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  1. It looks like Bauer gat in touch with Lamborghini. This yellow pattern looks exactly like one in Lamborghini urus speakers cover.
  2. I don't know guys... I never had any issue with pick and hold bottle with the blocker. I had a Bauer, Sher-Wood and now Warriors bottles (all of them was 1 liter large) and I'm only take my glove off when I'm on the bench. Otherwise I only take up my mask cause I don't know how to drink through the cage. I'm useing G2 blocker now and Reebok Revoke 9000 earlier.
  3. I never said otherwise. I wouldn't go for painting the holder (actually white works best for me) but if you really would like to do that this could be a way.
  4. You could always use acrylic paints for miniature models. They are deigned to use on plastic but I would still sand the holder down and put a primer before actual paint plus clear coat on top.
  5. The straps looks like printed graphic.
  6. Could you measure length of bungee cord from webbing to webbing?
  7. I tried to loose top eyelet in in my player skates, then in my first goalie skates and again in my current one. Never liked the feeling of that. Therefore I always tie my skates all way up.
  8. Great looking mask and perfect matching team colors. I checked Head Strong website after your thread and it's nice that they post pricing on it. I just wonder if all artist have similar price range like them? How it looks with others like e.g. DaveArt?
  9. He looks even more stupid in that suits he normally does. But saw him lose the finals was pretty damn good feeling
  10. Mine music would be calming. I'm only listen to music in the car and it's always classical music (especially fond of Mozart). When I'm on the rink I'm trying to set my mind on the game and I guess sounds and noises from the building helps me to really get into the right mindset. Beside that after I'm dressed up and still in the locker room and I have time I like to put my cap and hide my face in chest protector (like a turtle ) to focus even more.
  11. Really looking forward for some details of how this unit works on the ice. I was considering buying 1X but comments about its stiffness hold me back. After initial information about 2X I think this could be it.
  12. Many thanks @seagoal ! I'm from Europe so centimeters are much more readeble for me than inches :) Just to be sure. That's 4mm right?
  13. @seagoal Could you check what diameter is that bungee cord? I was thinking of making something similar myself and right bungee cord is last thing I need.
  14. Any one know or can measure what size is bungee cord they use? How thick?
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