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Any info on fusion 962 goalie mask


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36 minutes ago, Larceny#30 said:

Hi I would like people's opinions on a fusion 962 goalie mask bought one would like info

I owned the Simmons Fusion offering for a minute (believe it was branded the MMX... which is basically a smaller 962). Anyhow - some feedback/observations...

I would have been totally comfortable wearing it protection-wise but it just didn't seem to fit quite right. Almost like it pinched my melon a bit in the upper dome area. Finish was not immaculate - not necessarily sloppy or anything but just saying for the price point a little bit of you get what you pay for (and why guys like Michel at Protechsport charge so much for a "pro" finish on the interior of the mask: time = money). If the fit would have worked out - I wouldn't have hesitated to wear it or buy another one. Hope that helps.

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I used a Fusion 962 for several years.  The protection was top-notch.  I never had any type of a stinger using it.  It fit my head well, but I noticed that the shell itself was very long (I believe I had a large) and would sometimes interfere with my chest protector.  Not too much of an issue, but could be a little annoying at times.

Like chile57 said above, the fit and finish was not great.  Nothing too serious, but it just looked like the interior was kind of slopped on.  I ended up replacing it with an OTNY CC from GoalieParts.com.  The back edge of the shell started to fray on the 962 after a few years.  I thought about trying to get it fixed, but decided to get a new mask instead.  The 962 is also a pretty heavy, but it is not really an issue while wearing it. 

All that being said, I don't know if you are going to find a better mask for that price.  I would not hesitate to buy another one someday.

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