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  1. Yes instead of the screws use regular skate lace to attach them on, just make sure you add a drop of two of glue in the knots and you shouldn't have an issue with them at all. I did this with my last set and put the knots at the front. Also why don't you contact Pro Laces and just explain what happen, am sure he will fix it.
  2. Euro fit is.more tapered and a tighter fitting pants. I know at one time Vaughn pants where classes as a euro fit pant. Normal for would your normal style lose fitting hockey pant.
  3. Am looking for some info from the members here about the sizing on the Brian's Gnetik/Gnetik 2 pants. Am going to be placing an order for custom pair to go with my Halak set and am trying to find some info on the sizing. Right now am wearing a pair of 6 year old Brown 2400 pants and Brown pants sizing is a little odd then most brands. My pants are size 56 which in his sizing is your waist size plus 10". He put extra in because I tuck my chest protector in. Am trying to find out if a 2xl would work with Brian's or do I have to pay the extra for 3xl ? Now are Brian's pants more of Euro fit or more normal fit pants ? I know Vaughn pants are done more a Euro fit and CCM a more normal style. As much as love Brown goal pants, I have been toying with the idea to go back to Brian's goal pants again after seeing the original Gnetik pants 5 years ago. I would love to pick up pair of the Halak returns that are online but am 2 to 3 hours from any place that stocks goalie equipment, let alot Brian's. If you can help me that would be great, thanks
  4. No, there are two Facebook groups that I picked the gear up on. The gear set from Goalie Gear For Sale and the chest protector from GGSU.
  5. Sorry yeah if was to get one of those masks. I would get ether the Essensa design or Potvin design on it.
  6. If I was to get a Harrison it would be a toss up between this design and Potvin one.
  7. My picks up the last couple of weeks, Max27 I know you might like these. Halak returns from his Isles days, the chest protector was a major bonus. Really like how the pads have the full primo inside edge just like the Optik/Gnetik 4 pads. This is my 3rd Halak return/Halak spec'd set I have owned. I had a set of his Pro Stocks from his St.Louis days and I have a set of Suzero 2/ Gnetik gloves in his specs I had made for myself. I sold my Bauer 2s pads and gloves to got back to them. Now the search is on to see if I might be able to find his Isle colored sticks. I used his Sherwood sticks all along and 2 years ago I had to switch over to composite after the last T-100 cracked.
  8. Crafted from the crease and looking good for the ladies....
  9. Always wanted a Snakeskin wallet...lol
  10. Also just to help, you say you don't have it yet but yet you have listed it on sideline. You might want to check this, if it sells and you don't have it to ship We expect our sellers to ship an item within 3 days of the date of sale. The median SidelineSwap sale is shipped less than 2 days after the order has been placed. If you anticipate being late on a shipment, it's important that you stay in communication with your buyer. As long as your buyer is comfortable with the delay, then you're OK! If the seller has not shipped the item after 4 days, they will be contacted by SidelineSwap. If after 7 days the item still hasn’t been shipped and SidelineSwap doesn't have an update from the seller, then the buyer will be refunded. SidelineSwap reserves the right to suspend or deactivate a seller’s account for a poor shipping record.
  11. As long as the prices aren't crazy high I think this will go well. There are places that buy used bunker gear from fire departments and make wallets, bags, back packs, and other items from it. Some of them charge crazy amounts for it, once place wanted $275+ to make a duffle bag, another $200+ for a backpack. Wallets most places run in the $50 range.
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