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  1. Leg pads and gloves about 3-4 years. Chest a little longer, 4-6 years. Pants, as long as they are still in one piece, depends how well they are made, around 3-6 years. Skates and helmet maybe 10 years. Did I miss anything? Oh, jock, I don't wear one, I got balls of steel. That's based on playing 2-3x per week for 7-8 months of the year (and pro gear). Now that I'm playing less, time before buying new gear will increase I guess.. unless I see some shiny new gear I really want
  2. Why the outrage? If it's basically the same game, then just buy last years version for $18 like I did and be on your merry way ...unless you enjoy living in constant outrage and anger in order to justify a victim-hood mentality that blames others for your own shortcomings and poor life choices ...in which case I say you should indeed go and pay $80 for NHL22 and then have a nice justified rage against the evil patriarchy
  3. My kids have PS4 and have been playing NHL17 since we got the PS a few years ago. They aren't big gamers, just play occasionally when bored. I saw NHL20 on sale for $18 the other day and figured I'd pick it up. The kids put it in today, and said they don't see much difference. Can anyone here chime in? Every year the new ones (like NHL22) cost like $80 or smth. How can they justify the price if it's basically the same as the previous years games?
  4. 9:05 is a weird time to start a game. That f--ked me up more than the rest of the story.
  5. These guys are awesome
  6. My parents are from Estonia and Ukraine, I was born+raised in New York, but living in Switzerland since 20 years (with a couple of years of living in Germany and Estonia) Language is actually not my strong point. The only class I ever failed in school was english, LOL. I remember a long time ago I was hanging out with some Estonians in New York, and they asked me if I speak Estonian, and I was like "I barely speak english", so then they started talking to me in Estonian, and I was like "no, you don't get it, I barely speak english" LOL
  7. Actually verbally talking to myself? No, never did that. There was a period of time when I found my mind drifting, and I would tell myself to "focus and fight" repeatedly to get myself back on track. The last few years I have been turning myself inwards like an autistic transcendental jedi monk (hey, that would make a good user-name actually ) I don't say anything to anybody, including myself. Just in my own silent little goalie world out there. Not sure how high up that is on the weirdo-goalie ladder, but it works for me
  8. 80's rock/metal mostly. Metallica and Slayer is about as heavy as I go. Pre-game is AC/DC and Rhino Bucket. What happened to rock/metal anyway? Tons of good bands in the 70's/80's/90's but nothing much in the last 20 years, just some random stuff here and there, but no big movement on the whole
  9. A horse? Really? I refuse to dignify this ridiculous accusation.
  10. Yea, there's only so much they can do to improve, altho I think the end of the line will just be strapping 2cm boards on with some landing gear attached to it. There's also alot of gimmicky stuff that's either just sales-pitches, or useless, or I just don't understand. I was looking yesterday at my Brian's blocker and it had a logo of some kind of "blah-blah-blah technology", and I'm thinking "does anyone get excited about this stuff, or even know what it is?" Anyone remember TPS and "Brock Technology"? I still have no idea what that was about. But apparently it was supposed to deaden the rebound, which I guess "the science" said was supposed to be a good thing 20 years ago.
  11. He's limited by the technology of his time.
  12. Nice, love those crazy Hasek-style saves. Were those old Mighty Ducks jerseys the other team had? Do they still make those?
  13. Two words: free sticks
  14. When it rains, it pours. As goalies, we tend to blame ourselves, but many times these quick series of goals are not our fault, but a burst of offense from the other team. So it's not that we lost our groove, but that they suddenly hit theirs. ...or maybe our "lucky charm" ran out of luck. Who knows. In any case, not much else to do but suck it up and move on.
  15. Copyright date on the photo says 1975... so the suite pimping his website is either definitely photoshopped, or I need to contact this guy and ask him about next weeks lotto numbers ...and wait, what's this banner that says "Don't give up"? ...Philly got the best fans LOL
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