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  1. Interesting thought. I wouldn't do it myself, mostly for the same reasons @BadAngle41 provided but as well as that I've never found it to be an issue to drink during games and drop ins usually give you enough time to do so as well. I think a better approach would be for one of these in our nets:
  2. Buddy, my available gear fund is recently tapped out. Your second image works better in my opinion. Maybe a bit more red? Or even a full red base with black and white accents?
  3. @Lucky Pucker I feel like you should go for more red and use black just for a small accented affect. Unless you're going for that dark + Light mixed look?
  4. Man, that's bringing back memories of my first and only camp a year after starting. I was still smoking then so the dry land stuff was just awful. I loved the skating even though it kicked my ass, as you just said, i still put a lot more effort into thst than the dry land. I'm glad it went well, I'm jealous. I really want to find a camp that doesn't require me to take off work for. But thet aren't any weekend camps anymore.
  5. coopaloop1234


    You're definitely right about not being a snob.
  6. Probably just the picture. I've seen Vaughn gear do the faux straps and blocker holes before and I have a feeling that Vaughn will be the very last company to incorporate printed technology.
  7. coopaloop1234


    Luckily for me it was more of a high school event, so I never had to truly live with my embarrassment in my adult years. Pour some out for the homies in the sky too?
  8. Now I'm curious as to why you would even take pictures of you opening the package like that...
  9. All I'm reading is excuses for being a bad goalie gear picture taker.
  10. Hockey isn't tough to find around here. Where I play (and where @Flyers27 used to play) isn't even the biggest league. ASHL in Burnaby 8 rinks is massive: - Weekend League: 10 Divisions - Women League: 7 Divisions - 18+ League: 20 Divisons - 30+ League: 12 Divisons - 40+ League: 4 Divisons That's 53 separate divisions of 5-8 teams. Sorry to hijack your thread @Lucky Pucker
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