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Fullright's 2021-2022(?)


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Our skate changed to Friday night during the pandemic. Under my personal circumstances, I have a little bit of time assuming my work day ends in a timely manner. I started playing again September 10, 2021 and have been lucky to make 3 more skates since then. I am not filming because after essentially a 2 year forced layoff, I am not in hockey shape and I already have plenty of "goalnado" nights in earlier threads. However, I am making some progress and did relatively well under the circumstances last night. Hopefully, my personal situation (Fullright's 2019-2020 last note) gets more clarity as time passes and I can continue to play but my situation is literally a minute by minute one. If I can keep playing and get better, I'll start filming again.

I've lurked here from time to time during the past approximate two years and it has been inspiring to see some of the film of SavebyRichter35 (nice effing stop!) and the monster that is Imperative. Also, very glad the board has survived. It is painful, though, when you have had two birthdays since your last time on the ice and you're getting shot at by men young enough to be your sons. Where's the 55 gallon drum of ice cubes? :)  Never felt better.


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Really a nice thing to say, Trepid.

Working on things but had a bit of an altercation this past Friday where an over zealous skater, who enjoys not quite crashing but certainly screening really close to the blue paint, took offense at my very gentle whack on his shin and saw fit to pull me down while a shot from the point was on its way. The shot beat me but he and I had a little "discussion" after I got back on my skates. Not sure which is worse: getting beat or the groin pull I have now on my right leg. 

Wish I had the camera....would have liked the input from the board here about whether I was over the line or not strong enough in my response. 

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