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How Do You Get Your Skate Blades Cut

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I'm a little over 6'1", 195lbs. I use 3/8ths because it gives me a broadly similar edge to the 100/75 FBV I use on my player skates, but - being a traditional hollow - is somewhat more durable than a FBV hollow.

If the 5/8ths is biting too much, I'm not really sure what to suggest. That's already pretty shallow.

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9 hours ago, TameImpala88 said:

I’m a fairly tall goalie and weigh just under 200 pounds and I have been using 5/8ths my whole hockey career. Recently I’ve found my skates bite a bit too much but I’m not sure what cut would suit me best. Open to any recommendations.

just go down in sharpness, it could be the ice being softer in the spring.


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Long ago, when I was still using Reebok 11k's with longer steel, I would run 5/16ths. Since switching to Grafs with shorter steel as of a few years ago, I have been using 7/16th's and may go down to 1/2 if the ice is soft enough. (5'10, 183 currently, I was 160-170 pounds when I was using 5/16th's)

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5’11, 200#, True one pc skate with 4mm steel and a 60/120 CAG 

Currently getting skates cut at 3/4”

To me the bite on pushes feels the same as a..

 - stock 30’ profile at 5/8 on the same skate

 - goalie SAM profile on 7/16 with two piece skate, 3mm steel 

but I’m getting much better glide 

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