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  1. It was somewhere in the back of my mind but the turn around times are excruciatingly long. I was hoping the X8 was going to be a quick fix. I was wrong. I might consider Michel and just continue with my Reidic for this season.
  2. You need to clarify your question please.
  3. Well, as much as I tried and as much as I want to make it work, I think the mask is just not shaped right for me. Too bad. With little chance of seeing Canadian made brands hands on before purchasing, it becomes more like pulling the trigger on a slot machine hoping to hit something. Solid build but no can do 😞
  4. Has anyone reached out to Sportmask lately? Did they respond? Did it take long? Were they helpful? Tried through the website, no response. Posted on their Facebook page, only got a "can you post pics". Even went as far as contacting Tony Priolo in private FB messenger, no response yet.
  5. You can use either your index or middle finger. The following video is what had me create this thread (first minute in)...
  6. No reviews online. Any feedback? Mid level?
  7. I have yet to try the wiggle test. Maybe tonight. As for size, it's a medium. I followed the measuring instructions on the Sportmask website. I'm a 58cm and 1/4 almost 1/2.
  8. Can you guys tell me if any brands offer off the shelf ones or is it all custom?
  9. Don't mind my pretty mug. 😋 I'll mess with the backplate some more and see. So I bought a Sportmask to show my support to a Canadian company and the owner, Tony, which I've met years ago and now I find out he's not even involved anymore!?! WTF! Why?
  10. I've heard of and seen some guys wearing the cage so close it seems unwise and have been warned by their trainers/coaches, and this was in the pros. I had the mask shipped from Toronto to Gatineau. Spending on back and forth shipping like that doesn't fancy me. Had it been local, that would be a different story. I'm trying to get a hold of Tony at Sportmask but he's not easy to track down.
  11. I believe a large would be too loose on the cheeks and temples.
  12. So I got me a X8 mask (cert. cage). Fit is good but not like a glove of course. Not going the custom route for now. My issues/concerns are: my nose touches the front bars. Anyone else? And the chin cup is thinner than I expected. Anyone suffer a cut upon impact?
  13. Any news on these bad boys? Use, comfort, durability and safety feedback?
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