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  1. @Kirk3190 Not feeling it. Appreciate it though. @Puckstopper I get ya, I don't mind a white base with a bunch of colour tossed in. Problem is that the Blue/white team is Tampa colours. Which is the most boring/generic colours I could think of.
  2. Absolutely. Having two options is great. Too bad the classic option feels like it only really suits dual colours. Here's the ideas I have going. The black/white/green template of one of my teams wouldn't translate well into the classic graphic, and the blue/white of the other team looks boring on the standard graphic.
  3. With the few sets on the shelf at THS. A white base with a coloured outer roll and a coloured accent graphics (like the promo ones) look great. Issue being is that you need to almost jump feet first into a solid colour base with a few coloured accents to make it work.
  4. So got to check out the gear in person yesterday. Everything looks pretty nice. Glove is a departure from the GT1, but it's not too bad. It's like a child of the G4 and GT1 really. I really wish it would be possible to try a 60 and 90 degree variant of this glove instead of the stock 75, but even the 75 felt pretty good. The binding on the knee stack is definitely a talking point. It's a lot better than what was on the G4. GT2 has it recessed and double stitched, but I do believe that we'll see a return to a bindingless design soon (or an alternative landing surface). Hypercomp has the thighrise feeling nice an stiff. I did the bend test with the GT2 and the GT1 and the difference was quite noticeable. You're not going to get as stiff as the Bauer lines, but it's a good improvement. My one and only major gripe with the line is the lackluster graphic. Cutting 1/3 of the pad into one colour like that really feels limiting from a design standpoint.
  5. You can go to a pro lace or alternative. It'll loosen the tie to the front and let it sit a bit lower. Removing the bootstrap will help too. Neither will be massive differences, but probably enough to keep you happy.
  6. Don't have a lot of advice for repair, but that is an abnormal amount of wear there. I've had my senior RGT's for 2 years now and have maybe a quarter of that wear in that position. If you're curious, this is from your pads rubbing together in your stance.
  7. Honestly? Either donate them to a local arena or take them to a used sports gear consolidator. I had difficulty selling my V4 and P2 leg pads. Tried for over a year and never got any bites. Those are both more modern styled pads than what you were selling and I was selling them for 150$/100$ CAD respectively. An older styled set of pads like these would require the unicorn of a buyer that Stackem mentioned.
  8. I get why people don't like playoff reffing. It can be frustrating for the large change in what's called and what isn't. But I absolutely love it. Just increases the animosity and salt levels.
  9. coopaloop1234

    CCM EF4

    The pro level gloves will be better. But to your question: no. Both blockers are essentially identical. (catchers are too)
  10. We shall see. Kings reversed the Sharks not too long ago Blackhawks took the Canucks to game 7 OT (and lost) Philly reversed the Bruins the year before. Not saying it's going to happen and I'm really pulling for the upset sweep, but, Tampa is a very good team. This is very uncharacteristic of them and I wouldn't be surprised to see them at least make a series out of it.
  11. But they're not only matching it, they're exceeding it. It's honestly crazy to see how some of these guys get so worked up about 3v3. It's not even real hockey. @Lucky Pucker don't let this deter you, as a goalie you're essentially spared from any of the bullshit.
  12. You almost had me there lol. Though I see far more douchery, or wanna be tough guy crap in 3v3 that I do in any 5v5 league. But that may also be conclusive of the lower div and the nationality of a lot of the guys out there.
  13. Do it. Absolutely do it. I play on a low level 3v3 team in the summer. It's a much large workout, you're going to get scored on tons but man are you going to see a lot of shots. My only grip is that I haven't found a way onto a higher level team in that format. It would be a perfect "free" goalie school during the summer. Especially as a brand new rookie, seeing as many shots as possible is such a great way to get better. While there is potential to form bad habits solely playing 3v3, just make sure to use it as practice for tracking shots and making as many saves as possible (while working out) and carry that into your 5v5 game. The first part of the winter season right after playing 3v3 in the summer is some of the best hockey I play. I always feel so dialed in. TL;DR: Just fucking do it.
  14. Columbus is poised to ruin 90% of brackets everywhere.
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