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  1. Matt Hill of HockeyReview.ca agrees. According to his video, Warrior sizing has not changed.
  2. To add insult.to injury, the Caps traded for Logan Thompson. I get what they are doing (get another NHL caliber goalie as a backup/ 1B for Lindgren's 1A), but it doesn't help their prospects. On the other hand, if Lindgren and Thompson are both UFAs, it might be possible that the Caps might choose one and go with a prospect as the backup/ 1B next season. Either Shepard or Stevenson should be up with the big club as the backup while the other gets starter's reps in the AHL. Perhaps switch them out and have Mitch Gibson getting AHL time.
  3. I used their stick. I think they were foam core, because they felt like wood. I eventually switched to a pair of True A4.5 sticks.
  4. From a goaltending perspective, this is a good trade for the Capitals. This allows the Capitals to test out their goalie prospects in the bigs by having them back up Lindgren. Pierre-Luc Dubois may be a cancer, but hopefully he can regain his scoring touch and be less of a POS in Washington. Perhaps he can shore up the 2nd line, because depth scoring was sorely lacking last year.
  5. Hopefully your son can play left handed if he is able to play in goal.
  6. Go full right. I did and it helped me with my puck handling. I can't lift the puck yet, but I can stop the puck and fire hard passes.
  7. To add to the topic, has your ROH changed with Konekts? I have a 3/8 on my current skates, but I am wondering if the Konekt causes differences in how the blade grips the ice compared to standard skates.
  8. This is a shame. The Brown chest protector is really good according to reviews on this website. While retro pads are not my style, I can appreciate those who swear by John Brown to produce them.
  9. Sure. I might not need them now, but I'd like to learn more about your sticks.
  10. Wow, I never expected that. I have run a Goalie SAM on my skates, but I suspect I might not need it if that is your experience with the Konekts.
  11. I found a pair of True A4.5 24" full right sticks for about $180. I have enjoyed using them so far. Passing is a lot easier, because they are practically weightless compared to my old Christians. I don't have to spend as much energy to stop and pass the puck. I'll have to see how those sticks hold up over the long term.
  12. The Bauer Konekt has certain characteristics that make its performance different from other skates (the use of buckles instead of laces to tighten the skates, a hinging mechanism in the boot, and a separate shell and liner inside the shell). I have read the reviews. Some goalies claim that the Konekt gives them a better push than other skates. At the same time, goalies have used a number of skate profiles to improve their performance, including Goalie SAM. I am curious if goalies who went with a skate profile on their previous skates kept the same profile on their Konekts, or if the adjustment to the Konekt was a big enough change that they chose to use the stock Konekt profile.
  13. That is completely absurd.
  14. I'm surprised that a company with the clout and resources that Bauer has cannot make a toe tie that won't break. I would advise anyone buying Bauer pads to ditch the stock elastic and put in reinforced ProLaces instead (Hybrid, Armour, Trav Spec, TGN Spec). I'm curious to see any on-ice reviews with the Shadows and to see how their performance compares to Ultrasonic and Mach.
  15. Wow. That sucks. Why doesn't Bauer partner with ProLaces or another toe tie company to produce more durable elastic toe ties?
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