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  1. There is a far larger difference in feel of pads between individual brands than the difference between breaks that you're worried about. I definitely don't want to stifle you for you to explore other gear options (it's half the fun), but I do think you're making a mountain out of a molehill in regards to the double break issue. My double break V4's are still one of my favourite pads I've used and I never felt like they held me back.
  2. I really wouldn't worry about looking "dusty" when choosing gear that works best for you. Especially since players can't tell the difference between their asshole and a hole in the ground.
  3. Pretty hard to hide the hairline when you're too busy celebrating a constant stream of championships. 😎
  4. There are tons of Canadians that are doing it. Unfortunately our assed government will still force people to take a 2 week quarantine in a hotel for $3,000. It's absurd. People around me are starting to get their first shots, I had mine back in March and despite being disease free, I'm still holed in with the provincial measures. Shit, use as a country still don't have a reopening plan.
  5. The Velocity line is still going to be the softest on the market. While you're correct that the overall trend is stiff pad with a soft boot, Veloctiy will still have more torsional flex than most other soft pads out there. RGT2, Genetik, and Eflex,12.* will be the next softer pads to look into. I'd recommend looking into Gnetik before the other two. Warrior products do feel quite a bit different than other pads on the market, but they are designed by Pete Smith, same guy who designed the original velocity.
  6. Speaking of $20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Always have been. 75 4 lyf I'm a break-sexual
  8. Just wear it. Have to wear a mask on flights anyways.
  9. Oh we got cell phones. We also have one of the steepest prices world wide for our ability to use such devices. It's like we should be thankful the telecoms allowed us to use their new fangled tech.
  10. We're currently hoping to get everyone's first dose by July 1st. We're also putting 16 weeks between doses due to supply issues. I got my first shot two months ago due to a front of the line pass due to my industry. My parents, who are 60, just received their first doses this past weekend. You may have to wait a bit there.
  11. Is that because we're larger? Or because we're all out of shape?
  12. I sure can't wait to see how much fatter everyone's gotten.
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