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  1. Hi guys, just receive my new chesty so I put this one in sell ! 35games ish played with the chesty due to covid ! Bought it December 2020. want to sell it fast so 300$ cad + shipping no smell like news added fighter strap mod
  2. Omg thank for the answer here ! Did you lost any arm mobility with the ultrasonic beefed arm ? its exactly what I’m looking to order at this moment
  3. I’m from Quebec and we don’t have to close 2 weeks ! It’s only for builder like plumber etc. Lefèvre decide to close to put everyone in vacation at same time. Seriously if you are a 20+ week to make a goalie set don’t close the factory and split vacation with employees
  4. Yzueblin


    10min from my house ! all boreale product are good
  5. Yes a kid from Westmount ! He leaving today the Eli Wilson camp my friend work at Bauer facility she make pro skating now ! I will ask her to change the black jenpro on top and boot for red jenpro
  6. Got this set here in Montréal ! The kids used them 5 games they are like news !! i try it Monday and I feel i will sell my gnetik 4 set after
  7. I try tight , loose with fighter strap without fighter strap I always have something bother me. I know myself I talk about the Bauer elite but I’m pretty sure I will go out of the store with a hyperlite one lolll my best c/a was 2x but I didn’t like the curv at the sternum ! Too many hot rebound
  8. Yzueblin

    Gnetik V

    Customizer is up ! Spec on their website only said new tight rise more stiff
  9. I hate the backplate so much on my rgt2 pro I always have something touch me in my neck ! I know it’s weird haha
  10. I’m going to try it in store Sunday I try to figure out 100 way to be comfortable in my rgt2 pro I cant , I don’t thing I need a pro unit and this one look pretty decent It’s between this one and the eflex 5.9 ..
  11. Yzueblin

    Gnetik V

    First full look , personally I prefer IV design
  12. What the model of warrior you have problem with ? I have rgt2 pro and I don’t have any problem at all !!
  13. Everything is about angle
  14. You are right it’s not nhl spec but the feeling and how interior is made it’s feel the same guess what ! I will never play in nhl 😂😂 I’m happy with those 1inch extra
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