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  1. No, absolutely not. 😉
  2. TGN seems really adverse of any product that's been influenced by Pete Smith. (Vaughn/Warrior) Clearly we can only conclude that TGN hates Pete Smith
  3. Kind of looks like 2/3's to me.
  4. You'll probably be a 33+1.5. But I'm seriously just making a wild guess.
  5. Well, that's a question for every new release. So only you can decide whether the changes are worth it or not. The pictures look to have fixed the binding issue on the knee stack. Even the GT2, which still had a binding, was mostly fixed compared to the G4. Would really depend on what pad you're currently in, but here's their sizing chart:
  6. Warrior has used their stock offerings as their promo images since I started following them closely. So GT1. So far the GT1, G4, and GT2 promo images have been exactly what their stock offerings are. I wouldn't expect this to be any different.
  7. More importantly, think of the professional beer leaguers that have too much OCD over jenpro and foam!
  8. Also, graphic looks to not have a lot of variance to it. I have a feeling we'll see a lot of samey looking sets. Kind of like the GT2.
  9. I still use a lot of a low stance like this. Always have. Though, I've changed up when I engage that stance. I used to be locked in like that anytime the puck was in our zone. Got burned a lot when I moved up some divisions, so I had to switch it up and use it for only immediate shot attempts or high danger situations. Though one thing I have recently noticed is that I'm doing the Hellebuyck when I'm moving around my crease. Stick in a more elevated position and not on the ice.
  10. Here's the first officially released look of the G5 from Warrior's Instagram page. A couple things stand out as changes: - Airslide has been redesigned, looks like less ridges overall and a better binding system. - Possibly stock single T, GT2 was stock double T. - External Knee break, G4 was only interntal, - Glove looks to follow the GT2 with the more pronounced thumb angle (good thing)
  11. Doubt it. It's going to fall on the manufactures to remedy this issue.
  12. Good eye. Now the whole pad is ruined.
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