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    Custom Brian's Optik 2
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    Custom Brian's Optik 2
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    Custom Brian's Optik 2
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    Bauer Supreme Pro Ultra Black Edition
  • Review:
    Love it! NO stingers, trying to figure how to make the stomach protection stay put better (Probably wearing too loose).
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    Vaughn Ventus SLR2 SE Pro
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    Fantastic pants!
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    Bauer Profile 950X
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    Big upgrade from my previous mask! Amazing fitting and takes pucks like a champ
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    Warrior Ritual M1 Senior/Bauer X2.5
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    Bauer Supreme 3S
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    Brian's Optik
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    Kova Custom Neck Guard
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    Warrior Ritual X2

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  1. A full look at Gibson’s pads and blocker. I like them. Bummed about the mask though.
  2. Got to go to Bryz’s camp years ago. He was so nice and pushed us so much. He really taught me a lot. It made a huge difference in my game going forward.
  3. After finally getting some more consecutive skates now that everything is getting back to normal, I love these pads and glove. The glove is hands down my favorite glove I’ve ever owned. The thing closes like absolute butter. The pads are so light and fast and hard rebounds and seal nice. The blocker is my least favorite but I definitely don’t hate it
  4. Loved the feeling of the skates with the way I tied them. Still getting used to cowlingless skates anyways. A little slippage in my right one and probably could use some insoles (I have pretty high arches) but felt great. I’m actually wearing correct fitting skates and I definitely notice a difference. Kova neck guard was awesome. After I started playing I barely noticed it.
  5. Finally going to get back on the ice since summer! Excited to really get a feel for my gear and try out my new Kova neck guard and see how the waxed elite laces work out. I did that “Ben Scrivens” lacing and want to see how it goes!
  6. Those pads give me major Bauer RX10 Vintage vibes.
  7. It was pride night. Says so on their website. Considering most nhl teams don’t play into June, it makes sense. Teams are also doing HFC and military appreciation recently. Gotta do what you can with a short schedule.
  8. If it is, he’s wearing it with the wrong jersey. Lol update: from the Ducks subreddit
  9. What in the heck is Gibby’s helmet lol
  10. I’m no professional medical anything but did study some Sports Med in college. Some of the stuff is freak injuries which can’t really be prevented. A lot can be prevented by proper stretching, having proper range of motion, and being limber/flexible but also not being overly limber/flexible. Pro athletes are so freakishly athletic sometimes it feels like not everyone’s body can keep up. We just need to find out Cogliano’s secret to staying in stupid good shape and never getting hurt lol
  11. Gibby’s major injury troubles are really a thing of the past at this point. He’s not getting hurt much more than most goalies now a days. Hell this season he was at most GP when he got hurt, which as we’re seeing, games played management is pretty crucial for goalies. I had some numbers of GP compared to other starting goalies (it got deleted lol) and he’s pretty much at a normal level since 17/18 or at least within reason of other guys (excluding Helly who has played an absurd amount of games the last 3 seasons lol). I think he’s at 169. Overall I feel like minor goalie injuries are on the rise and guys are also realizing it’s not worth trying to play through a minor injury because it’ll usually end up getting worse.
  12. Been a brutal season to watch. Last couple games Gibby played I thought he was going to absolutely lose it. Pretty sure the Ducks have scored close to 10 goals on their own goalies this year lol
  13. He looked extremely off last night. Couldn’t catch a to save his life. I thought he had a new glove on but nope it was his normal glove he used. He’s look decent this year so far, I think he was either hurt/sick or just an off night.
  14. 1 or 3! 2 is a close second
  15. Is Gibby the only True/Lefevre guy with no logos on his pads?
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