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  1. 12" No trades, sorry. Looks like I'll need the money for chiro sessions instead. Went in for a pinched nerve, x-rays show an ugly story. My spine is off in a couple places and got some worn down disks too. This is gonna hurt, my budget.
  2. Hey gang, I have some gear I want to move so I can purchase new pads for next season. 4SALE: Smith 1000 set. Pads are straight 38" (now more like 36+2). My A2K is 18.5" and my F2K is 21.5" approximately. I removed the knee locks permanently to allow more room for knee pads and better rotation. They come with all the leather straps, knee guards and boards. Glove and blocker are regular hands, no mods done. Trapper has taken a pancake shape and has a crazy flap closer. Blocker hand has no holes. The gear is well used (10-15 years), some wear, some fraying, some cuts but plenty of life left. Trapper could use a refurb. Gear has no smell and no crustiness, fan dried after each game. Old specs! I'm asking 350$ CAD for the set. Shipping will be extra. Shoot me a PM.
  3. Ok, who are you and what have you done with bunnyman?!?!?
  4. I've been searching for this myself. I would guess possibly CCM, but you'd have to chance it. Reidic shut down, was bought out but the new owners are slow as hell to put up the mask and kits for sale. I reached out to OTNY and they never replied. Do let me know if you find something. Mine is getting dinged up from bad shooters lolll
  5. RichMan

    McKenney XPG1

    @McKenney Hockey Longtime user of your stuff here. My questions are as follow: 1- Is the elbow cup in the new revised c/a laced-in one both sides or just the one still? That is one issue I have with my 870 model, the elbow cups tend to roll out or away on the side of the excess material. Very annoying when suiting up and I'm always pushing up on them during the game to keep them in place. 2- Have the shoulder caps and floaters been tapered down for better side viewing when tracking? Another issue I've found with my 870. 3- Will there be a retail contact in the Ottawa area? 4- Would there be a demo program for say, the catcher, especially if there's no local shop carrying? 5- Can the XPG1 knee block be available on the Pro Spec pads, or have you done that already? Might have some more but these would do for now. The new pants remind me of the 994s you ghosted for Simmons. I did like those when I had a pair. My current 855s are still holding up quite well
  6. RichMan

    R GT/2

    @Kirk3190 If it's not too late to take suggestion for the blocker, I strongly recommend making it in the "high" position permanently. It feels more balanced, better on the paddle down and avoids trying to locate the 100+ velcro attachments to undo and reposition. Doing this was a task beyond what I expected lolll. And one other thing, how the hell do you guys grab your water bottle with the blocker? I got the SR GT and it's a friggin' struggle e-v-e-r-y time 😟
  7. Following on Adam's video, I have to say that I'm happy with mine now. I've used them about a dozen times and once that stiff break-in period has passed, the flexibility is perfect. Referring to that landing discomfort that many complain of, mine has pretty much gone. How? I don't know and I won't mess with the magic, lolll. As for the strapping and set-up, I am opposite of Adam where I use the garter (but have removed the sock attachment straps) and wear it under my goalie cup, along with my socks garter. I keep the lower strap a tad tight and velcro the other 2 loosely so it can flex with my thighs and not cut off circulation. Under socks, one turn of clear tape under the knee cap to lock them in and voila. Mind you, I haven't tried the Warrior ones yet, which I'm still curious about their pro version. Otherwise, the only other knee pads I've tried that felt this comfortable have been the JBrown ones. Important info: despite these being less bulky than most (excluding the Browns), they best suit a wide or open knee cradle for proper rotation.
  8. You are absolutely right! They should of thrown me in
  9. Looking at this pic, I feel like I should circling out the differences between both, lolll That looks sooooo painful!!!
  10. My take on all this: Although it's a team sport, the role of the goalie is somewhat independent from what's going on in front. Don't forget that there's no one sitting behind you if you screw up or simply get beat, the risk and recovery factors are different between forwards and goalies. In saying that, there are many other issues at stake, many have been pointed out already above, such as stacking a team for instance. Like you point out Erik, you could drop Pekka in nets and despite his level of expertise, he would still get scored on. We all know how shit our game becomes when we play down a level or more, timing is off and the reads are different. Lets not forget that the other teams throughout the season get to know your weaknesses, so they get to play on that, but at the same time you get to learn their go to moves and can anticipate and make the save eventually, cutting down on their scoring chances. Bring in a new goalie, he/she has no clue what to expect and it pretty much is like gambling on a win, throw them dice and hope to avoid snake eyes. Another key factor is the mental state of the goalie and the forwards. How is your confidence in goal? Do you get to the rink and say "ah fuck man, we're playing these guys again?!". The new goalie is even more at risk despite his confidence and ego. Are the forwards confident in their game? Do they view this as a "bring it on" challenge? Or are they looking like their getting ready for the electric chair? One thing that irates me to the core is when I sub in and after the initial "hey Rich, thanks for coming out, really appreciate the last minute call up" is the second comment in the room, "so, you gonna win this one for us?" with a grin and a seemingly gleam of desperation and hope, followed by "hope you like eating rubber" and the list goes on. THIS is a clear indication of the low moral and lack of confidence the team has going in that game. They basically have already accepted defeat. If this happens on a team that I'm a regular goalie for, I will automatically fire back with a mini speech to say they're no different from any team, we got this, go out there and show them what good smart hard hockey is about, we got this!!! Those are my personal experiences over the years.
  11. RichMan

    Mckenney Gear

    Been rockin their pants for decades, top notch!
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