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  1. We can speak about this off line as we have some things we are currently working on for later in 2020/21 that would interest you. Thanks as always.
  2. The only issue would be timing as we run our summer camps during June, July and August and the only week we have off is the 4th of July holiday.
  3. Incredible new Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet (Assault model) painted by Resurrection Custom Painting. This mask has incredible detail and turned out fantastic. Visit www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
  4. New masks that have gone out over the last few weeks.
  5. New Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet ready to go for ACHA D1 Calvin College goaltender Darin Fox. Wrapped by Mark Magnanti at SkinFX, this mask is ready to make a statement this season!......www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
  6. New Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet (Assault Model) All Ready To Go For ACHA D1 Goaltender Zach Janis (Davenport University). Painted By Jay Plant At J & A Airbrush, This Mask Is LIGHTS OUT www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
  7. More Masked Marvels Out The Door! www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
  8. A new Masked Marvel Goalie Helmet for University of Michigan goaltender Evan Chang (ACHA D3). Painted by Don McClelland at MAC Masks, this is an incredible tribute mask to Evan’s playing career from minor hockey all the way to collegiate. Congratulations Evan on a wonderful hockey career! Learn more at www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
  9. Dead But Never Forgotten. Incredible Tribute Mask Of The Grateful Dead Painted By Doug Wager At Weasel Head Designs Paired With A Deep Purple Cage Done By Tim James At TWJ Powder Coating. This Mask Came Out Incredible! Learn More At www.maskedmarvelhelmets.com
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