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  1. Telfo

    Warrior G5

    Warriors stuff is getting a bit stale and that graphic doesn't look it's gonna change that much. hopefully they will have some new features but I am not holding my breath for anything more than another incremental upgrade from the G4/GT2
  2. lmao I was about to do the same thing but I think I am going to just get a full Optik 2 set instead and sell my 2x stuff.
  3. my Bauer 2x glove does not lock my hand in place at all. When I catch hard shots it almost feels like its going to fly off my hand at times. Brians gloves are infinitely better in that respect.
  4. something about the Factory Mad glove looks so weird shape-wise. really curious how it feels
  5. I found the stock steel on the FT2 skates to be awful. noticeably less sharp after 1 skate.
  6. I am really curious how the glove feels compared to the Gnetik IV EDIT: forgot you did 90 degree break so that wont really help me much.
  7. fairly sure Warrior is the most popular or very close to the most popular goalie stick in the NHL. definitely getting their moneys worth. they would probably only get a handful of guys wearing the pads and at that point it probably isn't worth the licensing cost.
  8. if you are getting bruises with a chesty that is only a few months old...you definitely need a pro level chesty and not senior level.
  9. this thread prompted me to go ahead and order some step blacksteel for my 2x pro skates. I went about twice as long between sharpenings on my old step steel than I can now on the bauer steel. I figure it will pay for itself over time.
  10. thats perfect. thanks! seems like the only difference is that it's not as wide and doesn't have that thick piece of foam inside it?
  11. is there a picture of what the minimized toe bridge looks like?
  12. I would be curious to know what the upcharges for all those various changes were.
  13. I had a Gnetik IV glove and loved it... briefly had an Optik 1 and it felt a lot roomier on the inside for whatever reason compared to the Gnetik. Can't recall a huge difference in the break between the two. May get an Optik 2 set and will have to decide between Optik 2 glove or get a Gnetik IV glove skinned as Optik.
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