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  1. I was trying to figure out what that is myself, I’m guessing it makes that beige poron section of the palm thicker?
  2. Is the amount of flex in the boots pretty similar even with the slightly different angle?
  3. man the customizer is buggy as hell. the desktop version doesnt give you the option to change the supreme logo color and the mobile version gives you all the options for both graphics. Also no way to change the lacing color on the welting to black, but I am pretty sure thats an option if @TheGoalNet set is any indication.
  4. are you allowed to post pics of it or is that still classified info?
  5. I will have a party if the professor strap option is legit. Vapor strapping with a professor strap is pretty much perfect
  6. it stretched a bit but nothing I couldnt pretty easily fix after I removed them. My kenesky strap was elastic though so it probably didnt put as much pressure on it as the nylon one would have.
  7. off the back. I was wearing pretty bulky knee pads at the time and that combined with the relatively small knee block on the vapor pads was causing the problem I think. The Kenesky strap helped a ton.
  8. I have the passau pro pack and think it is definitely worth the upcharge. You have have them add suspender straps( I did) for a small fee, I think it was like $20 or $25 extra.
  9. I had mine made out of elastic so it didnt put too much pressure on the cord, but yeah I agree its not great and best to be avoided. Hoping for a stock option.
  10. would be awesome if a professor strap was an option. I added the Kenesky one to my 2X pads and it made a huge difference. Before that I was slipping off the knee stack once or twice a game.
  11. 2x pro is pretty solid but for what it costs a custom Passau is a better option if you can wait the 6-8 weeks or whatever.
  12. Nice to see the back can be something besides black or white finally.
  13. I like them a lot. The only issue I really have with them is the thickness but that has been considerably improved on the V9. you shouldnt have any seal issues with either of them.
  14. I only used them a few times but it didn't seem like an issue.
  15. ive used Optik 2's and Vaughn PVE 2019(they have a VE8 core). They are completely different styles of pads so it really just comes down to what you prefer. One isnt really better than the other. If you are in a more flexible pad now the adjustment will be much easier with the V9 for sure.
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