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  1. Sounds like you should do what James Remier does with his cuff. I have attached a couple of pictures to show it. Would be alot more easier to do and get you the movement you want.
  2. Here are some of my custom made Bauers. The all black NXG where my second custom set built for me, one of my favorite pairs I have. The 1st was all black Bauer Pros ( orange trim ones). I had 2 pairs of the Pros. One pair built for me and one bought as a back up used from the Qmjhl goalie. The Ultrasonics are my newest pair I just bought last night.
  3. I did see the prices go up like you said online, Trues website and others. If your going to change the holders out to Bauer, you mine as well just go with custom Bauer and save yourself the added extra cost of switching them out after. Your pretty much adding another $250 to $300 on top of the Trues to do that.
  4. https://tydanblades.ca/products/diamondedge-true-goalie-skate-blades-2-piece https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Step-Steel-True-Two-Piece-Goalie-Skate-Runners-VH-Custom-Hockey-Skates-Blades-/274600293142?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=706-127636-26712-0
  5. Honestly it's what you want and what is going to give you the best custom fit. Also price wise too, it's how much do you want to spend. There is thread or two on here that shows True have some really bad quality control issues in fhe last while, also I believe unless you order only the boots all the steel on True goalie skates is there own line as Step Steel was bought out by CCM. So steel might be issue to find for while. I picked a pair of pro return True Skates, (that are now for sale) and I did like the looks and finish on them but I found the boots didn't work for me. I couldn't get the right fit with them and even after molding them found the boot opening too narrow. Now Bauer custom, I have been using them for the passed 8 years and I found back then up until a while ago there was plenty of options for them through the custom program and there wasn't a upcharge with the options you wanted, where as True there is an upcharge on alot of stuff. I have seen in the 2021 custom catalog Bauer seems to limit what you can get but I have read online the full custom program instore seems to have more options for you. I have attached the pages from the custom catalog with rhe skate info in them and this seems very simple but I have heard there are more options. I just picked up a pair of pro return Jake Ottengier custom Ultrasonics which would be the 6th pair custom Bauer goalie skates I have had, 2 pairs I had custom made for me. I find Bauer custom skates are alot nicer looking too, there isn't any messy seems or glue showing. So alot comes down to personal preference, must advice is go to store thwt offers both custom brands and see what they say and what you come up with.
  6. VAN D Oliver Ekman-Larsson F Conor Garland ARI F Antoine Roussel F Jay Beagle F Loui Eriksson 2021 1st-Round Pick 2022 2nd-Round Pick 2023 7th-Round Pick
  7. Sorry no I don't. They sold and I thought the ad was deleted. Can a mod do it for me please. Thank you
  8. Review from the Hockey Shop https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/bauer-pro-goal-skates-review
  9. Updated the pictures to show the fits and also show the color accents you can do now, but yes from what is listed it really seems like a step backwards for there custom program. I was reading up on the review on the hockey shop and it sounds like there is still the possibility of a custom skate built to your foot scan. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/bauer-pro-goal-skates-review I love my custom Total one/NXG skates and I bought a pair of pro return Trues 2 piece to try out, but am still leaning towards my last custom pair of skates and I want to go with to Bauer as they fit my 4e feet great and I have had zero issues with Bauers custom program.
  10. Interesting that now they offer 1x blocker for custom order, wish they offered the 580 glove too. Custom skates, am not impressed what they went to interms of the 3 different fits. My custom Bauer skates are 4e wide and have a wide width heel. Right now Bauer doesn't seem to offer that anymore. There custom skate program seems to have downsized alot in the last few years.
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