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  1. You're probably at the mercy of USPS.
  2. Bauer C/A's are used everywhere from the show to the lowly beer leagues. They're not the most popular brand, believe Vaughn is still rocking that title, but, I wouldn't worry about protection level in any off the shelf pro Bauer unit.
  3. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    gorgeous set @benner33 Did they carry over the GT2 thumb angle to the G5?
  4. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    My set inspired someone? *sniff* I've never been more proud
  5. https://www.thegoalnet.com/forums/topic/3729-difference-between-g5-pro-and-senior-leg-pads/
  6. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    Definitely a big fan of using weave to break up the same color.
  7. I'm still pretty sure it's only a single break below the knee. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/products/warrior-ritual-g5-pro-senior-goalie-leg-pads This lists that there is only a single external break, but who knows.
  8. The knee rolls on the RGT line are very minimal. By all intents and purposes it plays like a flat faced pad. just FYI
  9. I believe they have finally gone with a single, but don't quote me on it.
  10. Exactly about the stiffness. I know the G3/4 lines were internal double break whereas the RGT lines are just single outer/inner break. My GT1 softened up quote a bit but till nothing like a double break.
  11. Unless you get smoked from behind on the highway. Still debating on the size of lift and tires I want to tack on. A 3" lift with 32/33's would look amazing, but I'm thinking I'm leaning to a 1" spacer lift with just a thicker tire on my stock rims. Also looking into a bed tent to make the whole camping scenario loads easier.
  12. Got a little camping in this weekend and took the new ride offroad for the first time.
  13. If you're just grabbing a pair off the shelf and don't put too much emphasis into get Hypercomp and stiffer thrighrise, I'd just go the Senior route. I put a pair of senior R/GT 1's through the ringer and they held up very well and never had any issues with performance, durability, and protection. Keep in mind that the difference between a Warrior pad with and without the hypercomp is very noticeable. My thighrise on my R/GT2 Pros are night and day difference compared to my senior set.
  14. Haven't got a chance to play a game yet. They haven't even posted the official start date yet, they only have a tentative start date of July 6th.
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