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    Tydan DLC 4mm, Step Steel 4mm
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    Aegis Pro goalie
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  1. No mask no mater the fit, foam, or make up will ever prevent or stop a concussion. They are trying to make them now but its still a long ways off from something that will 100% stop you from gettting a concussion. I own 2 custom fit Protechsport and one Lundqvist Bauer Pro 960 mask. As long as there is no serious damage to the chin area the mask should be fine. As you said a fluke shot that hit it perfectly, it's not something that is going to happen ever game. The mask did the job of protecting you.
  2. My Adam Werner Bauer 580 is the same thing. Don't know why they do it ?
  3. That's pretty cheap, those blades seem to be hard to find now. I bought three pairs of one piece Trues from a pro goalie and they came with 10 sets of those blades. The part I like is they are 4mm not 3mm blades. Good score !!
  4. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/arizona-state-land-department-cancels-land-auction-for-coyotes-arena-requires-permit/sn-amp/ Wonder if the NHL will get the hint, they don't want the team backor it's owners around anymore ? https://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/laurieroberts/2024/06/18/arizona-coyotes-layoffs-alex-meruelo/74137221007/ Seen this also this week, this guy a frigging joke. How did they even let him in the league ?
  5. No reason why not, just don't cover up any safety logos or tags would be my guess. Painting it will result in it chipping off and getting it in your eyes. Powder coating, it's baked on and very hard to get off.
  6. Doesn't sound like it's carrying on. A couple of people asked if its going forward with someone else but there has been anything said.
  7. Chances are there might be Bauer logos printed underneath too on the skin. I found that out with a pair I got, the outer Bauer logos came off and underneath was the Bauer logo printed on the skin material underneath.
  8. Just seen John's announcement today.
  9. This weekend watch a few different ones. Smokey and the Bandit The Longest Day Top Gun The Great Escape The Devils Brigade
  10. Snowman30


    Here is couple of link from Sidelineswap, this 1st one is link to Graf Canada store ? https://sidelineswap.com/locker/GRAFHKY Link with different Graf goalie skates for sale on sidelineswap https://sidelineswap.com/search?q=Graf goalie
  11. Pretty much yeah, I maybe wrong but I belive CCM does or can offer 4mm with there skates. Bauer shut down any options for 4mm for there skates. You could try sidelineswap.com or ebay for them but 4mm is the "super unicorn" now. I ended up picking a pair of pro return True one piece and got 12 sets of 4mm step steel with them, all of them used once or twice.
  12. There aren't mine just seen the ad up today and figured some might be interested.
  13. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-skates/8128142-bauer-new-senior-regular-width-11-konekt-2-hockey-goalie-skates Set up for sale on sideline swap now.
  14. Cowling or Cowlingless ? Ether one is dam near hard to find as I have been looking for the one for cowlings for the long time. Step Steel is no more by the way as CCM bought them out so now JRZ is making steel but it's limited to what is out there.
  15. Snowman30


    I believe the Canadian part of this brand was bought by Vaughn but I don't believe it's around anymore. I think the only way to get Graf is from the company over in Switzerland where the skates are based out of.
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