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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
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    Brian's SubZero Pro2
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    Passau (1st generation), XL body, L arms, double heart guard
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    Brown, JB 2100, 52"
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    1) Dillon custom, 2) Protechsport (full Kevlar, Theodore mold), 3) CCM Pro (1st generation)
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    Bauer Pro
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    Bauer VerteXX, 4mm
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    STEP STEEL EXTREME, 3/8 hollow
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    Custom/modified, "Frankenkneepadz," 2/3 Koho and 2/3 Passau
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    Vaughn, double cup

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  1. With all respect chakal, I lament the recent changes and would not be surprised if they went back to black gloves/pants/helmets in 2-3 years. 56
  2. I thought I was nearly alone with an 11-year, temporary, retirement. You guys rock! 56
  3. Esto: Can you elaborate on your "loose skates" reference. Thanks, 56
  4. You are ready to talk to TWO orthopedic surgeons. Get a second opinion at a tertiary care/university hospital. Let us know how it goes. CFS
  5. Knit, yes, but those are not the Leafs' current socks. Probable practice-associated uniform deviation. Andersen has not played an NHL game in those socks.
  6. Have your parents dress you in the minivan. 🙃
  7. Hi goalers: Hope everybody is staying safe. Bumping this topic. I had right total hip arthroplasty, anterior approach, on March 5, 2020 (just under the COVID-19 wire). Surgery went great. Feels fantastic. Unfortunately, my plan to hit the gym hard postoperatively was derailed by the pandemic (apologies, 1st world problems, I know). I'm hoping to skate 6 months postop, pandemic permitting. I appreciate everyone's input last autumn. Any updates or guidance are always appreciated. @Gregory Lee @Wonder35 @bc30
  8. Yes, Piney. Currently not at Laurel.
  9. Thanks for the shout out @BadAngle41 Great looking design!
  10. Sorry @SaveByRichter35. Didn't intend to distress you. It's not inevitable for all of us. I have FAI which predisposes to early osteoarthritis/degenerative hip disease and, as I mentioned, I have a lot of mileage/impact on these hips (...and, still, my knees are fine). Furthermore, I can remember having hip pain as early as high school (1978-82). Hopefully, you will not suffer my/our fate. But, the science/technology is improving yearly. One of my best friends (a defenseman, which I think we can all agree is a different animal) is also back playing after total hip replacement. Enjoy, c
  11. @BadAngle41 Thanks for sharing. Wishing you continued good health. Hope you get to play with your kids. I will keep everyone here informed.
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