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  1. i can confirm you price would be in true gear when the season start
  2. hi guys next week i will try professor strap for the first time ! i put my pads for fun in my basement hehe and my question is with the professor strap tight enough did we ever need the knee velcro or we can remove it ?
  3. JRZ pads name is fusion ! it's the fusion of a optik 1 pads and vapor pads ! it's stiff like a bauer , i change to a soft pads to help my hips only the brians professor strap from optik2 ... i ever had the chance to try a proffesor strap so it's a good Opportunity
  4. @Chenner29 yes hyperlite is a name I heard a lot lately i’m lucky I had the chance to test the new prototype goalie stick in past year I used 1s 2spro and this new stick is far beyond my expectations !! Best balanced stick I never had in my hand
  5. pacific ring bag is so expensive i dont know why ! look at jrz bag they do maybe 70% of nhl team its pretty resistant
  6. im at 12 week for my 2 piece ... first 8 week my scan didnt work ... i called 5 time the store and they come back to me yes we talk to the rep next week you have your skate ! total bullshit they didnt do anything ... i talked to the rep with the manager at the store he said to me send me back the scan ill do it in 2 week pro player service... i'm at 4 week now and im supposed to receive it maximum friday... true give me extra pair of step blade ...
  7. can we change the title of this post 🤣
  8. Yzueblin

    Soft pads user

    thank you everyone i decide to go with a soft pads + doing what chenner suggest can't wait to show you the final result
  9. Yzueblin

    gnetik flex

    Can you show me a picture of the pads ? The tight rise is more curved than the original one ?
  10. Yzueblin

    gnetik flex

    Hi guys, i try to find a picture of a gnetik4 pads with flex 2/3/4 or 3/3/4 everything in store are 1/3/4 i don't know if it's going to help me with my bad hip and mobility if i keep going with the 1 in tight rise but before make a custom set with 2 or 3 in tight rise i want to see a picture i already saw picture of FLX optik my friend have the optik flx pads and he said to me is not really a soft pads if any of you have something else than the 1/3/4 please show me
  11. ive tried all the pads surface on market exept vaughn but i consider vaughn material the exact same as brians CORTech / PRIMO / weave on my jrz ( yes you read right the pads balance is perfect ) / fastglide from lefevre / speedskin ... my friend with lefevre said the same thing about is fastglide and my weave because we switch your gear something for testing
  12. if you want torsonial flex then go with gnetik ! you can play with flex from boot knee and tight rise + you can add something for a hard rebound like optik... i thinkg TGN have done it
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