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    Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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    Toms River, New Jersey, USA

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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Passau (1st generation), XL body, L arms, double heart guard
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    Brown, JB 2100, 52"
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    1) Dillon custom, 2) Protechsport (full Kevlar, Theodore mold), 3) CCM Pro (1st generation)
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  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer Pro
  • Skate - Cowling
    Bauer VerteXX, 4mm
  • Skates - Blades
    STEP STEEL EXTREME, 3/8 hollow
  • Knee Pads
    Custom/modified, "Frankenkneepadz," 2/3 Koho and 2/3 Passau
  • Neck Guard
  • Jock
    Vaughn, double cup

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  2. Thanks for the shout out @BadAngle41 Great looking design!
  3. Sorry @SaveByRichter35. Didn't intend to distress you. It's not inevitable for all of us. I have FAI which predisposes to early osteoarthritis/degenerative hip disease and, as I mentioned, I have a lot of mileage/impact on these hips (...and, still, my knees are fine). Furthermore, I can remember having hip pain as early as high school (1978-82). Hopefully, you will not suffer my/our fate. But, the science/technology is improving yearly. One of my best friends (a defenseman, which I think we can all agree is a different animal) is also back playing after total hip replacement. Enjoy, compete, have fun, God speed, don't worry. Yours in the bond. 56
  4. @BadAngle41 Thanks for sharing. Wishing you continued good health. Hope you get to play with your kids. I will keep everyone here informed.
  5. @Wonder35 Wow! Knee and hip! All the best. Your 2007-2018 history is a beacon of hope to me and for all of our aging goaler brethren. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  6. @Gregory Lee Thanks for the encouragement and very glad to hear you're still going strong. Were you playing while limping over that last year?
  7. Any goalies out there playing after hip replacement or hip resurfacing? After over 1500 games, practices and 6 years of football, Father Time is knocking at the door. Been playing on borrowed time for a while and I can see the hot lights of the surgical amphitheater in the distance. Hoping I don't have to hang'em up just yet. FIFTY-SIX (age 55)
  8. @raucebyalien I stripped out the backsides of my SubZero 2 pads (leaving an open leg channel and an open knee cradle) and removed the Smart Strap system. My strapping system now includes an elastic "Price" knee-block to calf strap and a nylon "Professor Strap". I only retained the Brian's elastic calf wrap strap and the leather boot strap, worn loose. The pads are loose but the "Professor Strap" keeps me on the knee-blocks and in control of the pads.
  9. Thank you all for your efforts, expertise and dedication to this BB and our fellow keepers. 56
  10. Looking good. May I ask your height, weight and age? 56
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