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  1. Agreed @Quadzilla32. 1st pic is most accurate imo. Straightest measurement.
  2. Not that it matters cause ftk sizing, but how tall are you guys? I'm 5'6" in my G2's but they've settled in the boot channel, and I land near the top of the landing gear now. 5'6 is listed as 32". I don't remember how much of an issue it was when I first got them. But were so stiff, especially in the boot break, it took over a year before I really liked them ( only playing a few times a month back at that time.) The knee elastic was not a good design, and I should have changed them out much sooner than I did. I feel like I could wear a 33" now, but a 33" might be super tall and clunky. Maybe I'd be better off in the GT series, if I need a softened G series. But I also need to make my pads last 6 years or more. On the opposite end, I've also considered getting intermediate 32+1's to save cash and increase mobility.
  3. I was going to say, make sure you are not using skate lace if you are having rotation issues. The Warrior system isn't bad, it can feel too tight though. Search VOG toe tie mod on YouTube for some ideas if you want it looser. I recommend picking up Prolaces TGN spec and ditching the Warrior elastic.
  4. What are you using for toe ties?
  5. Won't measuring from the front of the knee to the floor require you to wrap the tape down the left or right side of the foot, increasing the length or is that taken into account? Because if I do it the way you say it, it is definitely 20 inches instead of 19, putting me in a 33 or 34 inch. Looks like I measured it per the Warrior chart below.
  6. Yeah, my knee was centered on the knee stack when I first got them, but they are more towards the top now that the boot has sunk where it sits on top of my skate. My short term fix was to duct tape some foam to make a poor mans boot riser. I may eventually make something out of jenpro or PAW makes some Warrior specific boot risers that are not listed on their website, but she'll send you pics and info if you email them.
  7. Here is my ftk measurement
  8. I've worn my G2 elastic around the back of the ankle of my old Bauer One60's with no Lundy loop with no issue. Works fine and as intended. I'm 5'6" and my G2's are 32+1.5 Sr. Not sure if sizing changed between G2 and G3.
  9. Hi and welcome to the board. I own neither, but after my research and echoing others here on the board: GT2 Senior will be the same internals as the GT Pro, so, no downgrade there. They feel like two different gloves due to the thumb angle change on the GT2, and that is what it should boil down to. I would love to get a GT on clearance right now, but I hate the way the glove, and all previous Warrior gloves, felt on my hand. I love the way the new thumb angle feels because it feels like my last two gloves (Simmons 995 and 996), which let me catch like how I learned to catch when I played baseball. It feels more natural to me, so I would go GT2. But, I'm not you. Any way you can order both and return the one you don't like if you can't try them on somewhere?
  10. dreadlocked1

    Wear on pads

    Thanks. I'm sure I read that on the GSBB (RIP originally goalie bible o' wisdom (thank you TGN for creating GSBB 2 😄)) at some point, not my idea. I just gave my pads an overhaul with Lectric Shave cleaning as well as Shoe Goop touched up 2 small skate cuts and 6 tiny wearspots, just like the pic, on my G2's and they are ready to continue to rock and roll.
  11. dreadlocked1

    Wear on pads

    I would just put a thin layer of shoe goop there.
  12. Welp. Now is probably not the best time to inquire about anything that is community shared. Just gonna leave it at that. Some retailers and small manufacturers had demo programs, but I doubt you will find anything. Is this a joke thread? Did I just fall for it?
  13. I work for a medical device component manufacturer, so my company is essential per the dept. of homeland security and I have been working all week and may be working through the weekend if a couple of our key suppliers are possibly forced to shutdown in Illinois by Monday. Otherwise, back to work on Monday, no downtime. Prepping what I can outside of work hours incase there is a complete shutdown nationwide. Playing goalie was my one outlet. I'm ready to get to my storage unit and get my old set of RBK's with slideplates and mess around in the garage. Might put my rollerfly on over the laced in slide plates cause I dont want to unlace them out of the pads. Also not going to mess up my freshly cleaned up ice pads. Haven't played inline since I moved to Wisconsin a few years ago, but really miss sliding around. Happy to be working right now. Feel bad for the people forced out of work with no food or money saved. Now is the time for someone to build a VR goalie game.
  14. May all of our injuries heal during this forced time off.
  15. Nice to hear a story where repair surgery hasn't caused more complications. Please update us if you have any changes. I forgot about this thread till the above reminder but wanted to update as well. Late Jan. early Feb. I am driving my 40 minute drive to my Sunday game and my shoulder is just nagging now. It was bag to it's old painful self, but something wasn't right. I am stretching in my truck, upper body leans, pulling my arms every way possible, but trying to loosen up this left shoulder that is bugging me. I reached back and behind (like putting a jacket on), focused on rolling through the full motion in my back and left arm. There was another pop and I felt a thing lol. Not as loud as 8 years ago, but just wtf lol. Suddenly, my arm and shoulder felt better more than the past eight years. I just pictured Mel Gibson fixing his shoulder in Lethal Weapon lol. So. I am not a doctor, and not telling you to do try to do or force what I did, as I don't know what triggered it, I've been stretching this injury out for 8 years. I did not want the doctor bills for trying to discover and a surgery 8 years ago. If my arm worked, it wasn't broken and a requirement. It is not 100% today but it went from a 3-4 out of 10 on a pain scale to about 1. 8 gd years and it's just back I still can't believe it. I also, upon last injuring it in Jan., switched which side of the bed I sleep on with the wife so that I could sleep on my right shoulder keeping the injured shoulder up when holding her and I think that helped alot as well.
  16. Same, currently in first place, but no money to be had. Sucks. Got my new stick this week and was looking forward to trying it out.
  17. Pg 99 has a legpad with the profile lock in the pic, not listed as an option, assuming this was a publishing error? G5 demo photo or photoshopped G4? Also just noticed it's on the intermediate set on page 100.
  18. dreadlocked1

    Boot Strap

    Most remove it or run behind the ankle instead of under the foot. I personally went to running my Warrior G2 elastic boot strap behind the ankle "Lundy" style, but have no Lundy loop on my skates. Still works perfectly as intended, allowing the pad to sit higher on my leg.
  19. Can you post some more glove pics and pics in general? Thanks for this, and I have enjoyed your previous reviews. Looking forward to updates.
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