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  1. He's using a Vaughn stick. He broke all of his good Warrior sticks and uses some of them for practice but they're basically the same exact stick
  2. I started playing goalie when I was 5 or 6. My dad was the radio announcer for the Syracuse Crunch and I went to every practice and game I could. During that time I fell in love with all the gear and stopping players shots. I was lucky enough to be able to skate with the Crunch at times and be around the locker room.I loved watching Fleury play for the Pens and he's my favorite goalie and now since my dad is the radio announcer for the Blue Jackets I've met him a couple time and have talked with some amazing goalie which also has made me love playing the position.
  3. My velcro tab ripped off of the bungee cord right before a game. As of right now I used a staple gun to staple it together
  4. It should be on the shaft by the name. I could upload a picture later if needed.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can send the serial number on the stick to CCM and they should have the template. I've had this done for my sticks.
  6. Antti Raanta has switched from a Genetik IV glove back to a Optik glove with IV graphic and will soon be in a custom graphic similar to last years.
  7. It could've had something to do with Ian Clark. When he was in Columbus he made Bobrovsky and McElhinney ditch their colored sets and go all white.
  8. If it's a one goal game and if we score to tie or take the lead I usually do a quick fist pump, but then I skate to the end boards then back to my crease and get a drink of water. My goalie partner skates to the bench and joins the line and it makes me upset. Braden Holtby even joins in the line and he's a pro it drives me crazy.
  9. McElligott35

    C & A protection

    @AMDG have you looked at the verbero shield protective shirt?
  10. I love playing the puck! I use the turco grip and just practice all the time. I also learned over time the players read your body and not the puck so I take my time and will face my body the other direction and then I'll turn to the direction I do want to pass the puck. Actually works a lot for me.
  11. Added a strip of tape to the front like Spencer Martin. Wasn't a fan of playing the puck with the bear blade so I tried something new
  12. This is the stick I've been using for games and the other curve I have for my composite is just slightly smaller than this
  13. Here is the Sanford stick
  14. @TheGoalNet I have a couple Curtis Sanford sticks that I've been using for a while now and my new Premiers are both custom curves
  15. Was just wondering if anyone else out there is like me and like a big curve like me to chuck some sauce. I'll put up pictures on mine later.
  16. CCM just sent me 2 brand new premiers and I love them really light and so far no complaints!
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