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  1. That glass is too full considering how thirsty you are right now.
  2. Buddy, if there's a beer in my hand I'm declining.
  3. The good things about being the last resort is that there are zero expectations on your end lol. Glad you played well though. The worst is when the guy walking into the room to ask is asking for a 1030 time slot
  4. Dude signed for 3mil x 2 years. Asked for 3.5 from Carolina and they went:
  5. That's akin to people saying Vancouver has never won a cup. We won one 106 years ago thank you very much. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vancouver_Millionaires
  6. Hey guys, you know what's a good idea? Trading away our Calder finalist goalie that led us in the playoffs for an aging (albeit good) goalie.
  7. It's just an optical illusion. Those logos are the same size. That size being a tad too large.
  8. I need no congratulations. I need to be humbled into creating an even larger pile of a comment history.
  9. You can tell with the picks and lack of trades that everyone learned their lesson after Vegas. I welcome the Kraken into the middling Pacific division where we all get steamrolled by Colorado and Vegas.
  10. It's the accumulation of my dedication to the craft. I shit post a lot and waste time at work lol
  11. Sounds like someone is #jealous
  12. They going for a mid-90's Grunge band shoot?
  13. I think it's the equivalence of complaining that there are spoilers out for an unreleased movie, but only if you look for them. Anyone that's willing to spoil the release early is able to, but it's not like it's difficult to tune these leaks out. Especially as it's only for less than a day.
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