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  1. Yzueblin

    gnetik IV pads

    Great idea for the bstar in gold ! I gonna use it
  2. Yzueblin

    gnetik IV pads

    Hi guys , i try a set friday and im pretty sure i would order next week i want to see what you thing about my two choice or if you have any idea to let you know i have a vintage 1972 canada jersey ( red and white ) and a deadpool mask so black/white/red , i probably gonna buy a news canada jersey with the red black and gold
  3. anyway the guys is probably get paid to give you this answer loll
  4. bump new price 1800$ canadian
  5. hi guys i sell my opt1k fly 35+1.5 used for 5 month all the equipement is A+ , the picture is what the gear look like at this moment , i gonna clean all the puck mark too for the buyer i ask 2000$ canadian , you have to pay for the shipping im located montreal city the glove is a game ready
  6. Yzueblin

    Vaughn SLR 2

    why a 2piece glove ?! WWWWWHHHHHYYYYYYY
  7. Yzueblin

    Vaughn Gear

    i receive a pretty fast answer from vaughn ! it would be available for early 2019
  8. Yzueblin

    Vaughn Gear

    hi guys , did you know if it's possible to ask to vaughn a ventus pads but with the graphic from the V8 pads ? i prefer a stiff pads but i don't really like the ventus graphic versus the V8
  9. Yzueblin

    Passau Pants

    someone said to me early 2019 if everything go the way they want
  10. hi everybody ! i never wear any vaughn item and i need new pant i try all bauer / ccm / bauer and vaughn in store and the only pant i was confortable was the new model velocity VE8 any here have it ! vaughn have a good durability ?
  11. me at make your move tournament ! i had to play my third game versus the guys with the purple custom bauer pads
  12. Yzueblin

    Optik Pad Break In

    i love my fly but after 2 game i give them a pretty small curve hehe
  13. for the small difference i go for the pro pack ! but i don't thing it is neccesary i play with some mid level and some high level and i want to always go up and up so i choose the pro pack just in case hehe
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