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  1. Has anyone put one of the replacement player 3mm blades into the True 2 piece holder? There was some comments that it could be done but not sure if anyone has actually done it?
  2. I had the same issue with my local shop, the rep did a lot of Trues but didnt really have experience with custom Bauers My feed are off the charts wide, see my scan: If you are worried about the fit of the custom Bauers I wouldnt be, Ive tried both True and Bauer customs now and they both fit perfectly (Just as reference, I have to wear a 8.5 EE retail Bauer boot in order to fit my width) Like someone else mentioned, pick the blade/holder that you like and go from there. If you like the CCM holder go with CCM, if you like Vertrexx go with Bauer. The custom fit is nothing like off the shelf
  3. My recommendation is to go with a Bauer custom 2X if you like the bauer blade/holder Ive used a custom True and the fit is great, however like many others I had issues with the inner liner detaching and wear issues (gen1 true not sure if the gen2s have improved) I currently wear a a stock 1X but I also own a pair of Bauer custom 2S player skates. The fit of the bauer is as good if not better than the Trues. Price between the two is closer than listed. I paid 1149 USD for the Bauers, that included picking the tongue, tendon guard, blade type, liner. I just couldnt get used to the true holder/blade so I ended up buying a set of Bauer holders and blades. All told my True setup ended up $1000+ ($799 for skate, $40 for custom white toe cap and white upper, $50 for shot blocker (store recommended this since they said it would make boot stiffer), Bauer holder + blade+ labor to remove and install)
  4. i havent played Roller since the early 2000s. My main rink was a melted down outdoor rink on polished concrete. Between the sweat and the spilling water I kept a full size bath towel inside my net to dry things off after whistle. Back then I played a lot more standup style so I have no idea how I would play again after almost 20 years of only playing ice.
  5. Anyone have a good way to remove the adhesive/foam that Protechsport uses? I have a 10 year old Brodeur that Im in the process of repadding. Unlike other masks the foam looks to be glued in with some yellowish adhesive.
  6. kudot

    Lefevre going solo

    was watching the devils tonight, Domingue got the start but was back in his CCMs
  7. Back in 1996 ish I bought (actually my parents) a set of Koho Revolution Pads/gloves blockers (the patrick roy ones) The pads were $900 glove was just under 260 and blocker was 160. so all told that's $1320 USD. In 2020 USD terms thats about $2250 which isnt too different from top of the line equipment nowadays Pads have always been expensive.
  8. I used to play in cowlingless skates (was in Bauer One100 with cowl before) and One100 pads but didnt really notice a difference. Id try playing around with your heel/skate straps to see if there is a difference for you. Ive switched back between cowless (1S) and cowl (CCM tacks) and I really dont feel a difference in the pad
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