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  1. I've got the transition part down as the play moves into the zone. Best example I can think of is when the face-off is in the circles. It's close, you need to adopt a ready stance. Some goalies are wide legged, some are squatting, some are really bent over - despite it being a "what's best and comfortable for me" approach, you have to wonder what is more effective. As @Mroy31 pointed out, Carey did change his stance width to have better push-offs. Being too narrow won't allow for a good b-fly drop or slide, too wide will leave you weak on the push. Lets not forget the strain for the less flexible ones here.
  2. Beer League - looking through your D be like
  3. NHL. There will be some complaints, be it for pads detaching, gloves flying off in a scramble, etc. Safety should come first. Then you'll have the abusers, then calls/no calls by refs issues. Just wait and see. Thankfully the mask popping off issue is a non negotiable.
  4. Being a Habs fan, hence Price supporter, following him in action I've noticed how he has a very low stance. It got me to analyse my own stance and my own physical capabilities (and restrictions). Most of the stress I feel in such a position is in the lower back, the hips and knees. Ankles have been fine so far. I know working on flexibility and mobility strength would greatly improve my comfort. I also find that moving from point A to point B, especially in long t-pushes, in such a low position makes it hard to engage my push leg while keeping level shoulders and getting enough power all the while keeping my balance AND remaining square. Hell of a challenge when you get older and start slowing down. I tend to stand high and then react to the play or shot. Different story on breakaways and dekes of course. What's your experience?
  5. Proof that even the pros don't always have a chance to track the puck on shots
  6. It's become a huge distraction. I had a guy last night get caught in my left pad on a rush play. He didn't carry me out of play much, I'm guessing I was heavy enough to hold my ground, but using straps kept the pad on my leg and I was able to pull my leg back in and have my pad square to the play. The league is gonna take a deep look into this for next season I'm sure.
  7. RichMan

    G4 Thread

    I'm thinking that they did that on purpose to see what the reaction would be in regards to graphics
  8. RichMan

    G4 Thread

    No leaks on the G5 line anywhere? Any GT3 in the makes?
  9. I've been fortunate to have never really suffered a groin injury. I've had a few strains but no more than that. Otherwise, I've been dealing with an occasional back locking issue from being run into twice in one season some 20 years ago, Suffered a high ankle sprang during a sub game and finished the game (that one kept me off ice for a year). Two pucks to the throat, fortunately no damage. Unintentional stick slash to the back of the neck with no damage (thank you Maltese neck guard), tons of bruises for sure. I have to say that I've been lucky and grateful that I can still manage to play at a mid to high level at 51. My 30 year amateur career lives on
  10. I can get them new at a shop in Montreal or abouts there. The only downside is that they sell the cowling and the blades separately which means more spending. The Bauers I can get as a complete set for a little less. I did send Vaughn a message last week asking their advice on the matter and have yet to get a reply.
  11. The ones used on the Dream line, like the one Price is using.
  12. RichMan

    Buy custom or buy used

    If you want to spend little and still get some custom say in there, stick with the small guys and choose towards your budget (Boddam, Simmons, Battram, Passau, Kenesky, McKenney, Brown, PAW, and now Lefebvre but they might be pricey). If you liked the Eflex, find some worked in pair that will have more flex. If your heart is set on V4s, keep hitting the regular spots (GGSU, Sidelineswap, Ebay, Dukes, Kijiji, Prostockhockey, etc)
  13. Ya, I know. Vaughn dropped the ball on that one.
  14. Maybe it was the guy who had the issues. He wrote that he had to choose a size up on the cowling which I want to avoid at all cost. Wish our local shops were better equipped so I can try things out before spending for the actual mod.
  15. @SaveByRichter35 It's a GX2 boot going into a Vertexx cowling (or maybe a Graf Pro at this point).
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