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  1. I used to use Easton batting glove under by catcher. It did the trick. Not only everything was much more snug but no matter how fast shoot was and how late in the game glove always stays in place.
  2. Still they look quite good. From Bauer perspective it was a great idea. That way they can force more clients to their True Design.
  3. I have Ritual Pro X and using them for 5 years now - 2/3 times a week. The reason I bought Pro version over senior was materials used. Especially outher shell. The kind of nylon or whatever that is felt so much better on Pro version. I'm still going to use them as they hold up very well. There are small areas where I've got some tears - like from my C/A - but other than that it's great pair of pants even after 5 years.
  4. Nohtaram

    Warrior G5

    Nice touch with that light gray stripe. Looks sharp!
  5. Nohtaram

    Warrior G5

    If I could I would get two set's: one for light jerseys and one for dark ones.
  6. Any Ritual pants are design to be able tuck or no tuck. I'm useing Warrior Ritual for couple years now and I don't tuck - they've been always great.
  7. Nohtaram

    Warrior G5

    You should be able to download it from the main page as below:
  8. So I ordered 2X Pro in size M through my local shop. Unfortunately they send it in XL. Wierdly it fits me quite well. I asked to order another one in correct size to compare them but the XL unit fit for me: arms ends around where I wear my watch, belly ends at my waist. Arms were so tight I bearly could put my arms in it My guess is that either Bauer size chart is messed up or this unit has wrong labels.
  9. Thanks guys for that insight. I will order medium in that case.
  10. I heard so much good things about 2x so I'm pretty much sold to it. I don't know what how much I need to spend on Passau but I'm pretty sure Bauer will be much cheaper. @Puckstopper what size are you useing and how tall are you? I'm concern about arm length if I'll pick large unit.
  11. I will use this topic instead of create new one. I'm also on the market for new chesty and I was thinking about 2x pro. I'm from Europe so American/Canadian shops are not an option but I can get a good deal on Bauer 2x pro chest. My only concern is what size should I get. According to Bauer size table I shoul get medium - I'm 5.9' / 176 cm tall which is on the very end for medium - but I'm not the skinniest (grow myself little daddy belly ) and on some other site I found that acording to waist measurements I should get size L. How about the arms then. I don't want end up with lose/to long arms.
  12. I had same issue in my G2 pads and I changed velcros at least 3 times now. For smaller strap going behind the knee I've added buckle to which eliminate problem completely. I can post some pictures when I get back home.
  13. Nohtaram

    Lefevre going solo

    You also missed Crawford who already plays in Lefevre . Plus Howard get back to his CCM - didn't get lucky in Lefevre in last games.
  14. Holly crap! Did you broke something to go so wide?!
  15. It looks like Bauer gat in touch with Lamborghini. This yellow pattern looks exactly like one in Lamborghini urus speakers cover.
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