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  1. I'm pretty sure it is too, but was just curious...
  2. Is this site legit? Has anybody bought from them? Says they are based in Singapore. Kind of odd a shop based in Singapore would have such a large selection of hockey gear. ?? https://bestcheaphockeygear.com/
  3. Number of registered USA Hockey players have also increased in the last 10 years from 500k to about 570k. Not sure if that is a big increase or not, but at least not a decrease. Altho if you go back to 1995, then the number of players doubled... https://www.usahockey.com/membershipstats
  4. I just had Kenesky make me some knee lifts, was like about $50 shipped. Shoot them an email.
  5. What is the Kenesky trapper based on? Is it Wilcox's TPS trapper?
  6. ...good luck to the poor guy who has to sit behind her during the game, LOL
  7. (I did a search, but couldn't find anything...) Does anyone know if there is a big difference in the knee cradle positioning of a 34" vs 35" CCM Eflex pad?
  8. estogoalie

    Team Pics

    ...just gotta find some "mud-flaps" or "puck-foils" down by your toe-ties and you'll be complete 😉
  9. estogoalie

    Team Pics

    What legs pads are you wearing in the two middle pictures, where you have the St.Louis and Canucks jerseys?
  10. Thanks. But what do you mean about "double coverage" with glove positioning?
  11. Played the new league champs last night, a group of ex-pros and Div.1 guys. I played OK, except a couple of mistakes, was angry at myself for the 5-hole goals, and alot of shots hit my trapper cuff instead of the pocket (but at least stopped the shot) ...at 2:39 I over-slid, and then batted down a shot on goal with my paddle, but it's a little hard to see with all the traffic in front
  12. estogoalie

    Team Pics

    Team pic 2019/2020
  13. estogoalie

    Atlanta Gladiators

    Maybe just uses it in training? Or sneaks it into a game if nobody is looking? 😉
  14. That's cool you guys get shot stats, it helps put the GAA in perspective. One of my son subbing in a game for me (probably played better than me 😭 😉 )
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