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  1. Maybe, but it looks definitely less so than my Optiks.
  2. As an owner of the Optik pants, with the rounded thigh, I'm curious why Brian's seemed to go back to a squared thigh. I'm looking for feedback from actual owners though to determine how these play in real life, and and comparisons perhaps between those that have owned both.
  3. Anyone know if it can be purchased separately?
  4. Just saw this post, and without reading the rest I'm sure you're getting roasted. You bought the cheapest chesty they have, and I'm guessing the puck simply missed a piece of padding.
  5. I'll say this: I had a pair of the "inexpensive" B-Star joints (which are overseas versions with slightly lesser padding), and they've held up better over multiple years than some other names' "pro" models. Fewer stingers also.
  6. Looks like there's a mod to pull it forward, keeping off his Adam's apple. That's always the biggest problem I have with those.
  7. No, that's mine. Had it for a couple years. Ray Bishop did a phenomenal job on it.
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