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  1. Yzueblin

    2xpro sizing

    thank you for your answer , i talked to 2 other guys of my size and they all use the medium pads i thing i gonna use the medium one and do the butterfly challenge to be sure to be good with the pads
  2. Yzueblin

    2xpro sizing

    My ftk is 20 my problem is the tight rise for the mobility
  3. Yzueblin

    2xpro sizing

    Hi guys ! i order a custom set of 2xpro yesterday and i gonna put a hold on it because i want some advice ... what size did you use and how tall are you ? I’m 6ft and I feel between médium and large I don’t want to make a mistake with my order I’ve try both pads in store try to drop in butterfly and i can’t choose picture of me in a large size Any of you are in my situation ?
  4. its funny i have the same information but no body trust me
  5. new name ... no more supreme
  6. Yzueblin

    gnetik IV pads

    Great idea for the bstar in gold ! I gonna use it
  7. Yzueblin

    gnetik IV pads

    Hi guys , i try a set friday and im pretty sure i would order next week i want to see what you thing about my two choice or if you have any idea to let you know i have a vintage 1972 canada jersey ( red and white ) and a deadpool mask so black/white/red , i probably gonna buy a news canada jersey with the red black and gold
  8. anyway the guys is probably get paid to give you this answer loll
  9. bump new price 1800$ canadian
  10. hi guys i sell my opt1k fly 35+1.5 used for 5 month all the equipement is A+ , the picture is what the gear look like at this moment , i gonna clean all the puck mark too for the buyer i ask 2000$ canadian , you have to pay for the shipping im located montreal city the glove is a game ready
  11. Yzueblin

    Vaughn SLR 2

    why a 2piece glove ?! WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY
  12. Yzueblin

    Vaughn Gear

    i receive a pretty fast answer from vaughn ! it would be available for early 2019
  13. Yzueblin

    Vaughn Gear

    hi guys , did you know if it's possible to ask to vaughn a ventus pads but with the graphic from the V8 pads ? i prefer a stiff pads but i don't really like the ventus graphic versus the V8
  14. Yzueblin

    Passau Pants

    someone said to me early 2019 if everything go the way they want
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