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  1. So Brown is still the bomb for me. Sorry.
  2. Of course, this is just my opinion
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsRG-jncTIE
  4. RichMan


    Just tried 2 different cans of non-alcohol beers from the Sober Carpenter out of Montreal and they both were awful!! Avoid this brand unless you wanna test for yourself.
  5. Saw it this morning and loved it! I can't believe the cops didn't stop you!! We got called by a few cops to stop breakdancing on the sidewalk in front of my buddy's appartment when we were teens. Friggin just dancing!!! Oh well. You just got some big exposer outside of your regular crowd. Lets just see how this turns out
  6. Reflecting on this subject, is it possible that we are neglecting the cage factor? For example: is there a difference in weight between a strait bar versus a cat-eye cage? Are there different types of metals used by different manufacturers? What of the bars shape and thickness? What of the "short" cage vs "long" cage options a few offer? I might be missing more questions but I do feel that these should be taken into account.
  7. Saw this on Youtube and thought it worth sharing. A lot goes into the work and with a quality job, I now see why some projects can be so costly. Don't know the guy but he definitely has skills:
  8. I wear the X700 for 2 seasons now and I have gotten some uncomfortable shots off the toe, more like where the runner meets the boot which makes for a very dulling pain on my big toe, and yes, I have ample room to prevent banging. Just an unexplained occurrence. The original Grafs were always with cowlings and with the new cowlingless model, one wonders if the newer model is simply reinforced (thicker) at the toe cap. Apparently not.
  9. Mine was old spec. It served me well but I needed something that suited my hand better.
  10. Nice work! I also had a Smith (1000) glove and it felt massive on my hand. When I got my Warrior GT, the size difference was Incredible, as was the weight and feel on my hand. The GT feels more like my earlier days when gloves were smaller in diameter which I prefer. I have a large palm but smaller fingers so the GT is a perfect fit. The Smith was floating a lot on my hand no matter how tight I tried to make it without hindering proper closure. Do you find that the Ritual insert offsets the balance?
  11. Good to know. Clearly pressured to do so as of the pandemic issue and fewer stores were choosing to sell their gear. As for prices, they have gone up a bit, especially with the new line, which could be expected to compete with the other boys. I'd love to get a first hand account of their new chest protector. I hope they won't try to make a killing with Canadians given how low the dollar is right now, they are a Canadian company after all.
  12. RichMan

    Warrior G5

    Anyone got their dirty paws on a G5 c/a before launch?
  13. My 503 (AKA 1800) lasted me a decade and I had bought it lightly used as well. It seems heavy but not really, and for the amount of protection it has, it's nothing to worry about. I too had issues with the back plate. I almost did the Roy mod to it but instead simply cut off the lower wings that wrapped over/under the ribs off of the spine padding basically squaring it off, and I replaced the 2 straps with simply 1 larger one. Gave me a better rib wrap from the sides. As for the arm straps, I simply did some stitching work to keep them in place. Good choice. And as an ex GSBB myself, welcome to the new crib 😎
  14. It's over with! Bettman and every team owner should just bite the bullet and accept the inevitable. Global health and needs are the number one priorities. As big a hockey fan as I am and as bad as I miss the game, playing and watching, it's not worth the risks. NHL...my personal teammates...see you all in 2021. Stay safe 😎
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