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Hey guys 


wondering if any of you have that issue. Been 2 month to not play because of covid. Put back my skate Monday and feel a lot of pressure inside my right foot ankle! My skate has 2 year now.. baked them again today and nothing change. 

i didn’t broke my foot or anything 

first time something like this happen to me and wanted to know if you have any suggestion! 

i like my true skate and don’t want to change it but if in 2 or 3 weeks nothing change i couldn’t play anymore with those skate 

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10 hours ago, Yzueblin said:

i finally have a answer from a true rep 


he said to me when you dont used your skate for 2-3 month lot of time foam coming back to his original form.... last night no pain with the skate. thank god i can keep them

feel free to delete the post :) 

No, this is good info for anyone else that may take some extended time off

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