck that's paid off and I will drive it as long as possible, but my family needs a reliable car to be in at all times so this works for me.
  4. If you tuck, then this front attachment won't work, but you could come up with your own system for your setup. The first pic is upside down, but after all my lower gear is on, I put on my Maltese. I attach the front carabiner to a loop I attached on my Warrior pants (need a new stich job on the c/a soon). Then I put the c/a on like a sweatshirt, then reach behind my back and connect the pants carabiner to the loop on c/a. Right arm in and adjust the shoulder with my left hand, then do the left side: I noticed in these photos that there's a gap between my Maltese and c/a. That would not be there if I wore my regular under armor shirt which I tuck the front of the Maltese into, keeping it held down against my body instead of popping up like it does here. I also noticed I appear 3 feet tall. I swear I'm 5'6", at least in the mornings: Also, make sure your glove's wrist areas are opened as wide as possible. The wrists will soften up eventually, but this will help keep your gloves from being pushed off: Also, once you have the elbow cap elastic straps adjusted to your liking, I recommend some soft adhesive Velcro cut to size and stuck back to back to eliminate premature wear from from hard Velcro in those areas: I agree with the others, you find what works for you. Just trying to share my decade long trial and error with this c/a. I hope it works out for you.
  5. I don't see it listed but I would ask if PAW can help you out: http://www.protectiveathleticwear.com/materials.htm
  6. Alright, home from my game. Here is a shot of the front and back of the c/a.
  7. Congrats on the new c/a. Before anything else, I would send these pics to Simmons and have them tell you that you have the correct size, as I am not an expert and can only speak of my long term use of it. Also, I'm 5'6", 230lbs (fat) and wear a senior medium. My gear is packed up for tomorrow's game, so I'll take pics and make some posts explaining what I've done to the unit after I'm done and it's unpacked. Looking at the pics, it looks like the c/a is sitting low. Like the throat protection should be where your neck guard is. That's why I cut mine out, because it felt like overkill. That may also expose too much of your lower belly, which is why It ask Simmons. It may be difficult to get it to sit this high all the time, but if you connect it to the rear of your pants, it will help balance it more easily. When I put it on I tend to have to pull up/out the top of the arms so they're flush at my shoulder. How are your arms laced in currently? There should be two sets of eyelets and you'll want them laced at the one furthest from your shoulder. That will help pull the arms up more. I recommend relacing with elastic cord. See how removing the extra glove side shoulder protection feels with your arm mobility. The highest elastic strap near your bicep is not currently running through the highest strap hole. You can move that up if you want. You can experiment a lot with the fit of this c/a with all the minor adjustments possible.
  8. Congrats on your purchase! Please post pics and any special order requests/mods if you got any. I ordered from the old Simmons Canadian owners several times many years ago and have yet to work with new US owners. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you get what you're looking for. I've been rocking my 995 CA since about 2009 or 2010 I believe. A few mods I did over time: Cut out the neck protector ( I wear a Maltese combo), Sewed an internal key chain webbing at the belly button to attach to the front of my pants (I don't tuck), Added bungee cord to the rear spine guard to "fight strap" attach to my pants with a carabiner, Replace the arm attachment lacing with bungee cord, Tape all straps so they won't come undone, Removed the extra shoulder protection on the catcher arm, And I have one small piece (a Warrior G2 across the knee) of extra padding added between the shoulder floaters on the catcher side to help protect my chest and side a bit. Mine didn't come with the beef up extra attachments for the belly and arms and I've been fine without them, although I took a shot to the belly on Sunday that stung and bruised me a bit. Since the thing is about 12 years old and still going strong, that is acceptable to me. If I could order the beef up kit, I would, but the Velcro attachment points didn't get added until the 996 model I believe. Either way, when I finally cave to replace this, I'll most likely be getting another Simmons.
  9. The stick on the left is my older Senior CR3 25" Quick with a 14 lie and about 6 inches cut off the end. The stick on the right is my newer CR3 23.5" intermediate 13.5 lie Mrazek, no shaft cut. I switched to the Mrazek and won't be looking back. I use a 23.5" Mrazek CR1 for my games and the CR3 for warmups or rat. I don't know if the lie changes between Mrazek to Quick or Intermediate to Senior, but at 5'6" it's perfect in my butterfly and my stick handling is improving. The 25" lifted my blocker just a bit too much and I feel I can stick handle much better even without a cut shaft. The rounded toe took a bit getting used to from the squared Quick, but I love the more rounded heel on the Mrazek. Let me know if you want more pics comparing the two.
  10. Please take and post more pics of the next one!
  11. Check Simmons goalie equipment. I've been using the 995 model for a long time. I am 5'6 and wear a senior-medium.
  12. Agreed that I don't come here for politics or worldviews, but I would appreciate the freedom for forum members to start their own on-topic thread to continue discussion. This particular topic is difficult to hardline with other topics. There are people here who have given up playing and others that have never stopped playing. That in itself will cause underlying drama and opinions of each other as individual views of what this period in time truly is and how we've reacted so far. I wouldn't want to go to another social media platform to try and find a continuation of discussion. These are all real people/goalies trying to make a point, and I don't want to sift through a Twitter or Facebook(I don't have either). This did get off topic, but please let that debate continue elsewhere, should the duelers choose to do so. If you read all this, thanks for reading.
  13. Pack up your gear into the safest (lock on a bag(a) instead of boxing it should be okay but ask your local shipper (DHL, UPS, & FedEx for example), reasonable to move package count. Use a tape measure and scale (always round up) to get your dimensions (LxWxH) and weight of each piece. Call your airline and ask how much the carry on charge will be using the info you now have, as well as call your local shippers for quotes and additional questions you may have (locks are okay through customs?). You should be able to add insurance to shipping for a small fee. If it smells like a dead body I'd clean it a bit, not because it will be investigated, but because no one will want to touch it, so your gear may get "neglected" in terms of handling (imagine your bag being tossed violently as it's being loaded/unloaded because no one wants to touch it). It also may prevent tampering, a plus, so you have decisions to make.
  14. Thanks for sharing. The 2nd one means a lot to me. Me cleaning the house on a Saturday for the wife 😁
  15. Yes, the knee cradle is what I meant and you green boxed perfectly. I removed that from my pads and a friend's CCM Eflex set and it's much nicer without it imo.
  16. I would remove the stitched in landing gear, as a suggestion. I have done it on my old RBK's to open up the knee area more when I first started using knee pads.
  17. When I got my Warrior GT2 senior glove, I immediately noticed how tight the skate lace job was from the factory. It's a double-t and the sides were like trampolines and the center webbing was the thickest braid, you couldn't see through it. Nothing about the pocket was soft. And it felt like the glove was difficult to close. After re-lacing it much more loosely, the glove was noticeably easier to close and open. I have pics in the glove re-lacing thread here:
  18. I would definitely get the sideline swap app and start looking at that daily. Deals pop up on even new gear that is worth taking advantage of. For instance I got a Warrior GT2 senior glove set for $250.00 brand new. That's the cost of the catcher alone on goaliemonkey. Brands are all very personal preference. I used the Simmons 995 and 998 series gloves for years (loved them) and just moved to Warrior gloves about 6 months ago.
  19. The leg channel and toe tie will keep the pad centered. I would remove it to allow unlimited freedom of movement there. I ditched my boot straps on my pads several years back and wish I had done it sooner. Regardless, if you don't like it after a few tries you can always put them back on.
  20. I grew up with him too. The Huckstables were a nice family. That's hollyweird for ya though!
  21. Bill Cosby still an influence? 😆
  22. But...but....it's not vaporized....
  23. I posted this in another thread last year. It's not a functioning website but you can dig. https://web.archive.org/web/20131103071332/http://www.goaliestore.com/board/index.php
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