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  1. Yea, exactly, shot dynamics are very different with ice vs roller.
  2. Hey, where in Switzerland are you? I'm playing in the Freiburg/Bern/Burgdorf area.
  3. After playing a little more, I noticed I'm letting in more direct stoppable shots than usual I think in part due to the lack of contrast with the puck. I notice now how the black puck really stands out so much more on a white ice rink. Here the cement we play on is grey and I notice puck visibility is not as good as on ice. I'm also wondering if the weight of the puck makes any difference? We play with a plastic black puck with little wheel/balls on them. It's for sure lighter, and maybe shoots faster than a regular rubber ice puck? One other strange thing, is that I noticed some guys who are so-so on ice are now much better at roller, and guys who are usually good on ice are not so great at roller. Nothing really dramatic, I don't mean sucky guys are suddenly playing like Crosby or anything, it's more subtle differences....but still noticeable. I guess people adapt differently? Or maybe it's just lack of effort because they don't care really about roller?
  4. The rollerfly thing looks interesting, but $180 is kinda expensive for a piece of plastic But Ok, I get the idea, maybe I can make something. If I was playing roller regularly it would make sense to buy something good, but I'm just gonna play a few times over the summer (with old pads) and then back to ice. ...you can stretch enough to reach one foot on each post? 😲 Jesus, I wish I was that flexible
  5. The last time I played roller was circa 1996, since then it's only been ice. This summer I decided to play some roller with some teammates who I used to play ice with. They play at an indoor ice rink where the ice is melted and it's just a smooth concrete-type floor there. The two things I remember from the 90's was that with no ice you can't slide and it's very hot. Afterthe first time playing with them, these still hold true I discovered I also remembered not to spill water on my head in the crease, after I did that my rollerblades were slipping all over the place Movement overall was problematic, but one big issue I had today was when the play was behind the net. On ice I'm used to sliding back and forth post-to-post, but in roller there is none of that happening. What do you do in roller when play is behind the net? Also, when someone would skate in down the wing, then pass over to the other side, it's hard to move laterally, you can only t-push basically and hope for the best it seems. Lack of sliding hurts there (or maybe I should just play deeper in net to avoid the need to move laterally? Hmmm...). One good thing, is that since most of the players are also mainly ice players, they are also kind of blowing some plays because they aren't so fluid on the rollerblades Theres one or two guys who play roller regularly, and you can see the difference, they know how to maneuver in the roller environment much better. Any, if anyone has some tips, I'd be grateful. I'll be playing once a week for the next few weeks. Nothing serious, not a league or anything, just killing time until the ice returns in August.
  6. With over a 2 month pause in play, it's going to be tough for players to jump back into it (fans too, LOL). Instead of a pre-season to warm up, it's straight to playoffs. I dunno. I would just say forget it and call the season over, like alot of other leagues have done. But OK, if they think they can salvage something, then yea, I guess why not. Let's see.
  7. I love shit like that, because it's fking authentic. Just quietly signing a card for a kid and sending it back. Not making a big deal about it. Not all the "look at me" crap and smearing it all over Twitter. Just doing it. So many athletes just do nice stuff when the camera is on. I hate when players hand out sticks to fans, it's so staged. Make sure the camera is on or make sure the fan is recording with his camera, ok, now hand the stick and smile, make sure the fan has an "OMG" expression...it's so clearly a phony PR stunt...🙄 But doing things quitely behind the scenes when the cameras are off, that's fking real man 🤘
  8. Oooh, diggin deep for that one. Alot of time on your hands with corona-lockdown I see I'd say that might be a better guess than Snow or Hexy. I guess a Snow or Hexy CA would probably be more known and valuable. Good call.
  9. Interesting update from McKenney. I haven't seen/heard much from them in a while. Hopefully they can resurrect themselves a bit. And I hope their prices are in-line with Passau and Kenesky and not Lefevre. I think I looked at some McKenney gear a year or 2 ago, and their prices were kinda high. But maybe if they now sell direct, they can cut out the middle-man and drop the price a bit. Let's see...
  10. Let the NHL guys dress in shitty beer-league locker-rooms and play in shitty beer-league arenas in front of a crowd of 3 girlfriends and a couple of kids. I'd pay good money to watch that
  11. Ok, thanks, I bought mask foam from McMaster before, I'll take a look there.
  12. Are these only for Passau and Kenesky pads? Or you can put them on any pad? (And how do you put them on?)
  13. What is that plastic material, and where did you buy it?
  14. Meanwhile back in Sweden... https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/7459493 ...and in India, deaths in general are down 21% compared to last year in Mumbai...in part to less road accidents and murder due to the lockdown...I stand corrected, lockdown does save lives, if people are sitting home instead of out driving they are indeed safer https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-india-casualties/mortality-rates-drop-sharply-in-parts-of-india-bucking-coronavirus-trend-idUSKCN2260WM
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