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  1. Fuck me I'm stupid. I do sometimes wonder if it's my 75 break gloves that make it tougher, but I feel I have to crank my wrist way too far to make sense. It's extremely uncomfortable. Doesn't help that I never have ice to properly practice it. Especially now.
  2. I've never been comfortable using the Turco grip. I just can't wrap my head around the mechanics of it. Also doesn't help that I normally shoot left as a player anyways, so the hand positioning of a regular grip just comes naturally.
  3. I'm going to take this super wild guess and chalk up this blue/grey colour being a manufacturing issue and not their typical colour. Exhibit A:
  4. I feel like the same phrase could be applied to your sex tape
  5. Just because I'm a bender doesn't mean you need to remind me.
  6. *Coloured Does the colour of a cage really make a difference for tracking? I rarely notice the cage during the game and have never had issues with my silver goalies masks or using black cages as a player.
  7. That's a pretty Dumpy thing to say about someone.
  8. Yes Officer, this man right here.
  9. I'm sure he's kicking around, alias or not.
  10. You can't un-retire. That's illegal
  11. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/collections/goalie-sticks-senior?Hand-Paddle Length%3DR-25''%2CR-26''%2CR-27''%2CR-27.5'' Sure the selection for right hand sitcks off the shelf at the local shop may not be the best, but you can realistically get any of the big stick players in full right.
  12. @TheGoalNet those don't look like spilled beans to me.
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