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Slider Plates Compatible With Ice Pads


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I have really enjoyed using the Rollerfly slide plates for ball hockey ever since they came out. They have been an excellent way to add mobility in the butterfly, and have allowed me to play a butterfly style both in ball hockey. Another thing I like about them is that they are easy to add and remove, and do not prevent me from using my pads for ice hockey. Unfortunately, I found out that Rollerflys are no longer being made. I can get replacement balls this year and extend the life of my Rollerflys another few years, but once those balls wear out, I'll need a different solution.

I've looked at the other options (DekGoalie sliders, Passau sliders, Kenesky sliders), and they either have to be screwed onto the pad, which prevents the pad being used for ice, or they attach via Velcro, which means that the Velcro must be covered by something else if I'm playing ice. Is there a good way to cover the Velcro used to attach slide plates, or a way to install Rollerfly-style straps on the other sliders? I really do not want to have to buy a second set of pads for ball hockey, because that will be expensive and take up storage space in my apartment. 

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