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  1. I thought Bernier was set to stay in Detroit but I guess they saw a different performance.
  2. It looks like a cosmetic thing, no actual break underneath. It would be bad for them to state the option of no break and then simply cover up the split with jenpro. Guys who like their plywood pads would be pissed.
  3. So you the one that jumped on it. I got the PSH notification but was too late checking it and it was gone. Is it a large or xl?
  4. WHAAAAT??? I didn't hear of this!! Shit A one two, a one two... RIP Biz, hope you keep making music with your mouth wherever you are.
  5. Saw it. Bonesy would have to start in their East Coast affiliate first to see how he can handle himself I'm guessing. As for Kas, he took a career decision for himself and his family. Signed in the SHL. Don't know if it's 1 or 2 seasons.
  6. Any lowwww give-away sales on Warrior GT sr pads somewhere in 35" in the following colours:
  7. So Pekka retires. Will Sarro take the number 1 spot? Will Kasimir come back eventually? Who is left to fill in #2?
  8. Ok, who's working the front door? Didn't anyone card these kids?? @Chenner29 @ser33 I know how demanding just playing the position is, and it's even more apparent when you're playing with a bunch of benders. Seems so much easier when scrimmaging with higher levels. My trail running helps develop my cardio and legs, my bands/TRX help with the whole body maintenance. Eat a sound nutritional program adds a lot to the equation. Enough sleep, little stress (don't give a f%$k attitude, choose your battles) and a positive mental attitude - ALL of it has and continues to contribute to my keeping active, competitive and playing well on to my 60th birthday (8 years to go) at which point I will hang them up and put my focus on other passions. Lets face it, we're like a bunch of old Chevys or Mopars that need constant maintenance to keep up with the young Subarus and Audis of the game
  9. I did notice in John's order form that you can choose either as an option as you go through the list of specs for all his units.
  10. That is very similar to what Brown has always done to his chest pads, the added foam bar to cover the gap. And the newer model
  11. I don't have the health issues you are dealing with but I do have sore knees/hips sometimes, a back that locks up now and then, but I see Father Time watching from the bleachers and I too am getting behind in my performances and my usual competitive self. Just remember to fight 'til the end...t'is but a flesh wound
  12. RichMan

    Warrior sizing

    Just to add to the my post, I just came back from PHL and tried on some 35" G4 Pros and here again, my knee lands about 2" from the top of the block edge. Is there a discrepancy between their models? Side note: the G4 is lighter than the G5 despite the thinner thigh rise. Side Side note: The Vaughn V8 catcher feels gooood . The Bauer 3X felt terrible on my hand.
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