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  1. Smart move with the reinforcements. I had to repair one of the knee bindings, it came apart so I sewed it back up and it's been good since then. And yes mine cracked at both boots so I just put some super glue where they were starting to crack and that seems to have stopped it from cracking further. Your solution is much more elegant lol. But other than those small issues, the pad performance is still great. Good sliding and the rebounds still shoot out far which I love. That alone has saved me from so many goals as my rebounds with my old soft pads were horrible.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My 1X are holding up well (great based on the Bauer horror stories) so I'll probably stick with them unless I find a killer deal on a 2X set. I do like the 1X so much that I have no desire to try another pad other than the 2X.
  3. I've had my 1X pads for a while now and have been extremely happy with them. I'm starting to see some decent deals on used 2X pads now...just wondering what the main differences are and if you are happy you upgraded or if you didn't notice much difference?
  4. Got one game in with the new V1+ and it's amazing. Light yet feels solid. Super happy with it. No surprise as I liked the CR1 and this is basically that stick but improved.
  5. Just got my new warriors. Check out the weight. A 26" V1+ is 20 grams lighter than a 25" 1S!! Can't wait to try them out soon.
  6. For the next week or so sportchek has buy one stick, get one 50% off.
  7. Finally found a good sale on these so I couldn't resist and also have 2 V1 Pro+ on the way to me to use for the upcoming season. Can't wait to try them out. I got the same black color as above in 26, Quick.
  8. 20% off at pro hockey life today for us Canadians.
  9. I just ordered a set of these to try. Does it come with the lace to tie the pro laces on as well? I love the fact that the TGN spec ones are 1/2 the price as the other ones. Nice bonus.
  10. Anyone in Canada, Pro Hockey Life has a one day 20% off sale. Of course the Bauer sticks are excluded but all the Warriors are on sale. Brings the + from $349 down to $280. I'm still holding off myself though!
  11. Update on my Jeep. Since the weather has finally been nicer I've been able to drive it how it should be driven a bit. This 5400 lb beast does 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds.
  12. I was just at Pro Hockey Life here in Canada and saw the V1 Pro and Pro+. The + is $349 here, $20 more than the 2S Pro even. I was tempted to get 2 V1 Pro+ as they have a buy one get one 50% off right now but since I have 2 CR1s that still are in great shape, I'll wait until those break. Yes the Pro did feel similar to my CR1 just holding it and weight wise. The + was great, nice and light. I'll for sure try those after my CR1s break. I also held the 2S Pro in my hand and it felt flimsy compared to the +. The + is very light but still feels very solid in my hand. So good that I was very tempted to buy 2 at the sale price even though I don't need sticks right now. I think Warrior has another winner.
  13. Guys, huge problem. I am jealous of all these amazing V1 Pro sticks and reviews but my damn CR1s just refuse to break. They are too durable and I refuse to buy a V1 until they break as I would never use my CR1 again. Never had this problem with my Bauers. They would be broken in a couple months at most. 😂
  14. No, the weight difference when holding a CR1 and 1S or 2S Pro is significant. But weight is only one component as mentioned above. I have used the 1S and CR1 most recently and like the CR1 more even though it's significantly heavier. It feels solid in my hand. So my suggestion is to get the new Warrior VR1 plus or whatever it's called when it comes out this month. Should be the best of both worlds I'm hoping. Solid feeling and lighter than the CR1.
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