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  1. Don’t forget the people of nhl from age of 12 to now have yoga session stretching session etc every day ! For us best way to be flexible is patience , continue to do some mobility every day and win some small gain every day People don’t imagine the sacrifice pro athlete can do to be a pro I have some CrossFit game athlete at my gym all their life and job are around the time they can train to reach their goal.
  2. Nothing new for this moment, medium +1.5 would be perfect for me I probably have to go with large
  3. The medium Bauer pads don’t look like a 34+1 for me , I took pads side by side at the store with hyperlite medium Bauer is 33+1 brians but large Bauer is bigger than a 34+1 from Brian’s. Bauer write large 35+ Now on thé pads they don’t said if they are +1 or +2 ... maybe we can change something on tight rise now , my friend is a director in a big store in Montréal, he send a email to Bauer rep we waiting the answer
  4. For me at 20.5 I drop in the high end of the knee block with medium and the large is the perfect fit but I’m scared of the high tight rise , with my old medium 2xpro the butterfly was hard to close but my mobility was soooo great
  5. this chart is still good ? im at 20.5 and my old 2xpro set was medium ... the butterfly was hard to close but i was able to close it and my mobility was super good , i thing try a large size for hyperlite
  6. Wassup guys I write this post because I need your help. Always be on 3mm blade and now with my true 2piece the step blade is a 4mm. I like the holder but I don’t like the blade, did you know any good blade brand with 3mm blade could fit on my true holder ? i saw different brand on internet but didn’t find anything with reviews
  7. Hi, i sell my Gnetik 4 34+1 , i've used them only for 7 pratice and i feel too much hype around the hyperlite i thing to go back to bauer the set is like new only some puck mark. Price 1800$ cnd PADS T:K:A 1:3:4 with hybrid pro lace and Professor strap from optik2 pads Glove stock with BOA system Block stock
  8. My friend test for them and they don’t do anything what tester suggest to them 😂😂😂
  9. after i saw the ultrasonic in store i dont see any maximum protection on it haha
  10. I don’t know , it’s where my friend work and he send me the picture , arm is more traditional , I’ll go look the chest in person this week end or the next one
  11. Wassup guys here a great picture of hyperlite chest , they remove the plastic chest protection .. it’s was really good for protection but pretty bad for thé rebound control , seem to had some foam and they write control rebound foam on chest part ...
  12. Two mods I have done yesterday Velcro fighter strap and the stitch on the arm
  13. I hate those from my arm I will try to stitch them this week I don’t know if I will lose a lot of mobility or not
  14. I’m telling to myself all week stop buying thing. Don’t go on Amazon... now I want a Nike bottle grrrr
  15. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    What do you want to know ? I’ve only been on ice 4 time with the new set because of covid ! So far no more hips pain for the final result I attach a picture
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