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  1. @kippewit You need to use one of solutions above. I get back to C/A untucked as I never get used to suspenders and akward feeling of how unit works being inside of a pants. I removed belly extenders from 2x C/A to limit overlap over the pants and wirdly that helps with chesty being stuck on pants where kidney protection is.
  2. Not exactly action photo, but two shots from pre game warm-up I've played 3 weeks ago. Fortunately for me the rinks shutdown didn't affect everyone, so I have been able to play continuously since August.
  3. I think that would be the first mask outside DaveArt barn that I really like.
  4. I'm consider buing new pants as plastic on my Warrior in thigh area broke. I'm looking on more budget models right now and can get S29 pants new for less than 200USD(equivalent). Are they any good quality/protecion wise? How they work with untucked C/A?
  5. So I shorten the bungee cord and remove the botom strap from the calf (only CRS and the middle one with logo left) and it's way much better but not perfect. A friend of mine suggested to try Toe Hook today. Anyone used it and could share some thoughts?
  6. Different points of view. I love things like that on his masks. It gives simple design overall but it adds depth upclose and makes it more interesting. For me Dave's masks looks way better than Hutton mask mentioned here which looks like kids drawing. And I want to make a strong statement that it is only my opinion and what's I like or dislike.
  7. Nevertheless I love masks that came from his studio. It's obvious that he can't do anything by himself just based on how much buckets left 'painting barn' each week. And another thing is that all that details his team put on masks now instead of Dave himself is what made him the most recognizable painter in goalie industry. Before he was able to hire all of them. So if I could afford his service or be pro in any league he supports I wouldn't think twice.
  8. Do you mean the one strap with model logo?
  9. I'm always run my toe ties through first and last hole of the holder. I know my current ties are to long and my first idea was to shorten them but on the other hand toe ties I had on my previous pads wasn't much shorter and I never had an issue.
  10. I tried new pads (S29) yesterday with CRS straping and Ihad issue with rotation of the pads. Everytime I droped into butterfly and stand up again pads were still twisted and gets up on my skates. Sometimes to the point where I realy had to put some force to get them back. Straping setup I have right now is: - short knee strap into calf wing (45 degree angle). - long crs and lower straps with I would say medium tension - no boot strap - elastic toe ties of my own design - like armored pro laces but much longer and with plastic buckles - I know that I have to make it shorter but af
  11. You can still find simpler designs from time to time. The 'fancy made up technical terms' as Tubby described may be ridiculous but the amount of details he put on his mask and how sharp those graphics are is just mind blowing.
  12. To be honest I like almost every DaveArt masks but for me the best was the chrome mask he made for Lundqvist and all for Linkopings HC goalies - just love this lion logo
  13. I finally udated piece on my setup that needed it the most. New leg pads just arrived. I know it's nothing special as they're senior model (S29) and not even from current model line but I bought them brand new super cheap. They will replace my good, old gray G2. And as a bonus I get Axis Pro stick. Also super cheap
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