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  1. "The revolution will be televised..." https://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/stl-vs-chi/2020/03/08/2019021061#game=2019021061,game_state=final
  2. The huge piece of velcro on the calf wrap looks like a good idea, but I don't like that they don't give an option to wrap the knee-cradle to the opposite side (ie: you have to connect the knee cradle to the calf-wrap). I know that's the trend, but still, wouldn't hurt to give the option...
  3. I see it as a little arrogant, but at the same time good business sense. He is not a "nobody" or new to the game, he shrewdly kept his name on the CCM/KOHO pads for decades in case this day would come where he parted ways with them. He's well connected and already has a bunch of pros in his new pads. He can charge top-dollar and still have people lined up outside his door to buy pads, so why shouldn't he? He probably won't do the same volume CCM does, but business is about profit, not volume. And the price for a Canadian made Lefevre set compared to a Chinese CCM set cost only about 15% more, so to me that puts me in the direction of choosing Lefevre over CCM. Well, hypothetically at least, I'm not a fan of his gear 😄
  4. Yea, I like Pete's gear designs, but I've seen/heard so many problems with the quality Would love to see them move at least the Pro production to Canada.
  5. No, you can definitely record yourself playing. You can get a suction-cup thing and stick it on the outside of the pelxiglass either behind the net or in the corner. I have a camcorder that I clamp to a metal bar near the bench sometimes during trainings/games. Watching video of yourself will really give another perspective in terms of evaluating your performance. In terms of mental aspects, it's a constant battle. Usually with the little things, but makes a big difference. Sometimes my positioning is a little off, sometimes I'm lacking in motivation. Solutions are different tho, as we each have different ways of going about it. So find what works for you.
  6. Thanks guys for the feedback. One more short video, it's only of some drills, so maybe hard to get a feel, but any feedback is welcome. (All 4 jerseys are black, but jersey numbers are visible...)
  7. I'm going to play a little in-line hockey this summer. It's in an indoor ice-rink, with the ice melted, so it's just a smooth concrete floor. I have an old set of ice gear that I plan to use, and an old pair of in-line skates. I was thinking to maybe protect the leg pads somehow. Is there some plastic things that I can buy to attach to the inner part that makes contact with the ground? Or maybe if I wind up playing more often, is it worth to buy a special set of roller hockey pads? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone recommend the CCM Pro ? https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/CCM_Goalie_Jock_Pro_Senior/descpage-CGJP19.html
  9. Hi All, There are two small training games below, each about 30min, with different goalies in each game (ie: 4 different goalies in total). I'd like to get some feedback on them. If you could watch as much as possible to get a feel of all the goalies, and give a ranking of the goalies from 1 to 4 (eg. goalie White game 1, goalie Black game 1, goalie White game 2, goalie Black game 2). Any additional comments, critiques or reasons why you prefer one over another is also welcome. Also if you think their skill levels are all similar, or if any one stands out in a good or bad way. Thanks!
  10. The CA is pretty adjustable, so you can play around and see what works. With no suspenders, the CA feels very light and mobile, and kind of floats around with my body. I don't have any movement problems or mask problems at all. Maybe on the contrary, I might have a small gap between my mask and CA, I took a shot there a couple of weeks ago and still have a bruise. Maybe I still need to make an adjustment or two. I also might think about getting a dangler for next season actually.
  11. Hi Rich, I don't tuck my CA in or lace it to my pants, so I can't speak to those issues. What I can say, is that I have the RGT pants (Medium), with internal belt and no suspenders, with the CA (Large) outside the pants, and really love the mobility (I've always worn suspenders, this is the first time I don't). If your current CA+pants setup isn't working, I would suggest to try a different arrangement with the pants. I think the CA was not meant to be tied and tucked, I think it was meant to "be free"
  12. Poor choice of words for a thread about jocks 😆
  13. estogoalie

    Warrior G5

    Where? On a side note, I tried on a WALL W10 (Large) in a shop again yesterday, and that is the best feeling/fitting mask I ever put on my head. I think after about 20 years with ReidiC I might jump ship and go to WALL.
  14. While we are piling on Simmons....Remember on GSBB, Simmons wouldn't even allow their name to be written there? You had to write S*****s. That, plus blatently cloning Vaughn, and overall arrogance...yea I also can't say I'm sorry to see them go under.
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