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  1. ...actually I was just thinking, if this was the Vaughn pads with the magnets, forwards could tape reverse polarity magnets in their stick blades and pop off goalies pad straps at will 😆
  2. What the hell is this? It's 3-on-3 hockey with people of mixed nationalities playing for "color" teams (eg. Team Red vs Team Brown). I mean it sounds like fun, but how do you call it an Olympic event? Players are not playing for their countries. I'm confused. ...and I thought Para and Youth Olympics were held at regular Olympic venues before/after the actual Olympics. So now I'm doubly confused. https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2020/yogm/news/17561/green-leafs-turn-to-gold?fbclid=IwAR24g2TLpwBsWRqgy674Zvq8U_tM-YkmhDtLXgNTTBYvCNLh5YI-GhX0LTc
  3. Hey, don't burst the bubble, people need stuff to talk about.
  4. The first comment in the review was "very bulky", which is kinda strange to me. I have the original RGT and what I love most about it, is that it is very light and mobile, with great movement in the arms (ie: I can drink my water bottle no problems). "Bulky" is not the word that comes to my mind with this CA. Can anyone who has tried both units give a comment? Was there any drastic changes between the original and version 2? Or was it just small incremental upgrades? It's all a matter of opinion of course, one persons "bulky" is anothers "mobile"
  5. I think Brian's and Warrior are doing alot of good things in terms of innovation. I'm a little skeptical of Warrior quality tho, I'm using RGT PRO pants and CA this season, and while I really like them in terms of fit and design, I've had some small things like buttons fall off and thread come out. I don't like that they make their PRO stuff in China, and I'm not saying China made stuff is all bad, but on the other hand, I don't recall ever having gear made in Canada that had quality issues. My Canadian made Brian's stuff is solid and somehow has a more quality feel to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Warrior, I love my CA and pants and would buy them again, just wish they were made a little better.
  6. I'd like to see Lefebvre branded pads again 🤯 ...not to get too far off-track, but what is JRZ? They made gear for Bauer?
  7. My first pads that didn't "roll" when I went in the butterfly (ie: stayed 90°) were TPS R12 pads that I bought around 2011. Before that I had some John Brown pads, that I really liked, but did roll alot. PS- I like my boot straps pretty tight, and I've had zero roll issues with all the pads I've bought (and were made) since around 2010 (Vaughn V5, TPS R12, Brian's Gnetik 2)
  8. Pickle juice is popular with hungover Russians...or so I hear
  9. Buy direct from WALL Finland: https://www.wallmask.fi/en/ Very good masks, tons of Finnish pros wearing them. W10 will probably be my next mask. Tried it on, fit great. Felt solid. Not sure I'd trust the US built clones.
  10. who's the Aussie player in the NHL? ...and I can't believe Switzerland doesn't have any goalies in the NHL right now 😧
  11. I had a mask painted last year by Masked Expressions, cost around $400-500 for a basic design. More complex would cost more of course. He's a pretty good artist, but I had some problems with the paint chipping on the forehead when I get hit there. Not sure, but maybe it was because I had a matte finish instead of gloss. Or maybe because my mask is ABS instead of regular composite. Whatever, I put some clear nail polish on the chips and it's all good. Might need to send it for a touchup eventually tho. https://www.maskedexpressions.com/ My second pick would have been Detroit Air, also around the same price range: https://www.detroitairfx.com/ The mask when it was fresh and new...
  12. What is your FTK measurement? Is this CCM size chart valid for Eflex 3? Can anyone else who has an Eflex set chime in with FTK measurement?
  13. My son got his first shutout playing Juniors (U20)
  14. Ok, thanks. How much does the trapper cost (roughly), in US$?
  15. I'm pretty sure it is too, but was just curious...
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