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  1. Another one for Bauer 1x knee pads, also CCM Pro's. I really liked the CCM Pros and didn't think anything would replace them, the Lefevre design was really good. Then I picked up a set of 1x knee pads on Boxing day. Honestly I like the fit and feel of the 1x, very minimal and the fit is amazing. I used the garter belt with them and they never even budged one bit. I also picked up pair of the new Adaias socks to go over them, haven't used hockey socks in 20 years but I figure with the knee pads and new style of socks I would give them a go. I have had a good run on knee pads, the list is as follows, - Brown 2100 - Bauer Supremes ( 1st run) - Passau - Brian's Pro - CCM Pro's - Factory Mad
  2. Max, if you can look for a Brian's unit. I have worn a custom built Brown 2300 for 7 years and love it, but I had the chance to pick up a Brian's Halak chest protector. Now I know its pro stock but in all seriousness I have only once felt a shot through the unit and it protection wise it ranks up there with my Brown. I was eyeing up one of the ccm units but like what was said above the reviews of the current ccm units have turned me off. Small and protective you might like the optik unit and with the new optik 2 units coming out you likely to find them at a lower price. You can also check out the goalie crease facebook page, they did have some pro stock ccm units for sale before Christmas.
  3. I knew the person and he didn't go to another company to make any gear, Sean just stopped making gear. I knew him quite well back on the gsbb.
  4. https://christianhockey.com/products/christian-ev3700?variant=30144566034483 Christian is back and heritage hockey ( the factory that builds 98% of foam core/wood goalie sticks for all the big brands) is making them and selling them.
  5. Those pant have zero cut resistant to any area other then the Achilles area of lower leg/ankle area. Hogan hockey is the only company I know of that offer goalies fully thigh/knee cut resistant.
  6. Promask made them, they were called Flatpads. I remember the ads in goalie world magazine all the time about them Johan Hedberg tried a pair out with the Atlanta Thrashers for bit but went to more traditional pad after
  7. The rarest set pads he wore where the D&R Laser ones. It's hard to find images of him wearing them. There was one on Instagram that showed him in them at an all star game with a story on how he didn't wear them after.
  8. Selling a pair of pro return/pro stock Halak Brian's Gnetik 2 pants, size is xl. Have only been worn about 6 times. Have the double padding in thigh and leg area. Price to buy these new from Brian's is around $650 cnd as you have to custon order them to these specs, just looked at ordering a larger size in these same.specs. Asking $250 usd/$350cnd or best reasonable
  9. Used around 10 times, Factory Mad custom made pro stock goalie knee pads. These are the top of the line best knee pads money can buy. Nothing in the store now will beat these in terms of protection and fit. Set comes with all the spare parts and garter belt for them. For the hockey I play the protection is overkill for me. The retail for $400 USD plus shipping with all these parts included. Asking $350 usd plus shipping or will trade for 2 Warrior pro return sticks from ether link below https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-sticks/1141239-warrior-ritual-v1-pro-pro-stock-composite-goalie-stick-28-paddle-montoya-5204 https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/goalie-sticks/884732-warrior-new-v1-pro-goalie-stick-regular-senior-pro-stock Or 2 orange Bauer Supreme. Any questions please ask
  10. Oh the joy's of ordering something made in Asia and shipped over to North America on container ship. Those wait times you'd think you were ordering from Vaughn...lol
  11. https://kenesky.com/proddetail.php?prod=001020 These should solve your problems. The attack very easy to your pads
  12. Send them back then. Call/email who you ordered from and tell them they are not what you ordered. No sense in posting on here what you should do, if they aren't what you ordered they go back.
  13. That's one is done by Eyecandy Air/Steve Nash.
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