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  1. Other than my recent new Warrior c/a, this was the only other purchase I made the last few months. This isolation is sure helping me save for new gear in the following months
  2. Is the toe cap as substantial as the Bauer one? Also, being that the Bauer cap is much more square, how does the pad feel when sitting on the Graf? I know you tried that already, admit it
  3. THIS! And if you could do a photo and description comparison to your previously used skates please. Thanks
  4. Oh my!! (Sorry ladies, you've got Hank, so...😁) http://traderumours.com/index.php?blog=14417
  5. TH, I agree, I drink organic coffee. As for our MAPLE SYRUP, TABARNAC!! Wait ah meenute you dere
  6. Looking for Warrior GT Pro pads in great shape in a 35"+1.5, colours white and red (see pics below). Willing to trade for my Bauer Pro Reactors 36"+1 in great condition, only used 8-10 games. Made in Canada by JRZ. I prefer dealing within Canada with all the chaos going on right now at the borders due to the COVID-19 situation.
  7. FYI they don't ship to Canada
  8. Similar yes, but the leather split on mine. I posted a pic of it somewhere in one of the Warrior threads on here. Can't find it on my phone.
  9. I found it odd that Royal Blue wasn't listed. I had to choose Toronto Blue...
  10. My issue areas are the T bridge, the jenpro split open at the facing ridge after only 20 games or so. I expected better. Other spot is at the bottom corner of the palm where the stick makes contact and grip. I had read that internals were essentially the same but then, it's a lot of different info from different places.
  11. I own tha GT SR. No protection issues, just some wear spots issues. The pro version should be a little more durable. I have tried the GT2 SR in a shop and it felt real nice on my hand. Although I'm a little traditionalist, I do see and like the fact that the double T helps the glove open up even more giving more catching coverage. It really comes down to personal preference. Welcome to the family 😎
  12. My choice. The design is very busy for my taste but workable.
  13. I second the visual effect observation. The G5 gear seems larger/wider/bigger than the GT2 set. Excluding the catcher's T, can you confirm?
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