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  1. You need to elaborate more. Did you have an in depth discussion with the fabricator himself or was it an associate or through a pro shop? If with the builder himself, are they familiar with CCM and Vaughn? Did you get a chance to test a demo first of did you simply jump in? Have you contacted the builder (or shop) to discuss the matter yet?
  3. RichMan

    R GT/2

    I got a chance to try on the SR GT2 catcher today at PHL and it closes like butter and feels a tad better in closer angle than my GT1 but the GT2 does seem a tad thinner in the palm than my GT1. Is it just me? Did I end up with a mislabeled pro glove?
  4. Yes, but for mine, the stitching frayed and the material has split open at the front ridge. I know it's not the pro but for 300$ I expect a little more still.
  5. I just want to say that, I am pleased with my SR GT glove now, but disappointed that after 12 or so games, there's already some tearing at the top of the T, which means this glove might only have a 1-2 full season lifespan at most it would seem. I wonder if this was addressed on the SR GT2? @Kirk3190
  6. I kind of caught on, but with the pain and brain fog... I kind of didn't? lollll
  7. 12" No trades, sorry. Looks like I'll need the money for chiro sessions instead. Went in for a pinched nerve, x-rays show an ugly story. My spine is off in a couple places and got some worn down disks too. This is gonna hurt, my budget.
  8. Hey gang, I have some gear I want to move so I can purchase new pads for next season. 4SALE: Smith 1000 set. Pads are straight 38" (now more like 36+2). My A2K is 18.5" and my F2K is 21.5" approximately. I removed the knee locks permanently to allow more room for knee pads and better rotation. They come with all the leather straps, knee guards and boards. Glove and blocker are regular hands, no mods done. Trapper has taken a pancake shape and has a crazy flap closer. Blocker hand has no holes. The gear is well used (10-15 years), some wear, some fraying, some cuts but plenty of life left. Trapper could use a refurb. Gear has no smell and no crustiness, fan dried after each game. Old specs! I'm asking 300$ CAD for the set. Shipping will be extra. Shoot me a PM.
  9. Ok, who are you and what have you done with bunnyman?!?!?
  10. I've been searching for this myself. I would guess possibly CCM, but you'd have to chance it. Reidic shut down, was bought out but the new owners are slow as hell to put up the mask and kits for sale. I reached out to OTNY and they never replied. Do let me know if you find something. Mine is getting dinged up from bad shooters lolll
  11. RichMan

    McKenney XPG1

    @McKenney Hockey Longtime user of your stuff here. My questions are as follow: 1- Is the elbow cup in the new revised c/a laced-in one both sides or just the one still? That is one issue I have with my 870 model, the elbow cups tend to roll out or away on the side of the excess material. Very annoying when suiting up and I'm always pushing up on them during the game to keep them in place. 2- Have the shoulder caps and floaters been tapered down for better side viewing when tracking? Another issue I've found with my 870. 3- Will there be a retail contact in the Ottawa area? 4- Would there be a demo program for say, the catcher, especially if there's no local shop carrying? 5- Can the XPG1 knee block be available on the Pro Spec pads, or have you done that already? Might have some more but these would do for now. The new pants remind me of the 994s you ghosted for Simmons. I did like those when I had a pair. My current 855s are still holding up quite well
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