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  1. Change your title to elitist and you can get away with anything. It's a damn miracle I haven't been banned for any period of time. Probably because all the mods are secretly in love with me.
  2. New one for me. I'll leave it to the locals to shed some light on it. May just be one of those weird east coast quirks.
  3. Always knew you Ontario folk were strange. I say this as I'm engaged to one of your people
  4. Interior of BC you get that Canadian "twang". It's just us folks from the south west coast that continue the west coast accent so to speak.
  5. The Canadian accent is very prevalent on the east coast. It's starts to wane away once you get to the best coast.
  6. Majority of them don't even air out their gear. Players are just knuckle draggers, the true intellects play goal.
  7. Like @ThatCarGuy said, the only disclaimer I've heard about synthetic ice is that the skating movements are tougher to perform and that they dull the crap out of your blades.
  8. At least his socks are the same colour combo.
  9. I mean, you're the same generation calling older Millenials and Gen X'ers Boomers. Y'all kinda dumb.
  10. https://www.beresfordresearch.com/age-range-by-generation/ You're not a millennial.
  11. Which brand is the most obnoxious about their tech naming? It's gotta be Warrior right?
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