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Optik2 strapping for Optik1 pads


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In the summer, I made the transition from Reebok Premier 4 to Brians Optik1 pads. First impressions were very pleasant - light weight, excellent glide.IMG_20200928_180951.thumb.jpg.70edbb92434f013d49b856125d9d1f7f.jpg

The only thing I couldn’t get used to was the narrow leg channel and the snug fit. On the Optik2, they redesigned the leg channel by removing an extra cushion on the inside, to which elastic straps were attached. And I decided to make a similar change to my pads. 

In order to neatly sew the Velcro counterpart to the outer protection, it was necessary to cut it, for which I had to cut it off from the padIMG_20201101_121244.thumb.jpg.63f45bdf30075b670797d1f0b654aa0c.jpg

And in order to sew it in place - cut the side seam of the padIMG_20201101_121252.thumb.jpg.233a6a7944d344d77fad6acd3d4b64a1.jpg

The additional protection, to which the elastic straps were previously attached, has also been removed.IMG_20201101_130608.thumb.jpg.7b3f65b4633cba2d1c3392b3c223df98.jpg

After that, I sewed the Velcro counterpart onto the upper part of the main protection and sewed everything in the reverse orderIMG_20201101_124130.thumb.jpg.ac357e6e9abdb373667516b869b94c92.jpgIMG_20201101_130427.thumb.jpg.1a057c8b9d7b8cc5c217f807050ac64b.jpgIMG_20201101_151002.thumb.jpg.49ff3841caaee3cd40344d3b637f2835.jpgIMG_20201101_180657.thumb.jpg.975aae9ccff895f69c5ca7ad5b3d9504.jpg

Instead of narrow and thin elastic straps, I sewed on wider and thickerIMG_20201101_180931.thumb.jpg.3187a33b739c2c63f387de9c569f3427.jpgIMG_20201101_185054.thumb.jpg.8d857127c246dcac2bcafba8a6781a61.jpg

Both straps now attach to the outer guard, and the leg channel is wider and looser for easier rotation and a more familiar pad feelIMG_20201222_180254.thumb.jpg.799b1e425835d5eabb5efe8685e8fbfc.jpgIMG_20201222_180304.thumb.jpg.75d0b34446d13a25026d82b0c8a73055.jpg

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