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  1. Still planning on coming?
  2. Or, you can produce something tangible for people to want to follow. I really do hate this form of "advertising". Comes across as lazy and always ends up over hyping any companies product.
  3. It's a new goalie inspired BDSM line. You kinky fox you.
  4. While I doubt they'd still offer the 3's as a normal package, if they did, I'd assume that the price point would remain in line withe Genetik4's. At that point, you're paying the same price for an older pad. Unless you REALLY like the Genetik3 graphic.
  5. You won't be able to get the 3's anymore. I'm fairly certain that most pad manufactures don't carry too much (if any) actual completed stock SKU's. So the price point you're seeing for the 3's is the retail shop trying to liquidate their old stock. If you want anything in custom colours, it's going to be a current lineup offering from Brians.
  6. To put it simply, the difference between off the shelf pro gear and custom pro gear is colour. For your scenario, if you wanted a Genetik3 with custom colours, you'd be paying for a Genetik4 with the same flex specs and a custom Genetik 3 graphic. This would cost you more than a standard Genetik 4 due to the "custom" graphic. (Granted, I'm not 100% sure on this, but it's an educated guess). While other companies offer a menu of spec options when ordering custom gear at no additional cost (CCM is king), you are essentially getting the same pad from the factory or off the shelf.
  7. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time until a set like this came out. I'm only surprised it was so quickly. Though it does showcase my qualms with the printed tech that Bauer is releasing and how it's very washed out. It's very apparent when the set is full colour. Here is a close up of the set THS has on display. Look at the difference between the jenpro and the coloured coretech.
  8. Garth Snow wannabe here with the super large jersey.
  9. Won't say for sure, but I bet the cost remains the same even when going to senior/intermediate. Think of it as more of a flat fee.
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