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  1. welcome devin always fun to talk to someone of your store or buy stuff from TGC , waiting to see what next with brians before calling you
  2. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    for now 3month i do 1 hour training at home ( because of covid 19 ) and 30min mobility its work well i see better result.. my asking was about if i go with a softer pads did my body going to thank me or not hehe
  3. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    i'm not that old loll only 36 year old
  4. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    You don’t consider the gnetik a soft pads ?
  5. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    Hi everyone im in search of a soft pads , im a goalie for 6 year now and i always been with stiff pads, i butterfly is narrow and i start to have some hip problem. i'm not a fan of ccm gear so i dont talk about the Eflex but for exemple any Warrior user ? can we considere the RGT2 pads a soft pads ? i want to considere the Gnetik4 too but i know the thigh rise is more stiff did some of you saw the difference between a stiff and soft pads with a narrow butterfly ?
  6. thank for your help i'm already in contact with the guys! i try to convince him to only sell me the pads hehe
  7. could be good but i try to find some used pads to save some money ! i like my jrz pads i want a second pads set something more soft
  8. Hi guys looking for gnetik 4 pads ! All black or black with red 34+1 if you have the glove and the price is good I’m down to buy the set
  9. Great reviews , I wait for mine une 1 week or two ... I hope they don’t have all the issue you had now in 2020
  10. did we have any news with the 2020 release brians pads ? suposed to be a gnetik year and with the covid i found nothing
  11. weird because my friend wanted to order a set 3 week ago and lefevre said to him 16 weeks , he decide to go with someone else
  12. CORtech and primo slide better , I didn’t notice any difference between speedskin and the material Lefèvre use when used to test it
  13. I had a otny pro and now à Bauer 960 2020 and for sure I never go back to otny ... I don’t understand all the hype around otny mask ! I have the same protection with Bauer but confort is for me 100 time Better
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