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  1. I know too, thanks. Got my mask done by him and have had it back for the last 2 weeks. Just waiting for my cage and hardware from TMJ powder coating before I post it up. Turn around time for mine with the extra detail I wanted was around 3 weeks.
  2. Patient's is the key right now, he is super busy and has been most of the last 3 or 4 months. Here is a post from him off Facebook yesterday
  3. Snowman30

    New Team, Old Gear

    GDI stood for Goalie Development Institute, it was gear made by Dave Agtone (Vortek gear) . GDI was big back then for having alot of pro, semi pro goalies with them. The also owned From the crease magazine/paper that came out
  4. Snowman30

    Lefevre going solo

    That is the 580 break glove, they pretty much all look like that
  5. Love to order from PSH but there rates to Canada are absolutely crazy. They get some awesome things in. Got the email about the new Warriors in and wanted to get more Rinne sticks but am pretty much paying for another stick with the shipping rates. Wanted a pair of $25 Cowlings but the shipping was $65 just for them.
  6. Few that wear the Bauer Vapor 1x knee pads, off the top of my head Talbot, Rittich, Merzlikins. Halak I believe wears the Brians Optik ones
  7. Frigging hilarious, True seems to have gotten worst ever year. Sending them back I hope, $1000 plus and that is what you get is ridiculous
  8. Andersen is wearing it too, seen it last night watching the game
  9. https://www.hockeyvancouver.ca/pages/custom-skate-profiling-vancouver There is this place out in Vancouver BC, very high reviews and very quick communication. I spoke to them about sending some blades in. Some of the goalie ones aren't listed online but they will do them you just have to email them and they will send you an invoice with it on
  10. This place seems to be taking alot of flack on ggsu, delays, slow service not answering back to customers looking for there stuff. I would go with https://www.noicingsports.com/ if you I the US he does some really good work.
  11. Doubt you they will sell you just the padding along. The big companies have never offered the new style padding/foams alone. If you want them you have to buy the whole mask to get it. Most of the foam/padding on the retail market isn't issued by the big companies and comes from the secondary market who make it for us buy.
  12. Bring this back up, size wise what is the difference between 58, 58+ and 60 ? I cannot find anything online about them and when I do most don't even have 58 listed for sizing.
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