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  1. Let us know how it turns out!
  2. estogoalie


    I filmed my kid getting beat on a similar type of goal that I have also been struggling with, and can't seem to find the answer to. When someone comes breaking in on a break-away down the side, usually with a fair amount of speed, and then cuts across in front, and flips it into the far side that is wide open....how do you stop that? Poke-check is one possibility, but let's skip that for now, because they can be out of reach, or could deke around. The best I would say, would be to move up further and match the attackers speed coming back, and hope to slide to the far side. But still, you'll probably be sprawling, and leave some net open above the pads. ...any other ideas?
  3. Some from my son's game today...(the last shot he got with his blocker )
  4. Maybe it's some "Pro" stick tape?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll try spraying with rubbing alchol, and washing in the tub with some soap. The ozone generator sounds interesting, never heard of that, but it says in the description "ONLY USE IN UNOCCUPIED SPACE", so how does that work, exactly? It's not safe to breath? Do you shut your gear up in a small closet or something and then run the ozone machine for a few hours?
  6. I don't usually buy used gear, but I got a good deal on a glove locally that was lightly used, it doesn't really smell since it wasn't used much, but anyway I'm wondering what would be the best way to just give it some sort of cleaning? I was thinking maybe just dump some hot water (and a little soap maybe) in there and let it stay out in the sun a bit?
  7. I was thinking exactly along these lines the other day. The difference between a good goalie and a great goalie is getting into the very small details that most probably don't even notice. For example, when you improve from say a save % of .70 to .90 that's a big and noticeable difference, and can usually be reached by improving on basics and fundamentals. But going from .90 to .92 doesn't look like much, but it's actually more difficult to get there because when you get into that realm of very minute details, which is pretty much endless, it opens a whole new world.
  8. Here's the top team in my league's record (HC Ice Fighters), they are a group of former Div.1 (pro/semi-pro) players who recently "retired" (all in their 30's) notice they destroy all their opponents and haven't lost a game (rest of the teams are around Div.4 level). But yet also notice that they have not gotten a shutout yet either yet this season. Why is that? Because s**t happens. No goalie no matter how good is going to stop everything. There's always going to be some re-direct, rebound, bounce, etc. that not even Mr.Pro is gonna stop.
  9. If it leaves an ass-print in the seat, then I guess that would answer the question if it's heat-moldable or not, LOL
  10. Perfect, thanks, sounds like this might be what I am looking for Do you know is it flexible enough to bend in a " U " shape, or is it heat-moldable? Ah, I guess I'll maybe just buy a sheet and play around with it and find out.
  11. Good/great goalies can't "win" games unless they can also skate up a score goals. The best a goalie can do is give their team a chance to win games. If you dropped Pekka Rinne into a beer league game, would his team automatically win? That's fun to ponder, but I wouldn't be so fast to say "yes". If you dropped Crosby into a beer league game, I'd say there's a 99% chance his team would win, because he could probably skate circles around everyone and score more-or-less at will, which would have a big outcome on the score. But a goalie? I mean there are some instances where a goalie, even a pro, has little or no chance. Eg. a 2-on-0, the goalie can't move laterally faster than the puck. Or a shot that is tipped and redirected gives almost no time for the goalie to react. Or even just a bad bounce. Or rebounds, maybe he makes the initial save or two, but if the D doesn't clear the puck, goalie is out of position, and well....These things happen in the NHL as well, on down to the beer leagues. I'd say if Pekka RInne replaced me in my next game against the top tier teams, we'd still lose, but instead of 10-2 maybe just 4-2. I'd say the chance of a 2-0 win is very slim, altho who nows. Anyone got Pekka's number? I'll gladly step aside and let hom sub in my team's next game
  12. So then he enjoys getting bruised? Most goalies are complaining they don't enjoy the bruises with the new CA rules. ...or should I interpret the "too much protection" in another way, like "lack of mobility"?
  13. This year my team has had to call in a few goalie subs this season due to illness/injury to me and our other regular goalie, and I've noticed that when we play the top 3 teams in our division, we ALWAYS lose by a score of about 10-2, regardless of who is in net. I know some of the subs that played for us are not that good, but still the score was in that 10-2 range. And it made me start to think "how much does the goalie really matter?" if there is a good goalie or bad goalie in net, if we still lose by about the same score. I know the goals that they (top teams) score on me are usually very hard to stop (ie: tick-tac-toe, etc.) where regardless how good/bad the goalie is, there's a 90% chance the puck is going in the net. So I'm starting to think when playing stronger teams, it's not a big difference if you have a good goalie in net or a not-so-good goalie, it's still going to end up 10-2 (or somewhere abouts). I guess that a good vs bad goalie will only be more apparent in tighter games, where each goal counts, and more shots are "stoppable" or at least having more of a chance to be stopped. Disclaimer: yes, I know GAA isn't really a good representation of how a goalie played, or if the other team was missing some good players, etc. Also, no, the top teams in our league don't usually "back off" once they have a big lead, sometimes they beat weaker teams by 20 or 30 goals.
  14. What is the ShockTec Air2Gel about? Is it gel or foam? How does it compare to standard mask foam, like eg. Rubatex? https://shocktec.com/Order/default.aspx#SHOCKtecAir2Gel
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