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  1. I would also wrap the lacing and knot with hockey tape to protect it from to much friction from skates. I did it with my pads couple years ago after seeing first signs of fraying and naver had any problems.
  2. I'm not want you to pick for me but was hoping for suggestion which model look for. Closest shop that probably would have both any Bauer and CCM golie skates is over 500km away so I would order something and send it back rather than drive there. I already know half size smaller should be fine even based on my current 1S. I can still get 2S Pro in my size but after miss with 1S I would rather try Vapors or something from CCM. Just thinking what are pros and cons behind CCMs and Bauers and which would be better for someone with low instep/arch and medium heels/ankles?
  3. I'm on the market for new pair of skates. Currently I've got Bauer 1S 9,5D (275mm of foot length) and would propably go with 9 for my next one. I need to change as they hurt my inner ankles so badly I can barely stand in them on the ice not to mention skateing. I was at Bauer 3D Lab today and it get me Vapors 9D (1,5 year ago it picked 2S) but I wasn't able to try them on as none hockey store around here stocks goalie skates. I scan myself again for player skates to verify accuracy of that thing and it shows 8,5 Fit2 or 8,5EE. I tried player 2S|8,5EE, 3S Pro|8,5 Fit2, 2S|9EE, 3S Pro|
  4. I've got NME 8 - predecessor of NME IX. They are similar in terms of shell and partially liner. I often say that buing that mask was the best money spent among all my gear. The only times when shot can hurt is when I get puck stright to the ear side of the mask - but other then some idiot shooting on the practice from the corner you whould be fine. Liner looks like was improved. Mine was super comfy at first but after 6 years of use marked foams are a lot harder - they don't use that one in NME IX from what I can see. Other foams (colored ones) are still nice and soft. The onl
  5. We're all useing Hyper Concrete +G where I'm liveing. They are not too expensive, durable enough, available easly and with many different colors.
  6. I'm not sure if you grabbed older X pro or newer X2. In first case I suppose you just get pants with manufacturer defects. I use X Pro pants for 6 seasons now and all the issues with them were related with normal usage.
  7. Thanks @Ross your solution should work. On older version this flap looks little bit different but I easly shouldbe able to add two additional loops on top. Not sure if I want to add plastic bucles to pants and C/A as Bauer 2x Pro don't have those loops at the front but this should work fine with suspenders as well.
  8. @Dumpy That's what I wrote. I remove inner belt before I try tuck C/A inside the pants so it wasn't an issue. I'm not sure if you're familiar with how Warrior pants are build but the front triangle shaped flap I marked in red cirlce in initial post is saw in to the pants. I stays there even after removing internal belt. Because of that part I can't tie the chest unit comfotably to the pants and that's I asked for anyone who actually uses Warrior pants and tuck their C/A into them. Especially if they are using Warrior/Bauer 2X combo.
  9. I didn't even try to tuck with internal belt inside. My only issue is with this front flap marked in red circle.
  10. Question as in title. I have Warrior X Pro pants and want to try tuck my new chest instead of wear it over as I was doing with previus one. My issue is with this flap in front of the pants. If I put it in front of C/A it gets tricky to tie pants to chest properly. If I put it inside it's not comfortable. I was thinking about remove it completely but its sewn in so I would need to cut it. How do you guys tuck your chest to Warrior pants? Especialy with 2X Pro C/A if anyone here have that combo.
  11. That's a good one Anyway they looks great. Not a popular colors on hockey pants. Just wonder how long they would look so nice.
  12. You can always sew it to some shirt if you have minimum sewing skills. I did that to my Bauer neck guard years ago as it moves around with every move. Plus I remove velcro strap and replace it with plastic clip.
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