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  1. Oh yes, I do recall the celebratory penny-farthing parade was quite a spectacle ... except for that old Coopy-Loopy chap who imbibed too much ale and mucked things up once again...
  2. Alright alright alright ...got any weed on ya?
  3. Dark makes sense for the road team, you're travelling and not always keeping them in pristine shape, ie. getting dirty and not washing them all the time. I think the reason for the switch to dark for home was to have more "colorful" jerseys for the home fans, but I've always like the white jerseys better anyway. So I'm with you, they should have left it as it was and kept the dark jerseys for the road.
  4. ...ah...late to the party with the Lionel jokes... nevermind...
  5. Hmmm...I thought the dark jerseys are the home team...now about that shutout...
  6. It's also amazing how Kivkenieks moved up from the bottom rungs on Junior hockey to the NHL: https://eu.azcentral.com/in-depth/sports/nhl/columbus-blue-jackets/2021/07/14/matiss-kivlenieks-kivi-death-blue-jackets-goalie-remembered/7934855002/
  7. Merzlikins has seen quite a bit of tragedy already in his life. His father died when he was 3. His mother re-married and moved to Switzerland, and then she died when he was in his teens (his step-father was a hockey coach). I'm sure having another Latvian goalie on Columbus, they must have gotten pretty close, and this must have been hard on him. On the bright side, being married with a kid on the way, I hope he has some more positive things to look forward to in the future....
  8. If you would have told him right here he'd be dead in a few hours, I'm sure he wouldn't have believed it. Funny how life is. I know it's cliche, but it really reminds you to enjoy each day.
  9. Sad First Latvian goalie to ever beat Canada (with a shutout no less). Dead at 24. *Edit: First it was reported he slipped by a hot-tub and hit his head, but now it was updated, and he died in a firework accident, a mortar shot him in the chest. https://www.iihf.com/en/news/26534/matiss_kivlenieks_1996-2021 https://apnews.com/article/columbus-blue-jackets-matiss-kivlenieks-hockey-nhl-sports-032b8580cdc3cd53c4a950886714c6d2
  10. "...but I'm not really a goalie..." Yea, real goalies have minimum 30 sets, but OK, since we see you are trying and have a cute "starter kit" going on there, we'll let you stick around anyway
  11. Do you notice a difference going from the smaller N.American ice to the larger European ones? I've been in Europe the last 20+ years, last time I played on the smaller rinks was late 90's. Are the angles different? The game speed faster/slower?
  12. I try to avoid Amazon and buy from smaller/independent stores whenever possible. I think the petition to keep Bezos in space and deny him re-entry to earth is brilliant.
  13. Sounds like a basketball score, LOL. I don't think I'd even bother counting anymore if it went over 10 or 20. That sucks. Most of the Harley guys I know aren't exactly early risers, LOL. Maybe get some earplugs? ...or pull his sparkplugs? LOL
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