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  1. Please delete ad, no need anymore, thanks
  2. If you are fitted properly on your bike for your body dimensions, I doubt that cycling is the issue here. Having a bad position on your bike can lead to some tendinitis and swelling at the knees. Depending on the action or how far I went with a save attempt, I rarely get discomfort on the ice in a b-fly. I get more issues through rotation of my lower leg when shuffling around in my stance. My b-fly has poor flare and the more I age, the lesser it gets. Sucks a bit.
  3. I feel high discomfort as well at the knees whenever I do a b-fly simulated movement. My connective tissues must be weak or damaged, not sure.
  4. Just a good reminder to do a monthly (at the very least) check up of your gear for your own safety and maintenance. Found this lovely surprise this past weekend. Who knows how long I played wit it in that condition 😳 (see pic)
  5. (not quoting, don't know why a box appeared) I wanted to suggest adding a NWHL/CWHL thread in the Pro Zone. We have a few ladies in here and I think it would be nice to get some info and insight on the women's pro circuit in North America and everywhere else. If you do this, I might be able to bring in a big name as a liaison concerning current news and information. Sounds cool?
  6. Anyone near the Ottawa area have 2 spare ToeHook elastics in new or barely used condition they are willing to part with for a 5$ e-transfer? You just pop them in a small envelope and stamp it, less than 2 bucks worth. PM me please. Thanks
  7. Senior 870 model size Large, all black with red accents. Used 2-3 seasons, great condition, no smell. Asking 100$CAD, shipping is extra (from Gatineau/Ottawa area) (pics to follow)
  8. Like new, never used. Sturdy and hefty zipper, carry handles. All black. Asking 75$CAD, shipping is extra (from Gatineau/Ottawa area)
  9. I wish Pro Hockey Life had the same crazy offers as Goalie Monkey has. PHL has the buying power but aren't too coy on deals, and the fact that I live right across the river to 2 of their Ottawa stores and they won't even ship to Québec province, 15 FRIGGING MINUTES AWAY!!!! I can't even use their ''pick up in store'' option cause I'm frenchie, yeah, that's why
  10. Haven't seen any recent new spec pro-returns up for grabs on the web, like the one TGN got his paws on. Am I looking in the right places?
  11. The Hockey Shop and Just Hockey Toronto are my go to's right now. No crazy deals but a nice special now and then. Unfortunately most US shops won't ship to Canada and the exchange rate kills any savings you might think you're getting.
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