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  1. [RANT WARNING] We've had trainings and pre-season games the last 2 months (since end Aug), and just as our first regular season game (Regional League) was about to kick-off tomorrow, they shut down all sports for the next 4-6 weeks ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿคฌ because corona numbers have went up again. But death rate is low and AFAIK hospitals are not overwhelmed. Most people doing sports are young and fit, why now stop them? Makes no sense. Corona is out there, we need to learn to live with it, not keep doing rolling lockdowns/"slow-downs". People who are at risk should take special precautions, but let everyone
  2. Like Henry Ford famously said about the Model T: "You can have any color you want, as long as it's black"
  3. I got a pair of G9035 a couple of years ago to replace my G50's, but despite the inside looking soft and cushy, the 9035 boot was much stiffer (ie: less flex) which kinda made me not like it. So I took my G50 boots and mounted them on a newer Graf cowling and put some Step Steel on them. I'm pretty happy with that setup. I've been wearing only Graf for 20 years or so. G50 boots were the best in my book. (750/Cobra were good too, the precurser for the G50) I still have the 9035 in reserve, maybe one day I'll try them again if my G50's start falling apart.
  4. Kinda weird how Vaughn gets slagged on this forum so much ("not innovative", "doesn't promote themselves", etc.), but then is the most worn goalie gear ๐Ÿ˜„ ...just to clarify, what do those stats represent? Leg pads, or all gear? NHL? All pros? Amatures included?
  5. To be fair, with Fuhr doing alot of blow and wearing weird, random brands like Franklin.... I don't think even he remembers what gear he was wearing back then ๐Ÿ˜„ Smitty was always KOHO, from what I remember. Dryden was before even my time
  6. Warrior RGT, very light and mobile, and protective.
  7. Yea, True is kind of a new/small/nichรจ/quirky brand, who is now pairing with the decades old, conservative/veteran Lefevre ... let's see what kind of kids this strange marriage produces
  8. ...or you mean the weight begins? ๐Ÿ˜‹
  9. Vaughn doesn't really promote who designed the pads in the way True will rely on the "by Lefevre" brand. If Vaughn was bought by Walmart and fired Mike, most goalies probably wouldn't know Any Lefevre retro stuff will have limited appeal, and mostly to old-timers who already know/appreciate Lefevre, so I doubt that will boost sales much. The younger crowd is looking at the NOW, so it's more important to get some of today's big names in their pads. And I'm sure they will, as there were alot of pro's lining up outside Lefevre's door this summer for some new pads. But pro goalies can also s
  10. Good point. CCM is a HUGE brand, and with Lefevere riding on top of that name, it was a power-horse. Younger kids might not know Lefevere, and True, to date, is not very big. They are kind of a "quirky" brand, maybe like Warrior before Smith got on board. True is going to have to do some heavy marketing and endorsements to appeal to the younger crowd. Forget Vaughn, the big question is how much of the goalie market CCM will be able to hold on to and how many will move to True? I would guess True/Lefevre will come out something like Warrior/Smith, appealing to those "in the know", and CCM will
  11. Does anyone have "Cuban's" 70's pic from GSBB? That was an epic fro.
  12. When I think of big names not innovating, I also think of Brown. I'm a big fan of JB, and he's a great guy, was an honor to talk to him personally when I ordered some pads circa 2007. But he is literally still selling the same pads that are 20+ years old. Even when I bought a set in mid-2000's they were outdated. When I moved up to TPS R12's around 2010, I was stunned how much better/modern they were, ie: pads stayed 90ยฐ to the ice, no rolling, lighter, slimmer profile, better mobility, etc. You can make the case Vaughn and Lefevere don't innovate much or push the envelope as much as say
  13. Was I posting in Russian? Shit, I have to stop drinking vodka when I post. Or else it was Russian hackers. Either way it's bad news. Wait, why am I wearing an Adidas track suit and black leather dress shoes...?
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