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No Icing Sports/Skate Rescue Service


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Hi Goal Netters,

I wanted to write out a review praising Bob and Anita at No Icing Sports for their help with my skates.

I posted in another thread a couple weeks ago questioning if my Graf cowlings would fit my True/VH skates that I was ordering.  Bob said they wouldn't fit when I asked him.  He was right!  I got the skates in on Tuesday and there was no way my boots were fitting in that cowling.  I talked to him for a couple minutes over Facebook Messenger on that same night, put in an order for steel and holders, and received the holders and (sharpened) steel today.  He's in New Hampshire and I'm in California.

I have been going to Bob since 2007.  Started back up again when I "unretired" a few months ago and converted to his 20/32' radius.  It is the goddamn truth!  It's like a mullet: party in the front (shorter in the front for quick pivots, turns, and agility).  Business in the back (32' stability, power, and "diggability"). 

Highly recommended service.  Thanks Bob.

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