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  1. You don't want Aaron Rodgers praying for you? How about these guys instead? No? Not working for ya? How about some dancing? And with that gif dump I'll pull the ol' Dab and Grab
  2. Missing: 👏🖖🏂🤽‍♀️🐕🐕🦁
  3. Thought that was a 60 Degree. Don't know how you guys do it, that 90 degree is one acquired taste.
  4. Should show us some pictures of the issues. I'm curious.
  5. Trying something new in the 90 degree break?
  6. It's essentially the 1S design.
  7. You know what? I kind of like it. It'll be recognizable from afar and honestly, that's always a massive plus in my books.
  8. yay, now we don't have to listen to which group is more deserving of millions of dollars and we can get right back to arguing with other fanbases online about on ice actions instead. Way more fun.
  9. You guys are silly. This is clearly Eagle getting back into the game and are testing the waters by skinning their pads like an Eflex 4.
  10. I don't qualify for the solid pad crew. I have white on my gear.
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