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  1. https://biosteel.ca/products/biosteel-team-water-bottle My favorite one to use, no pop top and it never leaks at all
  2. Lost this guy a month ago, 10 years with me. His name was Oscar, had him since a 8 week old kitten. Being a firefighter, I would come home from some bad calls and no matter where he was he would come and find me and wouldn't leave my side. It still hurts he isn't with me anymore.
  3. Snowman30


    My job involes supplying alot of craft breweries in Ontario with the Malt,Hops and many other ingredients needed to make the beer. Most of these honestly I never heard of. But now that I do, am suprised how well the beer has been. I have ditched the big brand beer and gone fully craft beer. These are just some of the many I have a tried over the last 5 months. I will try to get more up, I honestly forgot about this thread. 1. New Ontario Brewery- North Bay On 2. Sons of Kent Brewery- Chatham On 3. Barley Days Brewery- Prince Edward County On
  4. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/bauer-vapor-2x-pro-catcher-blocker https://ingoalmag.com/bauer-2x-pro-glove-and-blocker/ The 1x was based off the Reactor 9000 model with a few tweaks https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/bauer-reactor-9000-blocker-review
  5. If not True, probably a blacked out CCM stick. He was using True sticks
  6. Looks a hell of alot better, has that Quebec Nordiques look now.
  7. Came across this set of Eflex 5 pads on sideline. Returns from the Ducks
  8. https://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/montreal-canadiens/a-peek-inside-carey-prices-head-new-goalie-mask-radically-redesigned/wcm/de6b60f2-75d9-4e98-950a-00005ae0593a/amp/ Info and shots of Prices new mask
  9. Doubt it, most of those goalies where previous CCM/Lefevre clients. True has alot of money and the right move was to join up/buy Lefevre, as goalies want what they are use to. Lefevre has a very large backing of pro goalies because of his time with Koho/Reebok/CCM and knows what they want because of it. Right now CCM has no one who has that connection with pro goalies that Lefevre had made.
  10. Yeap it is, and yes its pretty lame. Looks shitty to me but interested to know the whole the story behind it.
  11. More pics of Price and his new Pros choice with his new paint job
  12. Markstrom, Schneider and Price
  13. From what I have read online, yes no more CCM gear. Pro choice mask now, as his new painter was showing off his new design. Apparently his contact with CCM was up and he never renewed. Think his history with Lefevre and Jorg (True pro rep) helped him too. Jorg goes back with him to his Vaughn days.
  14. Some shots of the new Hyperlite line with what appears to be standard graphics https://www.instagram.com/p/CJgqqzMg2L3/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/CJbwgrEA6Qr/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Couple of cool looking Reactor 5 retro sets https://www.instagram.com/p/CJcFfRkASkc/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  15. Did you try contacting Brian's themselves, I believe they will do repairs/rebuilds on there older gear. Found this one too http://www.hockeyrepair.com/index.html
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