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  1. Telfo

    G5 Thread

    I have a feeling the angled knee block and external break are mainly there to show off those being custom options now. would be surprised if stock sets had that external break.
  2. I hope we get more details on this line soon. Really curious to know what is changing aside from the knee block. Hoping they expand the custom options quite a bit.
  3. if you want something lower profile than the usual warrior or bauer, go for the eco pro foam knee guards. I got them recently and they are great.
  4. Telfo

    Vaughn V9

    yeah most of Bauers issues are almost entirely related to the cortech skin and some generally lower quality control. The one thing you dont have to worry about is the pad internals losing stiffness or anything like that. Vaughn internals were notorious for breaking down but that has gotten better over time. I dont think its anything you really need to worry about with a modern line of pads.
  5. not gonna lie, the 1x was one of the worst chestys I have ever worn. Protection is good it's just the arms literally never break in
  6. the 1x line of gloves were not good at all. the glove was probably the thing Bauer improved the most from 1x to 2x
  7. I have tried a chin sling a few times and just never been able to get used to it. I like the security of a chin cup. Mask always feels too loose and floppy with a sling. Probably just an issue with how I am installing it.
  8. Telfo

    Lefevre going solo

    looks like they contact you after you submit the order on the website so I guess they are trying to keep pricing somewhat secretive?
  9. Anchor T is great. The size is overall a bit smaller than the double but more of the pocket is lace so it’s worth it
  10. Huge upgrade and definitely worth it. The glove alone is a ton better, but the flexible boot on the new pads is much improved
  11. Telfo

    Vaughn V9

    Definitely a hell of a lot better looking than the ve8. It’s hard to tell from that view but I hope they thinned out the profile a bit
  12. Telfo

    Lefevre going solo

    I am curious if they go for a stiff or soft pad first. I would think something more along the lines of the eflex since that is more their bread and butter?
  13. they can just leave the eflex line as is if they would just use primo/quickslide on the sliding surface.
  14. do you wear a neck guard under it? If not, you definitely should
  15. Telfo

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Decided to revive this thread with some pics of the PVE set I got recently after a brief flirtation with the Optik 2. I relaced the glove with skate lace today.
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