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  1. Can I put 195/60r15 88t winter tires in place of 195/65r15 91t ones? Will they fit?
  2. So seeing some original logos from the 90s and some from the 80s, I can't help but wonder if they even had a clear idea of which period to bring back to life?
  3. "How much wobble is acceptable?" Well, if it doesn't fall down... In all seriousness, I had the same issue (and then some) with the X8 I received over a month ago and ended up returning for a refund. As best as companies try, our head/facial structure is as distinct from one person to another, so much that one size (s,m,l) does not fit all, even with adjustments. I think that more often than none, the issue isn't the shell per say but the foam inside. Contact points make all the difference, hence why I always and still enjoy my remoldable ReidiC. Very hard to replace other than going
  4. So the 3rd jersey is out on most teams and to be honest, for my team "HABS", it looks like the Rangers and Habs had an affair and that's what came out, I don't like it. The best surprise is the AVS/NORDIQUES one, niiiiice.
  5. RichMan


    I like wine but they give me headaches. I'm more a Disaronno guy
  6. RichMan


    I still struggle drinking a brew after a game. tires me out even more. What can I say, Imma cheap drunk
  7. Kasimir Kaskisuo shows his example of his trigger cut-out on a broken (or cut) paddle in his latest Youtube vlog. I commented that he should do a video on it and more feedback. We'll see if he'll post one.
  8. In the words of the Goat (Steven ''Keeks'' McKichan), ''as good as it may look, if you had to do such a save, chances are you were out of position to start with.'' I'm 6'2, lots of legs and if I could do a splits, chances are I could seal both posts no problem, but I know getting out of it would ackward as ...
  9. It could be left for odd interpretations, but I got what you meant. Intro to goaltending like sessions. Just doing motion drills in the crease would be as fulfilling right now What's the Minto schedule like?
  10. I need to get a couple if not at least one good skate in to get my feel back. Any private ice open right now? Are they charging an arm and a leg? *Even if closed at the moment cause of lockdown #2 but opening in November...hopefully.
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