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Sweet trick for ball hockey goalies on gym floors


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Get big socks and wear them on the outside of your shoes.  NOT woolies, you'll roast, you want something that will not give very much friction on the floor.  Pull the socks down so that the heels of your shoes are exposed.  This lets you shuffle without taking your feet off the ground, which I personally find to be a really big deal.  I can also get into my butterfly a little bit faster.  When I need to lunge I just shift my weight a little bit back so more of my weight is on my heel - I lose a little bit of lunge range, but I can go into a butterfly or a lunge while moving my feet.  My game is based around being in position, seeing the ball and having my feet set when the shot comes, so being able to move without having to lift my feet helps me a lot and is, for me, worth the discomfort of the socks.  

On the con side, I have to use one pair of shoes as my ball hockey goalie shoes because of the sweat damage the shoes take and the fact that the heel wears out much faster than the toe.  I had a pair of Converse skate shoes I got almost 3 years out of that were the best for this.

PROS - able to attempt save selections while moving, slightly better butterfly time, slightly smoother lunges in general.

CONS - slightly reduced lunge range due to diminished traction, the subtle shift of weight backwards to the heel may be very unintuitive for some, by the time you've done this two dozen times your shoes are not really good for anything else, your feet get hot.

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