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  1. For $6 You can get a sample from Rockin green of the active wear soap https://rockingreen.com/products/sport-free-sample-kit
  2. Ether one of the soaps will also help: https://rockingreen.ca/products/platinum-series-active-wear-detergent https://hexperformance.com I have use both on some pretty rank stuff and it removed what caused the smell. I bought a set of used gloves and they were bad put them in the bucket with Rocking Green in one and Hex in the other. Both removed the stink and the water looked terrible after. It was this nasty Brown color.
  3. Looking to trade just the gloves or full set for set for a Brian's Optiks set in 34 or 35. My experiment with Bauer is done and I want to go back to Brian's gear. I wanted to try out the Coretec and Curv in the gloves. I like the stuff but I have used Brian's most of playing days and just want to go back to the brand. The gloves are listed here in the Kijij ad with pictures and description: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/muskoka/pro-return-bauer-2s-pro-goalie-trapper-blocker/1426530165?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true The pads are 2s pads labelled 1s as them were made prior to the 2s line coming out. There is no damage, rips or labels coming off them. The have Pro laces attached to them. Zero signs of wear also. I cleaned the puck marks off them. The are size large. Asking $850 Cnd plus shipping for them but I would prefer to trade them for Optik gear 1st. Any question please ask, again my 1st choice is to trade them for an Optik set or trade just the gloves for Optik gloves. I would love a set of Halaks gear from the Isles too
  4. Is there going to be ballistic nylon added to the neck area or is not a option at this time ? Hearing that the foam would cut easily make me a little leary at buying one. Skate protection is my 1st go to when buying a neck guard, shot protection is next.
  5. Is the price listed usd or cnd ? I currently use a Aegis one now but am interested in this model myself.
  6. There is still too much detail for that..lol
  7. Matches the f'ing mess on his mask too. Have no friggen clue what it is or what it has to do with the st.pats or st.patricks day.
  8. It's the one thing I wish he would do, the other one is so out dated and none of the new stuff he lists is on there. You ether have to go on Facebook and Instagram to find out what they have and then email back and fourth to get prices and an order done. Just a pain in the butt to do, the time it would take for someone to answer all those emails about orders and prices having a new website up would be alot easier. I really like the look of the neck guard and the price. Also like his Scrivins straps that you can add to pads after.
  9. No there isn't, I have honestly never heard a single person from the US getting charged any fees when it crosses the border. What kills us North of the border is the Canada's sales tax, as it supposed to be charge on anything that crossed the border. I don't beleive the US has one sales tax for the whole country ? The brokerage fees are charged to cover the paperwork and custom cleanace of your parcel once Canada customs and Canada revenve have it. I do know that shippers can't hide brokerages fees in the shipping costs, it has to shown seperate and also brokerages fees can not be charged by the person shipping them, it's up to the shipping company as to what the brokerage fee as they have a percentaged that gets charged once it's over a certain amount. Shippers have no clue what the rate/percentage is going to be as the companies don't tell them.
  10. Snowman30

    V1 Pro Stick

    Surprised this is the only the second one to pop up on here with the amount of pro return ones that were on sideline swap and Pro Stock Hockey. If I hadn't grab two Sherwoods I would have grab a couple of these.
  11. Just trying to figure out how there is custom fees into the US ? Never heard of it before. Into Canada yeah as we get dinged with sales taxes and handling fees but last I knew there was nothing charged when it went from Canada to US.
  12. Came across this one catalogue online. The pro stock sticks at the back always drew me down there. At that time they were only place to get the real and same sticks the goalies were using in the NHL. I bought Snow, Kolzig, Giguere, Ouellet we some of the stick models I remember getting down there. DonSimmons1998.pdf
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