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  1. That's one is done by Eyecandy Air/Steve Nash.
  2. Has it been confirmed Lefevre is done at CCM ? There has been alot hear say so far but no confirmation. Honestly the Premier line dates back well before Reebok to the Koho days. Also isn't the eflex line a Lefevre design too, but more son they dad ? I could see Michael Lefevre moving on but in all honesty I can't see Patrick leaving
  3. Here are some shots of my last Sherwood T100 Halak pro return stick, compared to the Bauer 1s Halak pro returns I got yesterday. I would say they are 99.9% perfect match, the weight is the big noticeable difference.
  4. The problem is most composites sticks makers are off shore now and most of the big companies own them. I don't believe there is a single composite stick maker in North America anymore. For small company like Passau it could be a costly venture to get into.
  5. It's the same curve as his Sherwood model, I compared it once I got home. I will get a shot up tomorrow with it. Honestly if it is, then I might order one custom stick from Bauer to the same specs.
  6. Yes they are, I haven't added anything as they just arrived this afternoon. I seen them myself once they arrived and didn't know he used them ether.
  7. Another new pickup, 3 game used Halak Bauer 1s sticks. I had always used his Sherwood pattern and 2 years ago broke my last one. Sherwood was no longer making them, and he made the switch to composites a couple years prior. My search had been on to find his Bauers sticks and it has been hard to do as the only place that had them was the Isles store and I live in Canada. I couldn't be certain if I was going to get broken/damage ones as I was not there to pick them out myself. I had also picked up a Halak Chest protector and I asked the person if he knew where to get Halak sticks ? Long behold he said he had some to sell me. Am finally happy to have these sticks after my long search.
  8. They look it in the pictures I know that was my worry but they are actually not. Size wise they are smaller then the Brian's Pros and Passaus.
  9. My newest addition Factory Mad knee pads. Honestly right now after trying them on they are the best knee pads I have ever seen or wore. Very comfortable and very very well built. I have had Bauer Supremes, Passaus, Brains Pros, CCM Pros, and Brown.
  10. They will look fine in the AHL or ECHL or what ever league Vegas bury him in.
  11. B star is sr. and jr line that is built off shore. The thing is the quality of the gear you wouldn't think it was built in Canada. There use to be a pads and gloves in that line but since they started with sr off shore lines in the optik and gnetik they got out of the B star pads and gloves. The last time I seen the B star one you could buy different color pad skins and apply them to the zones of the pads they were cut out for.
  12. I have the stainless ones and they last alot better but are prone to popping off alot. You have to put some hockey tape( I use clear shinpad tape) on the snap screws to make the fit a little tighter. That is really only downfall with them. I have never heard of titanium ones at all. http://shop.newimagegoaliemask.com/product.sc;jsessionid=E53C706B9D38B436AA3303C69B6294C9.p3plqscsfapp004?productId=13&categoryId=1 https://www.warwickmaskcompany.com/product/buckles-1-metal-6/
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