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  1. SZ are 40° https://www.hockeyworld.com/BRIAN-S-Sub-Zero-6-0-Catch-Glove-Sr
  2. What's the deal with Brian's "B-Star" line? I know Gnetik is their "hybrid", SubZero is the "butterfly"...where does "B-Star" fall in there? And why is there no B-Star pads or gloves? Looks to be just pants and CA's and knee guards.
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but you can get some other Swedish (and various other European teams) authentic jerseys here: https://www.shop-chl.com/jerseys.html If they don't have Goalie-cut shown on the drop box, just email them saying which jersey you want, and they will add it or otherwise do it for you. The jerseys are their "CHL" jerseys, so not the same as they wear in the regular league games, but whatever, still cool jerseys They jerseys are made in Germany (or Czech?), but anyway shipped from Germany, I think. PS- Oops, just looked, shipping to US/CAN is 42 EUR (!!), that's like $50 (!!) Good thing I live next to Germany, shipping is much cheaper
  4. WTF is that? He's a beer league guy? ...as to the question "why" so many beer leaguers buy several sets or a new set every year...I would say the simple answer is "because they can". If I had too much time and money, I'd also get bored and probably waste my time playing with custom color editors and wind up with too many sets of pads that I don't need and that will be quickly outdated/unused like Scott McDounough (don't see many puck marks on any of those pads, LOL, but they sure do look nice sitting in that custom wood cabinet )
  5. Well, depends what gear exactly are we talking about. The one thing I have the need to replace most often are gloves, as after 2-3 seasons they get broken down and lose the form and structure (ie: I hate "floppy" trappers). On the flip side, the gear I can use the longest without feeling a need to replace is helmet and skates. With the helmet I just change the foam lining every 4 years or so, and I'm good to go. Same with skates, just replace the blades and/or cowling from time to time when they get worn down. CA can easily last many years, but after a while the newer CA's just have more protection and I'll have to buy one. Same with leg pads, PRO pads can probably last 5-10 years, but technology updates have been making me buy new ones in 3-4 year cycles instead. Or even sometimes I'll just buy a full set (leg pads and gloves) every 3-4 years, which is actually what I've been doing lately. ...as for peer pressure, I'm too old for that shit, LOL. Wait, actually, when I was younger I didn't give a f--k either, so I retract my previous statement
  6. I knew a guy who's last name was Swallow, and he went into the Navy, so for the next 4 years he was "Seaman Swallow". I don't know how anyone kept a straight face. I mean, he could have joined any other branch, did he not think that all the way thru? Go Air Force.
  7. Outer rolls? We don't need no stinkin' outer rolls...
  8. Cool. Never heard of "Live Barn", looks like a good idea tho. Do you gotta pay for it?
  9. Man, I'm jealous of all you guys who have year-round ice ...here in Switzerland they melt 90% of the ice rinks from April-Aug ...oh yea, nice gear set-ups and all that...
  10. With wrap-arounds the first thing I do is get my skate to the post, (ie: lead with your feet) regardless of which side he's going (blocker or glove). Also use the stick to either cut him off /poke-check if he decides to cut in front instead (or to cut a potential pass in front). Here's how I typically play a wrap-around:
  11. That's the buckle end of my boot-strap there in the pic below. I don't see any way to attach a leather strap. Unless I somehow attach it to the plastic clip (?)
  12. "Retro"? I'm still wearing G50's, LOL. Ok, I mounted them on a newer cowling with Step Steel, but anyway. Yea, classic Graf slippers.
  13. Thanks, yea, I was kinda surprised it took so long for someone to chime in on this as well I wanted to try to use the full smart-strap setup and give it a chance, but have been struggling with it, altho I only have been on the ice a handful of times (maybe 5-6 times?). The main issue is that my skate and leg pad feel independent of each other, which is causing movement "challenges" for me, because I've always had my boot strap making a tight connection between my skate and pad, and am used to moving with the support of the pad. I now removed the smart toe-strap and replaced with traditional skate-laces, and tightened the nylon boot-strap further, and am hoping it improves things. But as a backup plan, I ordered some traditional leather straps and will see how I can install them. On the shin and knee it looks pretty simple because Brian's pre-installed inserts on the pad specifically for that. But the boot-strap left me a bit confused. Well, the "strap" side of the boot looks simple, just slide in the leather strap. But the "buckle" side I don't understand: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yUH_347bnT4OWCJ4nlvP9UC91cWsQ31z You say "on the "clip" side, that piece should slide into the bit of the primo with some suasive movement so that it anchors, and you can tuck in the smart strap clip" ...so the plastic clip that you have your thumb on should be tucked inside the black-colored area there (you called it "primo"?)? And then stuff the anchor-shaped part of the traditional leather buckle-strap in the also? Do you have a pic of how it looks all inserted? I'll give it a try later when I get home. In addition to the boot strap, I also have had some issues adjusting to the knee area. I'm used to thigh-flaps, but with these pad it's not an option, so I had to get the Brian's knee pads. Which aren't bad actually, but together with the stock knee lifts, I find it to be too much bulk there and my knees are always banging into each other when moving around. I took the knee lifts out of my V4 pads, which are thinner and not as long as the stock Brian's, and swapped them out with the Brian's, and now it seems to be a little better with less bulk/clutter. Well, I have to still try these changes on the ice. After March/April most of the rinks melt there ice here in Switzerland, so ice times are few and far between until August.
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