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  1. That's for the A team. This is the B team ride:
  2. Didn't make the A team? Good. Now he'll get more playing time and make new friends.
  3. Everyone's got some kind of on-line life, kind of hard to avoid. I think Greiss' posting condolences to Rush Limbaugh's family are pretty tame compared to alot of other athletes these days (eg. Lebron calling for cops to be killed).
  4. I didn't read anything about the team complaining, or him making any trouble in locker-rooms. Seems more of a "top-down" thing to me (ie: coach doesn't like him) Maybe you disagree, but I would say the fans deserve a good explanation.
  5. The official word from the Sport Director Christian Künast is something to the effect that "we are not totally sure that Greiss' values match those of the team". Sounds kind of weak. If your are going to cut your top goalie, you better give some damn good, solid reasons. No wonder fans are ticked. https://www.eishockeynews.de/aktuell/artikel/2021/05/03/greiss-wird-nach-instagram-post-vorerst-nicht-mehr-fuer-nationalteam-nominiert-wm-chancen-fuer-viele-deutsche-nhl-spieler-sinken/dde44a42-68ff-4f4e-9481-c84551825ba2.html Greiss was just the NHL player of the week...but OK...LOL
  6. Guys, let's just stick to Greiss. It's too easy to derail this thread and have it locked.I think the DEB really needs to come forward and give a better explanation for cutting him, other than just for voicing his conservative political beliefs. I've read several articles (in German news) and aside from the Hillary and Trump stuff, the most recent reason they point to was his giving condolences on social media to Rush Limbaugh's family after his death. I don't know if that's really "cancel worthy" stuff (?)
  7. The mask was from 7 years ago, he's played with the German team every year since then, and he seems to check his mask fonts more carefully now, since there's been no more cases since. It seemed to be water under the bridge. But moving on from that, the article mentioned reasons for the cut was mainly his comments on US politics and social media posts, didn't mention anything about any Nazi sympathies, aside from comparing Hillary to Hitler, which I assume was meant as an insult....and then logically speaking, if he was a Nazi sympathizer, why would he compare someone he despises to Hitler
  8. You're making alot of assumptions there. You'd really have to talk to Greiss and the painter. Beer league goalies do, but I'm not so sure about the big league guys. They move teams often and are focused on their play. I don't know if they obsess over every little mask detail like we do. Alot of times they just have a rough idea and leave the details to the painter.
  9. What I'm saying is that it's not clear. And if it's not clear, it doesn't really make any kind of statement. I'd guess 99.99% of the people who saw his mask in 2014 saw nothing but flames and Bigfoot.
  10. Your right. We need to cancel KISS too, their fonts don't match either
  11. Can't say for sure. It was a flame-themed mask, and the scrawled letters could be seen like that, if that's what you're looking for. It's not like there was Hitler and swastikas on the mask. There's Bigfoot, flames and cactuses (cacti?).
  12. Ok, but then it's kind of hard to discuss since he got cut from the team for political reasons
  13. The German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) are officially "cancelling" Greiss by cutting ties with him and not taking him to play in the upcoming IIHF world championships, due to his conservative political beliefs. Sorry could only find it in German, run it thru a translator: https://www.20min.ch/story/hitler-likes-trump-fan-deutschland-schmeisst-nhl-star-greiss-raus-413887629051 It didn't cite anything new or horrible, just that he likes Trump, compared Hillary to Hitler 4 years ago, and mentioned some posts and likes he made on Instagram (didn't say what exactly tho). Anyway, Grei
  14. I meant the lacing. I lace my skates up tight, but I see alot of new/younger goalies leave their laces very loose, which I really don't understand. I always thought ankle support was a good thing, but maybe today it's not. I don't know. I just do my own thing
  15. Christ, sounds scary 😲 I'd be afraid to walk up a flight of stairs after that, much less even think about playing hockey again. I didn't really follow the whole thing, what was the reason he needed this surgery? Was it a birth defect or something he had his whole life? Or something that recently developed? ...like from all the heartache of playing for the Cup-less Rangers for so many years? 😜
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