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  1. kenesky make the same suspender now and the price is in CAD 60$ https://kenesky.com/proddetail.php?prod=001040
  2. Go super lucky with a website bug
  3. thank for your update i saw your post on instagram today i only hope its not a 200$ neck protector ... i have the version 1.0 and i really want this one but i dont understand how a neck protector can be sold at 200$
  4. i write a e-mail to the customer service 1 1/2 half ago and no answer .... they are good lolll
  5. exactly where i bought it ! seriously hockey supremacy have all year long super good deal , its the best canadian website
  6. Hello guys some picture of my 2020 bauer 960 mask , I really like it , first time I choose a big brand mask and I like the foam it’s look incredible , less than one month i make a post between the 950x and nme IX but i had the chance to find this new mask at 25% discount so i jumped on size medium weight with cage 3lbs without cage 2.4lbs if you have any question or you want more picture let me know
  7. Look at your private message I could sell you mine
  8. Yzueblin

    JRZ gear

    Insane man !! I receive mine last week you going to love them
  9. Jf aumais is your guys ! Really good quality i ordered my second wrap with him
  10. Seriously I try both and I really like them .... it’s more protection wise the 200$ more on the 950x worth it ?
  11. Hi everyone Any of you know the major difference between those two mask ? The difference with the price is massive for a senior mask only thing I’ve read is the 950x has 12k carbon fiber and the nme 9 had the poron foam I need a new mask and with the covid I can’t afford a pro mask so if any can help me with those two
  12. I know @Hills as done a really good reviews seriously I suggest you to contact jrz and ask for Simon Tremblay he design the pads and they have a demo program the pads came out last year and it’s in between 2xpro and optik2 max core , the tight rise is super stiff I really like it
  13. Best and worst day at the same time , after having big issue with my 2xpro set I sold them and get the jrz fusion line , it’s was my first choice before I embraced the dark side of bauer , I’m coming back on the right side now hehe
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