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  1. SOLD!!! I can't seem to edit the title from my phone.
  2. I see what you mean. I've noticed that extra extension on each side of the knee cap as extra protection when I tried on a pair and only available on the Pro+.
  3. So it's the same as the 2: Pro+ is simply beefier than the Pro?
  4. Apparently there is a new model coming out, the X3 Pro+. Can anyone confirm?
  5. The Simmons UL/Boddam Refuze gloves have such a perfect rounded circumference, how could you miss catching or blocking pucks. My Simmons 2K glove was similar but had an odd angle break/feel on the hand.
  6. Funny, with all the mods involved I expected to see a blocker in the end lolll You have much patience and courage.
  7. What? No leaks?!? lolll I have the GT2 Pro and I feel like I'm wearing 2 chest pads at once. How do you compare it to your Passau?
  8. Brand new never used. Turns out they don't fit my size 9 Baurr x700 skates. They say senior 6-9. Too tight for mine, couldn't make them fit. Asking 25$ CAD plus shipping. I'm in Gatineau Quebec Canada
  9. Contact Brian's and see what they say. They'll either suggest you send it in or guide you through the process.
  10. Brand new unused squeaky clean off of my 9000 pads. They're basically the now senior 900 model. This is a minimalist knee pad. Asking 50$ CAD. Prefer e-transfer. Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  11. That's how the Heatons and Smiths and Millers etc all started Have it on my desk by 8am tomorrow
  12. What I wonder here is, if the knee block is much thicker (3-4 inches+) and the knee pad is much thicker, unless you have a very stiff knee landing, it would tend to flip outwards and then catch on each other (pads) when skating or c-cuts...no?
  13. In concordance to a post I wrote in the knee pads section, I had the chance to try on some Warrior 2X Pro+ knee pads with my Bauer 9000 goalie pads. Even though my knee block wouldn't be considered thick in today's standards, I found it to be quite a tight if not inappropriate fit with the both. The knee pads being quite wide, the knee cradle being not so wide, it let me to wonder the following: Even if you take a pad like Bauer or Brian's where you can direct the knee lock elastic down to the calf wrap or remove the whole knee cradle altogether, if the knee block is of substantial thickn
  14. As I've been reading on the subject of knee pads lately, and trying on different brands and models, I came to realize that not all knee pads and goalie pads are compatible. This especially applies to the newer more bulky knee pads of the past decade (Warrior, CCM, Brian's) and with the new methods of strapping or in some cases the absence of on newer goalie pads. Just this weekend I was able to try on some Warrior 2X Pro+ knee pads with my Bauer 9000 pads. I purposely strapped up the knee lock, loosely, to see how it would work out. As expected, the knee pads took a lot of room in the cra
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