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  1. I haven't seen the optic either, unfortunately. The Warrior I have seen but not worn -- I can tell you that I wasn't worried about movement in it, but I was worried about getting my pants up over it. The Warrior looks/feels like it would be a tank protection wise, but the covering "board" piece sticks out enough so more on the Warrior than it did on my last jock (Bauer Pro) that I ended up getting the Vaughn instead
  2. My experience exactly! haha Happened once and I've been double/triple cupping ever since!
  3. I just moved to the Vaughn SLR pro carbon double cup a few months ago. It fits over my compression shorts with player's cup just fine. The inner cup (or I guess middle cup, in our "triple cup" setups) is removable. It's also surprisingly (to me) protective -- my prior jocks all had "boards" in front of the cup (late 90's D&R, Bauer Pro) kind of like the Warrior pro one does, so I wasn't sure what to expect from the more "basic" double design, but it's working out fine.
  4. When he did mine, he didn't custom mould to my head but he did make a "custom" size shell as my measurements/photos said I needed the equivalent of an XL when all he was making at the time was L (an "overlay" he called it). He also cut the sides a bit long to accommodate my big melon, and I think lengthened the chin to keep it proportionate. All that was for the standard charge. But he may have changed his custom pricing since then as he was in way way fewer stores at the time and I know filling those retail orders can be a challenge for a small shop...
  5. Congrats! Ron made me a custom sized 3:13 about 18 months ago. It has proven well made and very protective from both shots and at least one very hard elbow. And he was definitely great to work with. Highly recommended.
  6. You know what they say about a goalie with big pants, right? That he's probably a former college offensive lineman trying to relive the athletic glory days his youth now nearly a quarter of a century in the past in a sport that allows him to continue playing past his 20's with minimal risk of exacerbating the CTE he probably already has, and that he probably enjoys the beer (and nacho/chicken wing/pizza/etc.) aspect of "beer league" a bit too much for his own good. That was just too much to fit into a username, so Big Tommy it is... 😉
  7. I have a pair of McKenney 870 senior pant 3XL in Habs colours taking up space in my basement. They have been used just enough that I am sure they are not for me (7-8 skates). I'm happy to let these go to someone on this forum who is willing to cover the shipping costs from Toronto. Note if you're considering these that these are really big pants -- I've heard this size is referred to as BFPs (Big F***ing Pants), and it's no joke. I'm a big guy to begin with, so the McKenney website fit guide suggested I was between XL and 2XL. I went up another size to see if I would enjoy tucking for a change (I did not). On top of that, when the pants arrived it turns out that the thigh padding is def wider (less contoured) than it would be in an equivalent size Velocity pant (which is that I am used to). Result = BFPs for sure.
  8. Had one and just went back to regular cateye style. Moved both into and out of the open mouth style just because of what was available at the time -- not a purposeful choice. I can't say I noticed better visual in close. But it is a lot easier to get a squirt of water without taking off your lid with the open mouth.
  9. omg that's right near my house...
  10. A used Brown or Passau would be great, but they make so many custom units you might have trouble finding a size. I'm a big guy too (6"4" 270lbs). Have been super happy with my McKenney 870 for size, mobility and protection. A few stingers to the arms over 5 years wearing it but never once a bruise. Nothing anywhere else. The arms are laced in, so they can be lengthened or shortened a couple of inches. You can also order an XL with Large arms for no upcharge, or pay a bit more for beefed up arms (but for beer league, I wouldn't). Wait time is only a couple of weeks, I believe. Weight might be a bit more than other units, but it's by no means heavy and it lasts. I looked into getting a new chestie about a year ago in some detail, but ended up staying with what I had. Turns out a new McKenney is literally half the price of a new Brown (once the Brown is customized a little). I tried on a Simmons 1000 and was impressed, but wasn't convinced the fit/protection was enough to pay over $100 more. Only Pro units from the big brands would compare to your Brown for protection, and they are way more money. McKenney is best mobility and protection per dollar for beer leaguers by far IMHO.
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