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  1. With the AS1 going on sale everywhere, was thinking of pulling the trigger on a set. But first, some questions for the experts, or at least for the guys that may have the same size skates. Does CCM follow the Bauer method, where a 9 and 9.5 skate would have a 9 cowling, but a 9.5EE would have a 10? I’m pretty sure I’m a 9 in the current sizing, but if I were to go with 8.5EE, would it have a 9 cowling? Are the size charts accurate? I’m pretty sure my foot length is 277mm, which is 9, but an 8.5 is only listed only 4mm shorter. Is that enough of a difference to matter? thanks in advance for any insight
  2. Been out of the loop around here, but back playing 3x per week after having both hips replaced. Had the right hip replaced in October 2018 and the left one done January 2019. Started skating (ten minutes) around St Patrick's Day and playing half a pickup around the beginning of June. Played seven times in the last two weeks (just got back from the rink), and I feel the best I have in five years. I turned 57 in June Find an ortho you trust, and find a surgeon you trust more. I got a lot of runaround from my original ortho, who didn't do anything beyond telling me to "take an extra aleve" - I eventually convinced his PA to at least give me a cortisone shot, which worked for about three weeks. A month later, I went to a different ortho who put the X-rays up on the screen and said "I can't help you, I don't do replacements" . I don't know if the prior guy could have done more, but it was a waste of two years That said, surgery was the best thing I could have done. It's awesome to just be regular sore after playing instead of being in excruciating pain and unable to walk upright for a day after skating. You can (and will) come back from this
  3. It looks like a palm meant for a new glove, but pasted onto an old glove
  4. Ask him, and send pictures of what you mean - I'm sure he will do it. For those who have issues with the black foam, ask for the cream colored foam (hint - it's rubatex)
  5. I believe he also designed the HM30 cage (and HM40 for forwards), which is still the basis for all cateye cages today
  6. Yes, I asked for the specific shell. I did not ask for specific placement of the vent holes, but if I was getting any other shell with triangle holes, I would specify. Short chin was also a specific request, three inches
  7. Shawn is a guy who uses the superior grade materials in his own offerings. He's been beating the OTNY drum lately for the same reason. All I'm saying is that I'd take high quality fiberglass over cheap kevlar all day every day And at 1/3 the price? There is no downside and FWIW, the wait time as of three weeks ago was 12-14
  8. But it's not close. Fiberglass doesn't necessarily equal fiberglass The epoxy resin used by Protechsport is superior to what others use in their "top of the line" masks. I'd also wager that the fiberglass cloth is a higher quality than what is put in a mass produced product The Bauer 961 is 99% a fiberglass mask made with polyester resin. That one sheet of aramid doesn't make it a better mask. At this point I'd bet almost anyone making a 961 clone makes it as well or better than Bauer does.
  9. The NME padding doesn't fit in the Bauer 961, so no reason it should fit anything else, either.
  10. OK, I'll bite Why? He can put either the padding of your choice, or leave it unpadded If you have a 960/961 padding kit, he could install it, and match the holes. I know he has done the CCM hole pattern for people on other masks, so hole location isn't an issue.
  11. 5'8" 25 in Sherwood sizing I'm on my last Sherwood and will be using Vaughn for the foreseeable future - same sizing
  12. Honestly, the fiberglass model is well above a "mid-level" mask, and imho, better than virtually anything available at retail I've owned both kevlar and fiberglass models and honestly noticed no difference in the protection. My Potvin (fiberglass) should ship this week. To this day, I have no idea why people would pay 3x the price of a Protechsport for a Bauer 961
  13. I put the GX1 boot in a Reebok/CCM cowling with no problem. I don't see any reason they shouldn't fit Bauer or Graf Not the Vaughn boot in the picture, obviously, but that's the cowling I put it in
  14. Vaughn only made two sizes of cowling. So the cowling on an 8.5 would be the same as the cowling on an 11. I did wear first generation Vaughn for a bit. I wore an 8.5 in the old Graf or Bauer and an 8 in the Vaughn because the toe box was so much wider. The only problem with the gen 1 cowling was the steel. They needed a ton of work to get them anywhere near a proper radius. I replaced my original steel with step steel. I'm not 100% positive, but I think the gen 2 and 3 have the step steel standard. For the price, I'd grab the pair that beanbats is selling. If you don't like the boot or it doesn't fit, you can keep the cowling and make a couple bucks back on the boots. The UK 9 size seems to indicate they are a size 10 from what I can tell from other pics on the web There is also these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vaughn-Pro-Stock-Goalie-Skate-Replacement-Cowlings-Size-10-2030/172292886463?hash=item281d74cfbf:g:XD8AAOSwA3tXoSB8 I've used this seller (got my catch gloves from him) - throw him an $80 offer and see what happens I would also consider trolling facebook for a pair. I assume there are guys that like the boot, but not the blades There are also a few pairs of new GX1 on ebay for around 150
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