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  1. Up for grabs: Bauer Reactor 6000 Pro pads 36+1, white and red (see pic). Made in Quebec Canada by JRZ. Used 1 season, puck marks, no tears or cuts. Pro-laces included. Great hybrid or old school pads. They are one size too big for me. Were bought brand new. Asking 500$ Cnd shipping included in Canada, shipping extra for U.S. I can accept e-transfer. I'm in Gatineau, Quebec.
  2. Looking for these...for cheap but still in good shape. Preferably in Canada to avoid the crazy exchange rates. PM me. Thanks
  3. Never noticed until that pic. Does the pad swing around lots during t-pushes and such?
  4. That pic with the head hanging...pure zombie tendy I'm surprised at how much room there is between your knee and the pad. Even with knee pads it would seem extreme. Do your pads flop around a lot? I've heard/read many remarks about durability issues with Warrior gear, even the pro lines. My senior glove T split open at the top after half a season of beer league, not normal in my opinion. Is it choice of materials or assembly problems? Something the Warrior team has to look into before releasing their next line(s). Btw, your b-fly looks fine. I'll trade you for my Giguere flare
  5. Thanks. Hopefully the info I get can help others sift through possible online traps as well. Gear is expensive enough, I don't feel like unknowingly donating more cash just for fun.
  6. Maybe bring back the unicorn once again? Mckenney's pants are bomb proof just like Brown. Their high end c/a has always garnered strong reviews.
  7. I had heard that Mike Vaughn was stubborn about doing changes to gear structure at retail. ??
  8. RichMan


    Today's pic. Very tasty 😎
  9. Has anyone swapped a Vertexx Edge holder for a CCM XSG quick release holder on their Vapor or Supreme skates? Will the CCM holder fit? Are the CCM blades 4mm or 3mm?
  10. Well, this is gonna be interesting. I won't go into crazy details but off the top of my head: Bauer has led into the mask department but a lot of small brands could hold their own in the show if it were not about budgets. When the ODN1 pad came out, Pete Smith introduced his 6000 which flipped the switch as well and FMade by Dennis (then Piku) introduced his full one piece landing/sliding flap. Lets dig back and revisit the CCM Blockades which was way ahead of the game and quite resembles where Bauer went with the ODN1 pads. The Sher-wood Ceberus was the first line to introduce the one pi
  11. Anyone here has professional experience looking into fake websites? If so, can you message me please? Thanks
  12. RichMan

    Mckenney Gear

    Owned the Pro-spec twice and it was ample protective for beer league. If you play higher like College/University, Major Junior, Pros, it might not be up to par. I don't mind feeling shots and you could get the occasional stinger. It's a unit someone like Brodeur would have the courage of using at a pro level. The XPG1 which is the newer 890 Instinct is much beefier and would be considered equal to any pro model at retail. As reference, I've also worn Brown, CCM H5 pro-return, RBK P1. I currently have a Warrior pro GT2 that I haven't tested yet.
  13. That's right! It's the game show where you name a goalie and try to find out where they are now Here are a couple I haven't heard of or seen in highlights during this season: Jaroslav Halak Ben Bishop Jordan Binnington Craig Anderson Ryan Miller Tommy Salo
  14. Latest video, he announced that he will be doing goalie discussion/interview vlogs. Lets just wait and see.
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